Friday, October 28, 2011

Listy Eyed

I have no less than 3 lists going at any given time.  Most important are my long-term goals, wishlist, and short term To Do list.  I also have grocery lists, future vacation lists, party idea lists and so on.  Once it's on paper, it's out of my head!

Today's list:
  • Business meeting via phone call
  • 5K Training (I'm now running a 2 mile stretch with almost no walking)
  • Weights at Golds
  • Goodwill drop off
  • Mt. Pleasant shopping (I'm finally hitting Trader Joe's tonight!  Has the chaos died down?  I was actually scared to go in there the couple times I attempted.  Mob mentality freaks me out!!)
Weekend list:

  •  Hallowine preparation re: cooking, cleaning, which leads to...
  • Saturday's party! Halloween celebrations!
  • Watch game AND burgers on the grill with homemade sweet potato chips! Also see below.
  • Workout with K
  • Sunday Brunch
Regarding our cookout Saturday night I really want this:

 Has anyone seen the new seasonal anywhere yet (in Charleston in particular)?
Also, do you keep multiple running lists to keep you sane?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


When it comes to my beauty routine I keep it extremely simple.  I'll admit it, I'm really not much of a makeup person.  I've found several products that I use daily and I think they provide a nice, natural enhancement.
These are my favorite products!
I wash my face with:

 I use this cream every night:
Soap&Glory Night Cream.  This stuff rocks.

I use a mineral powder as my foundation/concealer/powder all in one daily.
I used to buy this:

But now I save $20.00 a pop and buy this:

I use a pale purple eyeshadow daily, swiped very sheer over my entire lid:

I use this cheek tint:
From Victoria's Secret

If I'm in a rush to get out the door I use:

For going out, and when I have more time to get ready, I use:

Estee Lauder Double Wear with topcoat

I love trying all colors of lipstick and with the start of Fall I've pulled out my:
Revlon Va Va Violet (Not nearly so dark on!)

And on my nails:            
OPI Greenwich Village (The perfect witchy green)

Do you have any "signature" products?

Vampire Chef and Tricks < Treats

This is a wordy post so bear with me..
Saturday night K and I went out to dinner on the island.  K wanted sushi but I wasn't in the mood for that.  We settled for JPaulz, where you can get sushi or there is a full (not just hibachi) menu to try.  I decided on the special, swordfish with angel hair pasta.  When the meal came I ate a few bites and then I did what I've never done, or ever want to again....

I sent it back!  It was so awful.  How can you screw up fish???
I'll tell you: By loading it up with garlic and oil. Or maybe I was just the only vampire in the room or something?  (Not funny? Oh, ok i tried)  It was nasty, y'all.  But we had a side of gouda mac n cheese with caramelized onions to split as an app which was yummy in my tummy.  I felt so bad sending my meal back, I kept apologizing but even K agreed it was not edible. So a tip?  Stick with the basics there.
funny google image find

Later, on a drive down to Folly, I couldn't help but notice the Skinful Halloween happenings at the Brickhouse Kitchen.  Ok first: Brickhouse Kitchen has always reminded me of the kind of place you go in and never come out... that there is a strange Texas Chainsaw-esque family inside cookin' up somethin' real nice!
Mom and I went by this house years ago when it was not a restaurant.  There was a piece of plywood spray painted with "Big Sale" and I was looking for a dining room table for cheap so we stopped in.  It was the place of nightmares.  Junk everywhere!  We scooted out real fast.  And now it's a restaurant. I'm confused...and definitely not hungry.
Well Skinful (if you don't already know) is a huge Halloween event that started year's ago as a James Island house party and has evolved into what I'd call a legal rave.
Riding by the tents set up at Brickhouse so close to the road, I saw people in costume walking down Folly, with literally no sidewalk room. It made me nervous. This is a very dark corner of the bend!
Come to find out, a childhood friend of mine was hit by a drunk driver late that night walking out of Skinful and is at MUSC.
Pray for him please.
Halloween is a treat, but it's a tricky one too.  I am always extra careful around Halloween because people lose their minds around it.
That being said, I love going out in costume and people watching, but staying safe while I'm at it.
I'm about over all of my Halloween posts but I just have to make these this weekend:
Oh, these make me laugh!!

Humpity Hump, weekend here we come!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"So, do you know Steven Jordan?"

This was the question I asked Steven Jordan himself down at the Market one night this past summer.  He was wearing a nametag and so you can bet I felt pretty foolish the moment the question left my mouth.
Anyway, Steven Jordan is a wonderfully talented local artist and I'm proud to own multiple pieces.
My FAVORITE (Grand Hall Gazebo):
And this, Sand 'n Suds, is my grandfather personified:
Here is K's untitled original piece:
Correction: This is an original Rhett Thurman.  Oops :)

If money would allow it, I would love to start building a collection of local artist Jason Baxley's awesome collages:
You can find them @
These inspire me to try and make my own!

Do you collect any one artist?
Or do you just buy what strikes you as you see it?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Fill in the blank!

This is what I'm _____.

My mom made this cake :)
My 26th birthday is a blink away!
  Hopefully Britt and I can do another combo party like last year's at Voodoo! 


Doing Today:
Volunteering is my dream job. 

Hopefully Section 5?!  Fingers Crossed ;)

Oooh spooooky!

Show me what you got!
Happy Monday to everyone.
Hallowine in T Minus 4 days!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I know every word..

What does this say about me?

Okay and while I'm reminiscing,
Oh, and that's not it.  I carried my trolls around in this:
Oh man, I miss being a strange little child.
Happy weekend!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011




Maybe a little food and thrift shopping thrown in for good measure.

Thrift shopping for our Halloween costumes, that is:


Abby wants to be a Pan Am  stewardess this year.  I'm happy to let her borrow my pale blue hat box luggage case (ah, so chic).   I think it will fit the costume perfectly!  We'll probably draw a pan am logo and tape it on the bag for a little more emphasis:
Yea Ebay!

I actually use this as my carry-on when I travel. 
It's the only thing I've ever bought online.  I love to shop but online shopping provides none of the instant gratification that I get in a store, holding my shopping bag.  I seriously don't understand the allure...except for people who hate to shop in which case I understand it being an easier thing. I guess..really just a lazier thing.  Ok I'm done.
Happy Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Is it really time to make plans for going out for Halloween?  Yes! It's next weekend!
Last year we went to Taco Boy.  It was an awesome party, way way crowded!  My large group somehow secured a good spot right beside the bar, in a corner tucked away from people traffic.  Otherwise the night would have been a lot different (i.e. claustrophobic and unable to move).
I was Ariel from The Little Mermaid.  You can see me on the video here: 

Let's look back, shall we?
As in the (unflattering) footage above,
2010 =Ariel!

 2008=Holly Golightly!
 2007=Little Red! (shiver me timbers!)

Other previous costumes include Miss Piggy(2006) and Little Bo Peep (2005) , I'm still searching through old photos to post.
I make all of my costumes with thrift and fabric store finds, no costume-in-a-bag for this girl!
I want people to show me some of their costumes, or at least link to where I can find them!!

What are your Halloween plans?

Monday, October 17, 2011


Had to have a quick throw back to Eureeka's Castle.  While Eureeka was a cute puppet, I watched the show only for the fish fountain:

My point?
So, I'm in my third week of training for the Turkey Day 5K in Charleston.  As you might recall, this is my first race ever. And yesterday I finally found my stride! I'd been struggling with tiring too quickly and feeling awkward.  And then it just clicked.  Eureka!

This video is solid gold indeed!

I am in the process of redecorating my living room.
The walls are now a pumpkin color, warm and lovely.

But it needs some brightening up!
I have chosen to use turquoise and bright white accents.
I like this fabric for both and area rug and curtains:

I bought these white hanging dots from Michael's  a long time ago.  I can't wait to play around with them in the room!

I'm not one to pull many interior design photos and ideas together beforehand, it's an organic process for me.
I'm looking forward to hitting up goodwill and garage sales in the coming weeks to find some unique things.

I'm buying this cape and no one can stop me!  It's one of those things I've been daydreaming about wearing to upcoming social events and I know it must be mine. I think it's absolutely adorable. I found the zig zag cape I referenced a while back and was sad that it didn't look as great in person.  But this one is a cutey.

Do you like it?
Also, does anyone have any color recommendations with my swatch above?
I hope everyone is having a good week so far!

We're Baaaaaack

Did you miss me?  Because I missed you!
Well, I really missed:

We decided not to bring chunk because 1. The drive would be stressful for him. 2.It would cost more money and 3. He would have to stay in a crate during the day and Alf knows no crate. 
We arrived in the mountains just in time for peak leaves-changing season!

The trip was...
Some of this
And then this:
funky pic of a pic

More mtn pics to come (once I upload)... 
My to-do list is long this week, but full of fun things.
Thursday my Abigail is coming! ! ! ! ! 

Now I'm off to return some books at the library.
But first, I'm grabbing this.
How was everyone's weekend?  Or week last week?  I feel like I've been gone foooorevvvverrrrrr.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Gone Baby Gone

Nothing feels better than heading out on vacation.. just you and the open road.
We're off to the mountains.
Looking forward to sharing our adventures with you next week (Zipline canopy tour, brewery tasting, and more).
See Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Friday, October 7, 2011

Mens Wear

I like the trend, and so does my pup.

Like Mother, Like Son

This is actually a vintage men's vest that I love!  This pic is from my 22nd bday.  Don't we look scary?

Oh and this:
And last, this is too cool.

This video shows you how to make a dress or a skirt out of a mens dress shirt.  I must try this.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I was an English Major at CofC, but I will admit that I wasn't as studious/literary as many of my classmates.  Sometimes I'd skim through "required reading" and cut my essay word count real close!  But I love reading, I read fast and I have always compared books to food (and I had to eat a lot of liver and onions in college if you get my drift).

One required writer who I genuinely found a passion for in college was Mark Twain, aka Samuel Clemens.  His humor and wit is unmatched by any authors I've read (and I've read. a lot.).
I was delighted to find this little love letter written by Mr. Clemens, to his wife Olivia.

Hartford, Nov 27/88

Livy darling, I am grateful- gratefuler than ever before- that you were born, & that your love is mine & our  two lives woven & welded together!


I try to leave K little notes of love and appreciation as often as I think of it.  
When I went off to college, my grandparents let me have one of their couches.  Long after they gave it to me I was finally cleaning under the cushions (yikes!) and I found a little love note from my Dada to Nana.  It just said:
"I love the most beautiful girl in the world! Off to get a good supper.  Be back 5:30-6:00.
Love, Harold"

What a wonderful man! 

Have you ever recieved any love notes?  Or found someone else's?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oh, Hello Daniel Island

Last night I was invited by my friend Kristina to attend a networking event for "The Wedding Isle" .

As you can probably imagine, it's basically a group of Charleston bridal vendors (flowers, photogs, bloggers, hairstylists, event planners, day-of-coordinators, etc.)
It was a nice event, held at the new Sermets which I'd yet to visit.  I absolutely love the funky vibe of Sermets and all of the artwork that he's created and filled his restaurants with.  Unfortunately the menu has never really hit a home run with me, but it's still a fun place to keep on my list. 
At the event we took a tour of Daniel Island, to visit some of the wedding venues around town.  This tour made me realize all the more how much Daniel Island has changed.  I'm talking drastic people!
K used to hunt on Daniel Island.  This boy points out trees to me when we go over there.  "Oh, the memories by that tree!"
When I was at Nativity, it was natural that once I graduated 8th grade I would go to Bishop England.  And then Bishop England decided to up and move from Calhoun Street(where the new CofC library is) to D.I.
At this point in time Daniel Island was like Awendaw in my frame of mind and I was happily able to go to public school for highschool, to avoid a 45 minute bus ride twice daily.  Go Trojans!!

The homes on the water on Daniel Island are magical... Otherwise I feel it seems clustered.  

The "downtown area" is cute, but it's always so empty feeling...
Anybody alive out there??

Regardless it's such a beautiful place...

Ok Charleston people:
Where in Charleston would you live in your dream world?
My answer: 

At the end of Sol Legare Road, down by the landing, with lots of marsh land all around me.