Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cake and Cocktails, My Bridal Shower

Four of my best girls threw me the sweetest Bridal Shower on Sunday!
The theme: Cake and Cocktails.
I mentioned the dress I ordered from BCBG last week. It fit me, and the theme, perfectly.
We sipped champagne with blood orange sorbet (yum!), and coconut gin and tonics.
There were lots of yummy snacks, and of course, cake!
For a fun little game, everyone divided into teams to decorate "my wedding cake".  I chose the winner, one team actually created a 3 layer mini cake.
But it's my party, so everybody wins! Let them eat cake!
So many beautiful gifts!
I love everything!
Thank you Kristina, Carrie, Lauren, and Choo for a fabulous day.
Thank you everyone who came.
Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Monday, September 29, 2014


Charleston is just dreary as heck this Monday morning,
I hope it's sunnier where you are!
Though this weekend's weather was nothing to celebrate, we had a wonderful one!
I mentioned that we were going to New Belgium's Clips of Faith last Thursday.
It started out raining but cleared up relatively quickly.
This year was a little different set up.  It almost felt like waiting in line at the fair to get your beer.
Friday night we took it easy and grabbed Barberitos for dinner.
Barberitos has the BEST burritos and everything is super fresh!
I had the spicy chicken with rice, pico, corn, and pinto beans on a spinach wrap.
I could eat this for dinner every night!

Saturday night one of K's groomsmen was having a Pig Pickin' at his house downtown.
It seems I rarely go to house parties anymore, at least downtown, and it was fun to mix and mingle!

Sunday was my Bridal Shower!  I will share photos later in the week, it was so nice. 
I found the cutest Trina Turk cloth cocktail napkins at Belk that I gave as hostess gifts.
I really wanted to keep them for myself!
They are on major sale right now and I personally think they are the perfect little present.
I also treated myself to a new handbag:

How was your weekend?

Friday, September 26, 2014

5 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Charleston, SC

Happy Friday!
I am looking forward to a relaxing night tonight, resting up for an exciting Saturday and Sunday!
What are you up to this weekend?
Monday marked the 25 year anniversary of Hurricane Hugo.  I was almost 4 years old, so the memories are hazy, but we hunkered down with family in Moncks Corner for the storm.
My grandparents home on Sullivan's had minimal damage, but the Ben Sawyer Bridge collapsed so getting to and from home was a bit of a pickle for them.  Our home on James Island also remained undamaged.  
It was a neat time in Charleston, obviously tragic in the aftermath, but there is something special about a community pulling together to rebuild.  
(A fact I find interesting: Of the 35 deaths from Hugo in Charleston, 6 were from heart attacks.)
Charleston was much smaller back then, it was a time when families around town knew eachother and it remains a common bond shared between natives. 
The "come yahs" didn't start arriving in full force until after Hugo, when real estate was obviously at an all time low.
I've mentioned before that my mom's best friend is a Charleston author and tour guide.  If you are interested in more facts like those I've listed below, she is an excellent resource!  I love learning about Charleston and thinking of mine and K's grandparents growing up together downtown.
Anyway!  Here are 5 things you probably didn't know about Charleston.
The Storm by Jim Booth
Did you know that in the 1930's there was a zoo in Hampton Park?
Did you know that Frank Abagnale (Catch Me If You Can) lives in Charleston, SC?
Did you know that the original city plans of Charlestown were based on those of Bridgetown, the capitol of Barbados?
Did you know that brightly colored historical houses downtown were painted so to keep the "boo hags" away (Gullah Culture)?
Did you know that the first (documented) game of golf played in the United States was in Charleston, specifically in a field at the corner of Bull and Pitt Streets?

Do you have any unique history to share?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Humpity Hump!

What up y'all, what up Fall!
I've got some miscellaneous mumbo jumbo for you this morning!
I am so happy for the cooler temps today, as long as the rain keeps off.
Charleston's dreary weather yesterday was chillin' me to my bones!
Yesterday was the most appropriate weather for a dinner of grilled cheese and tomato soup...
So that's exactly what I made last night.
No matter how old I get, 
I always cut my grilled cheese like my mom used to when I was little.
I swear it makes it taste better:
I've been anxiously checking the mail every night, waiting on this beauty to arrive from BCBG for my "Cake and Cocktails" Bridal shower on Sunday:
Please tell me someone went to see TJ Miller at the Sottile last Thursday night.
I was dying to go but K had to be in Savannah by 8 am Friday morning and it just didn't seem responsible to be out late. Boo.

He cracks us up.
It's hard to see the details of this November calendar I'm working on for my team.
All you need to know is that all those days shaded purple, this girl is OFF.
If you didn't realize, that's two whole weeks.  Two whole weeks I am OFF.
And before I go, is anyone planning on attending this year's New Belgium Clips of Faith Event tomorrow night?
This is 2013's invite, but it starts at the same time.
This will be our 4th year attending, it's become a fun fall tradition in our house!
I hope your Wednesday is going well!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Two Month Countdown!

Two months to go, and I'm excited!
Here is my updated checklist + a little breakdown of what I'm focusing on this week!

  • Set a date
  • Book venue
  • Book photographer
  • Book DJ
  • Book Caricature Artist
  • Ask bridal party to be in wedding
  • Book caterer & bar
  • Create wedding website
  • Register
  • Book florist- We are DIYing!
  • Shop for wedding dress
  • Book ceremony musician
  • Book rentals
  • Take engagement pictures
  • Select bridesmaid dresses
  • Select groom & groomsmen attire
  • Book Cake Baker
  • Find veil
  • Hire coordinator
  • Buy cake knife & server-shower gift?
  • Order save the dates
  • Send save the dates
  • Book officiant
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Order guest book
  • Finalize guest list
  • Hotel room blocks
  • MOB dress shopping
  • Find wedding shoes- not 100% sure about them
  • Find wedding jewelry
  • Find garter
  • Book makeup artist & hair stylist
  • Menu tasting
  • Take bridal portraits / hair & make up trial (Oct 27)
  • 1st dress fitting-Sept 29
  • Final dress fitting
  • Ceremony Readings, Music
  • Ceremony Programs
  • Figure out where I'm getting ready & where Kevin is getting ready
  • Order invitations
  • Address invitations-Jakki
  • Mail invitations
  • Book rehearsal dinner venue
  • Book RD caterer
  • Book RD rentals
  • Finalize RD menu- K handling
  • RD music? iPod
  • Buy RD dress
  • Order sparklers for send off? 
  • Tuxedo Rentals-K handling
  • Order Flowers
  • Favors (oyster ornaments)
  • Buy bridal party gifts
  • Bachelorette party- Labor Day Weekend!
  • Buy gifts for groom & parents
  • Couples Shower- 10/18
  • Bridal showers- 9/27, 11/4
  • Bridal Luncheon menu and details-meeting Aug 27
  • Purchase wedding bands
  • Create Reception lay out
  • Meet with Day of Coordinator and helper at SC Hall- Sept
  • Create wedding day timeline
  • Put together picture list for photographer
  • Get marriage license
  • Arrange transportation for sendoff- ISC driven by Mills House valet?
  • Book honeymoon
  • RD invitations
  • RD dessert?
  • Final vendor payments
  • Music selections to band and ceremony organist
  • Book wedding night hotel room- Mills House?
  • Pack for Honeymoon
  • DIY projects: favors, napkins, flowers, signs, framed photos
  • All decor boxed, labeled
  • Wedding announcement in Post & Courier
  • Walk down the aisle & say I do!
  • Order thank you notes
And this week:

Friday, September 19, 2014

The Little Things

This week was all about celebrating the little things in life that keep us all moving along....
Like spontaneous date nights!
I had planned salmon croquettes for dinner last night but K emailed me and asked if I wanted to go to Smoky Oak instead.  Duh!
Not a day goes by that I don't Thank God for sending my sweet Alfie to me.
He is one little thing that makes our hearts enormously full. 
I bought a couple Biltmore Govino glasses on my Bachelorette trip.
I think they make my wine taste even better!
I will sometimes randomly enter K and I into contests and this week it paid off!
K forwarded me this email on Monday!

And the one little thing that inspired this post: I am thankful for beautiful friends (Carrie!) who send cards for no reason.  
Little things make big impressions, 
what's something small that made you happy this week?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Life has been flying by lately and I'm doing my best to keep up!
There has been a lot of wedding planning going on.  
Here I am at Leaf with my aunt discussing Bridal Luncheon details.
You can't really see them in this picture, but she brought me the prettiest tortoise shell earrings from her recent trip to Nicaragua.
I took this picture in the vet waiting room on Monday.
Two of my favorite things, my Alfie boo and my ring.
Alfie has been having recurring ear infections in his left ear.
We are changing his food to try and figure out what is causing them.
  This past Saturday we celebrated Little T's 21st Birthday!  Isn't she a cutie?
We took a party bus to Midtown and Silver Dollar and I really enjoyed pretending to be 21 again!
K really enjoyed picking me up at 1:00 am downtown. ;)

And finally I snapped a few photos of our grocery store weekly purchases.  
I'm always interested in other peoples "staples". 
I always keep chicken breasts and ground beef in the freezer, canned salmon and tomatoes in the pantry.  Additionally, K likes to shop for our weekend grill outs on the day of.
What's on your list?
 That's it for today.  I hope y'all are having a great week so far, 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Bachelorette Weekend

 I am sharing Bachelorette photos today!  You ready?? I am going to go all out on this recap because I want to keep these memories forever, apologies if it seems overboard.

I chose Asheville, NC for my Bachelorette Destination because, first, I love the mountains, and second, the 4 hour drive is totally bearable and yet you feel so far away.
We used VRBO to choose our Mountain House and we chose the "Asheville Treehouse".
It was gorgeous!
We left Charleston around 11 on Friday morning. Biltmore or Bust!
We opted to wait until Asheville to do our grocery shopping.  In theory it made more sense but it was rough having to head back out once we arrived at the cabin and all just wanted to chill.
At the grocery store, Britt bought us all lottery tickets, and Laura's Lucky 7 was born.
Friday night we hung around waiting for the second car to arrive.  We explored the house and got settled while making burgers on the grill with homemade sweet potato fries and a big salad.
And then, hot tub time!

We ended the night with a fierce dance off that ended with Lauren and I 'making it rain' all over the kitchen.  This is all of the photographic evidence you'll get:
Saturday morning we enjoyed breakfast on the porch before heading out.
I had arranged a group Pure Barre class as a 'thank you for coming' treat for my girls.  I think I had some skeptics in the group but everyone seemed to really enjoy it.  Thanks to T for the 'PB Bride to Be' top I'm wearing.  And thanks to Kristina for the awesome sweat bands that totally make our outfits.  I love it all.
My ladies, minus Cydney, who was not adjusting well to the altitude:
This picture below had me in tears from laughing so hard. 
 Aren't we just the vision of poise and grace at the Barre?
It made me think of those memes that say "What I think I look like/What I actually look like"...
Pure Barre Asheville was very sweet to us and provided a champagne toast at the end of class.
And so it began...
If I can give you one recommendation in Asheville it would be this:
The lowdown: You bring your own beer to drink as you peddle around town with a crazy tour guide/DJ/driver entertaining you and everyone you pass by.  You make a couple stops at breweries along the way.
 Red Light Social!
We did not want it to end.
The whole ride lasts about an hour and a half at which point you exit the bike and return to the world of normal people.  We grabbed lunch downtown before heading back to the treehouse.
But not before I almost adopted a german shepherd rescue pup.
(Ladies, I am extremely grateful for your voices of reason during the hour I was convinced 'Rocky' would make the perfect souvenir.)
Saturday night's dinner was Shrimp Alfredo with Garlic Bread and Salad.
We were all in bed relatively early because Sunday was another exciting day!
Biltmore Baby!
We toured the house, and then it was time for our Wine tasting.
I think it's obvious from my glass, but our bartender was very liberal with the one ounce pours.
We made our way back right before my mom and aunt arrived for dinner and the "wine shower".  I feel like they arrived to a house full of crazies, but they jumped on board relatively quickly
Selfie Station!
 Pizza Prep!
We made a taco pizza, a margherita pizza, and a bbq chicken. Yum!
A rare Cydney sighting at the wine shower.
Cyd was not feeling well the whole weekend but she was a real trooper.
I loved the wine shower!  Each of my ladies brought a bottle of wine for K and I, and they all labeled when we should drink the bottle.
Carrie suggested we drink her bottle after one of us clogs the toilet.
Monday morning I got my flannel shirt photo, Thank you Pinterest, and then we were on our way.

Our car decided to grab lunch at Salsa's downtown before heading back to Charleston.
It was delicious and the perfect way to squeeze every ounce of fun out of the weekend.
Upon returning home, my matron of honor handed me a book filled with letters and funny barbie versions of all my ladies.  It was the cherry on top of an amazing weekend to sit at home and read the whole thing through.
If you didn't realize already, I had the best weekend of my life and I owe it all to the best friends in the world.  
I owe a huge Thank you to #LaurasLucky7 for making me feel so special and loved,
clearly I am the lucky one!