Thursday, October 20, 2011




Maybe a little food and thrift shopping thrown in for good measure.

Thrift shopping for our Halloween costumes, that is:


Abby wants to be a Pan Am  stewardess this year.  I'm happy to let her borrow my pale blue hat box luggage case (ah, so chic).   I think it will fit the costume perfectly!  We'll probably draw a pan am logo and tape it on the bag for a little more emphasis:
Yea Ebay!

I actually use this as my carry-on when I travel. 
It's the only thing I've ever bought online.  I love to shop but online shopping provides none of the instant gratification that I get in a store, holding my shopping bag.  I seriously don't understand the allure...except for people who hate to shop in which case I understand it being an easier thing. I guess..really just a lazier thing.  Ok I'm done.
Happy Happy Thursday!

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