Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Feminine Nightgowns

With the resurgence of feminine nightgowns (a la Lake, Hill House, etc.) I have rounded up a handful of my Amazon favorites.  These are budget friendly, and a great thought for Mother's Day around the corner.  There is nothing like slipping into soft pajamas once the kids are bathed and settled!
You just can not beat this price...and I love the sage green color.

This is a very sweet, classic look that reminds me of a children's nightgown- but in the best way.  This brand, oddly called 'The 1 for U', has a lot of pretty options.

This one looks so perfectly loose and comfortable.  I love the sleeve length also.


I'm out of time but when I can I will add links for anyone interested.  Otherwise searching "smocked nightgowns" on Amazon will yield many similar results.


Friday, April 23, 2021

Friday Highfive

 This week was nice and easy.  Looking forward to a weekend with more of the same.  

Here's a highfive for making it to Friiiiday!



If you like Dreft but don't like the pricetag, this is a great inexpensive option.  I have only found it at Walmart so I make a point to pick some up when I pick up my monthly prescription.
Another budget find, this beach basket from Target.  


If you're looking for your next read, this was great!

Getting kids my kids to eat dinner can be a struggle.  I have found if I make it "fun" or "just for kids"
they seem to do better.  An example:  I have started using a round cookie cutter to make tiny taco shells when we have taco night.  One tortilla makes 3 small tacos and EB will eat 6!  She would never completely finish 2 regular sized tacos so this is a WIN.
It's supposed to be rainy tomorrow so I'm enjoying the sunshine today.
Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 19, 2021

Our Weekend

 We had an action packed wedding weekend, so getting back to neutral this Monday feels GOOD.  I'll recap and share some pics.

Friday was really spent getting organized: Timeline, childcare, clothing laid out...but I was able to run into the BiLo on Sam Ritt close out sale.  Everything was 75% off!

Saturday morning we met for the rehearsal down at Summerall Chapel and then over to Crave for the Bridal Luncheon.  With the bride!
Ran back over the bridge for a quick break and then back for the Rehearsal Dinner.  It was held at the Charleston Harbor Fish House and it was a picture perfect setting.
We don't get out much...
My sister in law sent me this picture of me and it makes me so happy!  I've never thought of yellow as my aura but I'm feeling it here.
On Sunday EB and I were out early for her to have her hair done with the Bridal party.  
Wedding Time!  
Anyone with small children knows that you really can't plan or control their behavior.  And we ended up with only one flower girl making it down the aisle.  But they looked precious!
I found their adorable dresses on clearance at Davids Bridal.  My mom and I hemmed them to knee length and sewed a small rosette at the bust.  They wore matching pink ballet slippers.  I also made them baby's breath crowns that weren't worn.  Here are some pictures from the reception at Ion Creek Club.
Can you tell how much she can't stand having her photo taken? 
My vision came together.
When K said he wanted to bring the girls to the reception I thought, Aww what a sweet dad.  Now I think, Crazy man!  I think I was able to take two sips of wine from the two different glasses and ate the remainder of my daughters mac n cheese.  Babysitter on speed dial next time.
It was a lovely evening to celebrate Taylor and Alex.  Such a sweet couple.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Back to the Beach

 Last week was Spring Break in Charleston and we had our first beach trip of the year.  And I took a bunch of pictures.  Because I just think they are the most beautiful girls in the world!

And this week it's Back to School!

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Easter 2021

 What a beautiful Easter Sunday this year!  We attended church outside in the courtyard which was wonderful.  Later on, lunch at my parents.  Picture perfect day.
A rare glimpse of one of my children not in motion:
That's more like it...
Oh!  One last thing re: Easter Bunny.  I usually do all Summer items: bathing suit, cover up, hat, towel.  But this year I found this cute "decorate your own water bottle" and it was a hit.  The last thing we need is any more toys in our house, but this was a fun activity that is actually functional.
Here is the one I bought:
Happy Spring Break!

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Charleston In Bloom

It's been a really nice Spring in Charleston this year.  I think with the intense COVID stress that set in last March, it feels like I didn't really experience any of the season last year.  This year has thus felt all the more special.  I took the kids on a "field trip" to the Clemson Gardens on Savannah Highway.
 Well, the official name of the place is the Clemson Coastal Research and Education Center Farm, but I keep things simple.  My girls are little young to take in the educational aspects of it, but there is still so much to explore.

I bribed them to take a picture with my favorite: flowering kale!  I had never seen them in full bloom before and that was neat.
A fun Spring outing...