Friday, March 29, 2013


For real, TGIF.  I am working again this weekend but I still will be able to fit in a little fun...
Girls night at Mex 1 tomorrow! Cha cha cha!
  I could use a little margarita action in my life.
 I wonder if they have sangria swirls??

Yesterday I bought tickets to this:

I am pretty excited about it, but I am preparing myself for Bridge Run Mania downtown that night.  
I have a new Cynthia Rowley dress that I think is perfectly fitting for the occasion, too. 

Speaking of dresses, what the heck is up with weather putting a cramp on my Easter dress plans. 
I have been saving my super sale Lilly dress especially for this Sunday!
And really, can you believe it's Easter already?  Of course we'll be bopping all over town, trying to see all kinds of family.  And you know I can't show up to dinner without bringing something to the table!  We have 3 meals to attend, I'm thinking of making an easy raspberry shortcake in my trifle dish. 

Flashback to last year's Strawberry shortcake.  Don't you think raspberry's will kind of class it up?

And then a variation of this pie, except with Easter M&Ms!
& just because they were so cute and "ain't nobody got time for that" these days, an ode to my inner Martha Stewart of Easters gone by:

Happy Easter from my family to yours!

<3 Laura

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things I Never Knew I Loved

While I haven't yet published my Thoughts on Tradition post that I hope to spend some time on this weekend (what time? i have no time!), I will most certainly mention that one tradition I do not really agree with is this one: Couples should not live together until marriage.  I do not fault those who do respect this tradition, but from my experience I believe it to be a mistake...please note the emphasis on my experience!
So many of K's quirks and interests were not yet apparent to me until we moved in together. 
(And so many of my own only became obvious to me when seen through his eyes on a day in, day out basis.)
Anyway, Here are a few of the things that I never realized I would find interesting/enjoyable until K shared his love with me:

This is basically the financial news channel.  This is always the first thing on at our house in the mornings.  Let me tell you, when I first watched this station I was overwhelmed by all of the scrolling banners, stock quotes, etc.  There are 5 different things going on at once.  But I must say that I've grown to follow!  My absolute favorite anchor is Becky Quick:

I have also come to love the All-Star Panel on Fox News every night at 6:45.
"Fair, Balanced, and Unafraid" I love it!  K only watches to hear Charles Krauthammer:
I've really enjoyed keeping up with the news.  I am formerly of the "Ignorance is Bliss" school of thought re: current events.  But no more! no no! 

Also, Pork Tenderloin.  What can I say, I never ate this growing up, and it really is delicious:
and paper towels. 

I still don't buy them, but I have to admit I like that K does.
Oh, and I can't forget Finding Bigfoot.
He has also generally opened my eyes to the joys of Mt. Pleasant.  Ever since my grandparents moved from Sullivan's I have more or less avoided the area due to traffic and overall congestion, but I have come around to all of the perks.  I still think my parents would not be very happy if we ever decided to move "all the way" over there.
 JI for life!
and of course, Jazz Music.

That is all for now. 
What are some of your significant other's interests that you have come to enjoy?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Book Club, Baked Chicken, and More

This weekend was a dreary one.  We went to see "Identity Thief" Saturday night (meh), spent some time in the gym, and I made stuffed shells, garlic bread, Caesar salad, and raspberry shortcake for dinner last night. 
Oh so Delicious!  
I'm excited about this week...some of my friends and I are starting a Book Club.  I'm looking forward to having scheduled time together atleast once a month.    I picked this up from Barnes & Noble Bargain Books section:

I'm a total sucker for Organization tools, what can I say?
Do you have any book club recommendations/tips?
Also, tonight I am baking a whole chicken.  This was one of my absolute favorite meals growing up.  You use a chicken bullion cube with flour and water to create a scrumptious gravy from the drippings.  I can not wait!

One more thing, I picked up this butter dish from Francesca's in Town Centre before the movie on Saturday:

P.S. While preparing her house to go on the market, my mom found her Wedding Planner book, 1983 style y'all.  I'm preparing a post with my Thoughts on Tradition, hopefully will be up later this week. 
Stay Tuned.
Happy Monday!
Wait, who am I kidding?  I am NOT feeling this today.
Over & Out.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Tops & More

Tropical shirt chic?
I picked this up at F21 for St. Patrick's Day...
I wasn't totally in love but wanted to wear something other than a mint shirt. 
What do you think?
& more green here:
I found this shirt at Belk for $15.00.  It reminds me of Lilly Pulitzer, sort of? Did not buy this due to fit but very pretty none the less.
Cobalt nails!

That there are no snakes in Hawaii????
Oh, the facts inside of my boyfriend's brain never cease to amaze me!
And last, I'm excited about this movie...I've missed Sandra!

Happy Tuesday friends!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Upload Overload

Thought I would upload the past few months worth of photos to the computer tonight, here are a few faves...
One of my cakestands:
I made the carrot-zucchini muffin recipe into a bundt cake!
Speaking on behalf of the Neighborhood House at Nativity:
LeaMond ladies night=good time had by all:
Disposable camera time, crank it up!
The happiest of birthday parties for Kristina, my bffl:
The Shovels & Rope show was awesome!!
Bacon infused bloody mary at Eli's table:

I pulled out my chalkboard cheese slate for an impromptu happy hour:
My parents will soon be selling this house on James Island.  Doesn't it just scream "American Dream"?
 Annnnd Kaminsky's mocha cheese cake for 2.
We spent yesterday on Folly for St. Pats and had an absolute blast, probably an early bedtime for me tonight!  Hope your weekend was spectacular and safe :)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday, what up!

I did my grocery shopping last night and found these chicken thighs for a super deal with my VIC card (less than $3.00 ready to grill baby!).


(in my quest of eating 'out of the box', i have found nothing harder to resist than stove top mac n cheese)

Dinner tonight. Yum yum yum!
I found this Dry Shampoo at TJ Maxx on Saturday.  I don't have naturally blonde hair, but was hoping that the "hint of colour" would emphasize the highlights that I do have.  I like it alot, the smell is so fresh and the blonde is subtle enough for my hair. Love!
And last, an interesting point to share with you all.  I am a bargain hunter in all areas of my life, including happy hour.  This may be obvious to some ((and if you don't like champagne it will be irrelevant)) but a champagne pour and a wine pour are the exact same at most bars.  I say this because there can be a legit price difference in a glass of wine vs champagne, i.e. the champagne is cheaper.  I mentioned my curiosity to a bartender this weekend and he showed me, with water, that it is the exact same amount.  And then I saved $2.00 and switched my order!  You may already know this, or you may not care, but I thought I would mention that I've looked into and found the truth!!!

I hope your week is going well!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Brrrrrr :)

I'm so happy there is a brisk chill in the air.  Everything feels crisp and awake!
I just have a real quick post for you today. 
I have found a winter coat worth investing in!
This happens once every two or three years for me, in Charleston winter coats aren't what I'd consider a neccesity. 
A have a couple of coats that I treasure and take special care of.
I bought this beautiful vibrant red quilt coat a few years back.  It has a removeable leopard lined hood, and flattering cinching at the waist:
And my most treasured coat of all time, my pink and blue houndstooth:

Y'all, I bought this from Gadzooks (!?) in 2004 and it is still going strong, Yearly dry-cleans and 'special occasions only' have kept it so.  Also, I just want to mention my hilarious attempt to locate this coat online for a link.  I was only able to find the Barbie version, see below:
I am proud to dress like Barbie!  Now, where's my dreamhouse???
Ok, for my new coat:

Isn't she a dream?  So chic, and hunter green? Ahh classic!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oh, hey!

I just wanted to pop in and essentially say "hey there, nice to see ya but I gotta run".
I've been understaffed at work and I'm burning the candle at both ends this week.
***Lexus of Charleston is looking for a part-time Receptionist, do you know someone looking?  Contact me for details!**

On that note, I purchased a recent hair tool that has really changed my game up.  I've got Carrie Bradshaw hair, thick with wild curls and no method to the madness!  For as long as I can remember my "hair routine" consists of showering at night, waking up with crazy head and either spot straightening and using strategic bobby pins, or ponytailin' it.  I've never been high maintenance when it comes to getting ready, except on weekends and special occasions- when I have the time to spare and enjoy taking my time primping.   I decided to buy a hair wand on recommendation from another low maintenance friend of mine (love you Abby), and I'm so happy with it!  It has really helped me with looking a little more polished in the hair department.  I'll share with you my new system...and I suggest this for other girls with thick, wild hair looking to appear a little more refined without the time or energy to straighten or spend taming your manes.
Step 1: Brush your hair and put in the half up, half down hair style.
Step 2: Use your straightener to clean up the kinks/general craziness that is bed head.
Step 3: Use hair wand to curl the front pieces of your "half down" hair.
Here is a strange, lopsided, and awkward self portrait of the look:

I'm loving this style because, simply by curling two chunks of my hair, I think it looks like I "did" it... that I spent time on it (time that I really don't have!).  And while appearance isn't everything, a little effort really does say something and shows that you "care".
I purchased this wand and have really enjoyed using it (minus the glove):

Remington Pearl

One more quick thing:
This beer is the bomb!  We found it at Coleman Public House last week and were so excited...haven't seen it anywhere since Club Habana (RIP).
I reccomend!

That is all.  Humpity Hump, I have to work this weekend so it's not a huge "over the hump" moment for me but ok! Let's go!  I hope to upload a month's (or 2) worth of photos this weekend.  Stay tuned.