Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Lake Keowee

 We had an awesome family vacation at Lake Keowee last week.  

We arrived Thursday afternoon and took in the view.  We thoroughly enjoyed being on the water.  The house we rented (link here) was perfect for multiple families and kids.  

Friday morning we took the girls to Issaquena Falls and Stumphouse Tunnel.
These were perfect activities with young kids because the walk to each was very short and do-able with a stroller.  We also really enjoyed some Fall foliage on the short drive there. 

EB enjoyed capturing her own pics:
We drove through Downtown Walhalla and this haunted house was awesome.
Later, we took a family boatride around the Lake.
We were up early on Saturday morning and I took my coffee down to the dock to enjoy the mist on the lake.  The weather changed drastically on Saturday (much cooler) and the water was warmer than the air.  It was so pretty.
After breakfast, everyone loaded up and we hit the road to Denver Downs.  There were LOTS of things going on here and the girls took it all in.

Once home, we chilled and watched football, and then K and I were able to steal away for a quick boat ride SOLO!  So grateful for all of the helping hands.

I would highly recommend Lake Keowee for a getaway from Charleston!

Monday, October 12, 2020

Weekend Happenings

Some scenes from our weekend...
EB has been really loving all of her new birthday toys.  Four is such a fun age for gifts, I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year.
On Saturday I decided to turn the small closet in our bedroom into my very own "Accessories Closet".  I transferred all of the random stuff to our laundry room, moved in a bookshelf my dad made for me in college, and displayed my wedding dress and other favorite items.  There is a mirror tucked in the back corner so it's the perfect spot for me to get ready.  I love it!

Sunday we went to Hometeam, which we have decided is our family's happy place.  Everything is just done so well and we always enjoy the whole experience.  These little girls tear up some wings, which EB calls chicken bones.

Me and my little MB.  This girl is such a trip.  Yesterday she seemed to be very quiet in the morning. Usually she is telling me all about things, pointing and communicating in her way, so I knew something was going on when she was quiet and acting a bit mischievous.  What I soon realized that she was contemplating her newest trick, a scream/screech that she begin to practice while at lunch.  I knew she was cooking up something...she's a very smart little thing, and I know she waited to show us her new vocal skill until it would get the biggest reaction, IE in public.  This baby is just too much! Also, Charleston's brief week of Fall is gone and it's back to HOT and HUMID, hence our hair.
It was a nice weekend!
We are headed to Lake Keowee this week so I'll share about that soon.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020


 We celebrated our girl's fourth birthday this past Saturday.  It was the first year the weather has cooperated and it was a beautiful Fall day.  We had the party over at Pinckney Park on James Island.  They have a brand new pavilion, along with a fun playground, which was perfect for our group.  We had hotdogs, chips, and CAKE.  Check out my mom's frozen creation:

I just love celebrating this sweet, smart, silly little girl.
There is such a bond I share with both of the girls, but to focus on my first for a moment: Wow, what a special person!  It's like she and I have been knit together for years.  As she's growing and becoming more independent, I can feel the string that attaches us stretching, turning from yarn to thread.  But I'm tied to her forever.  Being a mom is such a trip...sometimes it's like I scratch a bug bite she has and expect to feel the itch myself...she is that much a part of me.   But then I watch her playing in her room, always humming to herself, and I think 'Look at that girl, she is already her own person' 
  FOUR years full of opinions and personality and questions.  Lawd, the questions!
It's hard to always have an answer, but I'm lucky to be the one she asks.
Love you Loo!!!