Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'll have my cake, And eat it too.

I must admit I've never gotten that cliche.  If I have cake, by golly I'm going to eat it.  Why is that special?  That's what you do with cake?  Maybe something like "I'll have my cake, and ICE CREAM TOO"...
Now that's over the top!
Ok, next. 
The other night I decided I wanted Carrot Cake!  While I rarely choose a "light" version of a dessert (oxymoron), I did find this recipe in my Gracious Goodness Cookbook:

Yes, super blurry recipe but I just can't type it all right now.  This version cuts the calories in half ( a little more than half actually!) and is just as tasty.  

Also, currently reading:

It's got a lot of social commentary on the money/status hungry living in New York City.  I'm breezing right through it.
Happy Tuesday everyone!
What do you have going on?
I'm off to Kick Chick to catch up with a former colleague!

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