Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Vampire Chef and Tricks < Treats

This is a wordy post so bear with me..
Saturday night K and I went out to dinner on the island.  K wanted sushi but I wasn't in the mood for that.  We settled for JPaulz, where you can get sushi or there is a full (not just hibachi) menu to try.  I decided on the special, swordfish with angel hair pasta.  When the meal came I ate a few bites and then I did what I've never done, or ever want to again....

I sent it back!  It was so awful.  How can you screw up fish???
I'll tell you: By loading it up with garlic and oil. Or maybe I was just the only vampire in the room or something?  (Not funny? Oh, ok i tried)  It was nasty, y'all.  But we had a side of gouda mac n cheese with caramelized onions to split as an app which was yummy in my tummy.  I felt so bad sending my meal back, I kept apologizing but even K agreed it was not edible. So a tip?  Stick with the basics there.
funny google image find

Later, on a drive down to Folly, I couldn't help but notice the Skinful Halloween happenings at the Brickhouse Kitchen.  Ok first: Brickhouse Kitchen has always reminded me of the kind of place you go in and never come out... that there is a strange Texas Chainsaw-esque family inside cookin' up somethin' real nice!
Mom and I went by this house years ago when it was not a restaurant.  There was a piece of plywood spray painted with "Big Sale" and I was looking for a dining room table for cheap so we stopped in.  It was the place of nightmares.  Junk everywhere!  We scooted out real fast.  And now it's a restaurant. I'm confused...and definitely not hungry.
Well Skinful (if you don't already know) is a huge Halloween event that started year's ago as a James Island house party and has evolved into what I'd call a legal rave.
Riding by the tents set up at Brickhouse so close to the road, I saw people in costume walking down Folly, with literally no sidewalk room. It made me nervous. This is a very dark corner of the bend!
Come to find out, a childhood friend of mine was hit by a drunk driver late that night walking out of Skinful and is at MUSC.
Pray for him please.
Halloween is a treat, but it's a tricky one too.  I am always extra careful around Halloween because people lose their minds around it.
That being said, I love going out in costume and people watching, but staying safe while I'm at it.
I'm about over all of my Halloween posts but I just have to make these this weekend:
Oh, these make me laugh!!

Humpity Hump, weekend here we come!

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