Wednesday, January 29, 2020

A Day in The Life

I think we've got a pretty good groove on these days, so I figured I'd share a day in the life.  This is pretty boring stuff, if you're not a stay at home mom of the same age kids, but I wanted to share so I can re-read in the future and remember these good days.  They are very routined and monotonous but not a day goes by that I'm not grateful for this schedule.  

7:00 am
EB is up and we hear her come out of her room and head into the playroom.  I roll over and say "5 more minutes" to K and shortly after we hear a pitter patter down the hallway and then "Mommy Rise and Shine!".  Little sister is now stirring so I get her up and changed and head to the kitchen. The coffee is set to brew at 7:30 and I am at the point where I require a cup to start functioning.
MB nurses (distractedly) while I sip coffee on the couch and EB eats her breakfast.  She is hungry from the moment she wakes up til she falls asleep.  This morning she had oatmeal, strawberries, and half a banana.
  8:30 am
 We get EB ready for school and, if it's nice out, I walk them both down the street to her preschool.  
10:30 am
Once home, Nap time is usually right around 9:15 and it's hit or miss if MB will do a short nap(45 min) or a long chunk.  After nap she "helps" me do the dishes (sits in her bumbo and watches) and then she eats yogurt/cereal/fruit/etc.  
11:30 am
MB plays (walker/jumper/play mat) while I get ready as quickly as I can and nurse her again.  Usually at this point I make my lunch and get her in the stroller.  If it's nice out I will wheel her outside and eat on the porch.  

1:00 pm 
We walk to get EB at school.   From there it's sort of chaotic because MB's ready to nap/nurse again but also very excited to see big sis.  I checked out this tablet from the library for EB to try out and, surprise, she loves it!  She has never played on a tablet before so this is a special treat.  It is pre-loaded with educational games, no internet!  This has been her quiet time activity this week.
3:00 pm
Everyone is back up and ready to do something so we usually head to the library or playground depending on the weather.  Or I run an errand with two in tow.  Let me tell you, one of the biggest challenges for me with two kids is simply the loading and unloading to get out of the house.  It's exhausting and usually all said adds 30 minutes to whatever we're doing.   Today we went to the Lenevar playground which was fun.

5:00 pm
We're back home and I scramble to get EB's dinner on the table while MB is hungry and tired.  MB gets fed puree as well while big sister eats.

6:00 pm
Daddy's Home!!!!!!  We spend 15-30 minutes or so together as a family before bath time begins.  I give MB her bottle while K does bath time with EB.  Once the baby is down we get EB out of the bath and it's pjs and stories in her room.  She goes to bed at 7ish and then I collapse for 30 minutes before starting our dinner.  

7:30 pm
I cook our dinner.  Tonight it's sausage jambalaya.   I make this fairly often and it's easy and satisfying.  EB will eat our leftovers for dinner tomorrow.
9:30 pm
I've showered and I'm in bed reading.  Goodnight!

Not very riveting content, but I feel so lucky to live this life.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Misc. Monday

Some random thoughts comin' at ya:
6 month comparison photo
We had an actual hired babysitter for the FIRST TIME last Friday and we had a great night out in Avondale. 
Chicken and rice with broccoli casserole.  This was a super easy and comforting week night meal.
 I just want to say how nice it is to have a clean house after a couple of weeks living in the Christmas bomb aftermath.
We have had so many rainy days recently, I thought I'd remind y'all of a *free* indoor activity we love:  Visiting the trains at Citadel Mall.
These are my favorite Ulta purchases: 
Tarte Timeless Primer:  I have a fair amount of acne scarring and this smooths them better than anything else I've tried.
Tula Glow and Get It:  This really, noticeably brightens my eye area.  And I need all the help I can get with that these days.
This started out slow but ended up with a nice twist.
That's about all I've got for today.  Hope you are having a good Monday!

Tuesday, January 7, 2020


Happy New Year and Happy 2020!  I am very happy with how my life has been over the last 10 years and I don't feel strongly about any major changes.  But I do have serious goals and some minor to-do's I'd like to conquer this new decade.

  • I want to display more family photos around our house, and create photo books from our wedding in 2014 and each year since.
  • I want to take a cruise with K.  And start the prep for our 2021 Disney Trip!
  • I want to put serious thought and planning into my future career goals.
  • I want to work on our financial objectives:  Cut our grocery bill,  Upgrade our rental for more income potential, Save for a pool! bigger car ;)
  • I want to continue to eat a good balance...maybe a little less wine and cheese.
  • I want to begin jogging the Greenway with MC while EB is at school.
  • I want to establish a steady self care routine.  
  • I want to successfully organize my childrens' ever growing closets.  And implement a system for hand me downs.  
I'm grateful to be in a place where I feel content and happy going into a new decade with my family.
The best is yet to come!

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Christmas Break 2019

We had a wonderful Christmas, MC's first!  Here are a few snippets.
Church Service:
Christmas pjs:
Traditional Breakfast: sausage strata and cinnamon rolls:

The most fun "flower garden" toy.
Santa brought the swing.  And my parents got EB's little cottage.
Daddy/EB date to see Frozen 2!
Festival of Lights:
NYE Pajama Party!
I like to celebrate New Year's at home, just us.  I use the Christmas ham bone to make a big pot of beans served over rice.  It's nice to have a slow day after such a busy, disorienting week.  We took a New Year's Day Greenway walk.  This is an outdoor gym near the Coburg Cow.
 We'll be keeping up the decorations through the weekend and soaking in the last bit of the holidays.  I hope you have savored this season with the ones you love!
Cheers to 2020!