Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thoughts on Thursday

How is everyone's week going? 
So far so good over here, just chugging along.
Here are some Thursday thoughts.
I love wearing headbands, but I do not love the headaches that usually come along with them.
The pressure behind the ears is uncomfortable, and it's so relieving to remove a headband that sometimes I wonder why I even put one on.
Well hold it right there, I found some headache-free headbands y'all!
I scooped this Scunci Comfort Fit Headbands at Bi-Lo for $1.00!
The pack came with 2 headbands with curved ends that don't hurt, even after all day wear!
I prefer the tortoise shell to the black, but both are classic.

I think a headband adds a sweet touch to an otherwise dull up-do.
And by "up-do" I mean ponytail or bun.
Nothin' fancy up in here.
Also pictured, a sweet suprise from K, little Tiffany heart earrings.
On Monday, an unusual thing happened, I got home from the gym...and I had the house all to myself for a full hour!
Typically I arrive home and have time to straighten up and prepare for the next day and by the time that's finished, K is home from work, and it's on to catching up, fixing dinner...
But oh, an hour of an empty house, tell me that's not a beautiful thing!
I had some time to myself to read...SELF!
Last night I had drinks with my MOH to talk Bachelorette Party planning.
We have been discussing the itinerary,
 and I can't wait to share the whole thing with y'all!
Here is a sneak peak of what we've been working on:
Okiedoke, that's all I've got!
Have a good one.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bullets and Beer

File this under "Never Say Never".
So,This weekend I shot a gun for the first time.
After many (many) glasses of wine all around at Birthday dinner for K's sisters Friday night, it was decided that Sunday would be the perfect day for us all to meet in Awendaw for some good ole skeet shootin' fun!
True story: I thought skeet was a bird until I met K. 
It wasn't until I met K that I thought of hunting as anything but stereotypical redneck activity.
But, cue the hypocritical eye roll, I have come to love a man and his gun cabinet and his impressive collection of Jim Killen's sporting dog artwork.
And here I am, shootin' skeet y'all!  Yeeeeehoooo!
I have my seasoned marksman to thank for that incredible form.

I didn't hit a single thing.  I actually stood completely still and pulled the trigger aiming straight ahead.
But I didn't shoot anyone, so yay! 
Baby steps people. 
*I called this post "Bullets and Beer" because K's sister said she went to Walmart and bought "some bullets and some beer" which I found a delightful alliteration, albeit a somewhat dangerous combination.
Whatever, y'all, that's how we Party Down South

Monday, February 24, 2014

Simply the Best

In Charleston it's so very hard to resist going out to eat.
We are spoiled here in so many ways, and the incredible culinary scene is the proverbial cherry on top of calling this city home.
It occured to me a while back (I think it was around the time of this post) that K and I were falling into tourist traps, trying to keep up and try out all of the new spots. There is literally a new restaraunt opening every week and it sucks you in! Since realizing this I have made an effort to avoid "keeping up" and limit eating out. This has helped with choosing the tried and true, and not trends.
I can say "Been there, Done that" to a list of Charleston favorites, and I'm telling you this is my favorite appetizer of all. I AM NOT KIDDING.  
Now, we ate dinner at Amen Street once and were very underwhelmed.  The only saving grace was this appetizer. IT IS SO GOOD.
One of our favorite Sunday outings is a glass on wine at their bar (they have wine on tap!), and this snack.
Please try this, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.
I'm using capital letters, this is serious.

 Okay, you see Crispy Calamari Steak Slices?
And you're thinking Calamari?  Really?  Salty, fried, not interested.
Read the smaller text.
"topped with lemon aioli and a saute of corn, tomato, green onions, and bacon"
Order it,
and soon you'll understand. 
Pictures don't do it justice, because you can't taste it!
If you can't figure out what you want, and don't want to break the bank, this is it.
It's hard to resist going out in Charleston and then deciding where, that's why you need to know that this is...
Simply the Best.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Salmon Croquettes

Today I have a very simple weeknight recipe to share that, since childhood, is one of my favorites.
I'm lettin' y'all know right now, this is no gourmet meal.
But with a simple side and veg, it's the perfect Wednesday night dinner!
Here is what you need:

 A cup of breadcrumbs

An egg

And a can of pink salmon
What you do:
Combine the three ingredients above.
Form patties and spoon into oiled frying pan.
Fry until crisp, flip, and repeat!


Simple and satisfying...
Let me know what you think!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Manic Monday

Happy Monday!
How was everyone's weekend??
Mine was pretty lazy, which was nice.
As I'm typing this my eyes are still puffy from yesterday.
I read this book start to finish,
 and I swear to you I was sobbing the entire last 3 chapters.
I picked this up for a quarter at a thrift shop on Saturday.
Worth every penny, as in I literally paid in pennies.

Family picture time!
Oops, Alfie sees a squirrel.
I made this pasta on one of our non-drinking nights last week.
It didn't look like beer mugs once cooked.
A random trip to Big Lots leads to silly purchases.
Additional thrift store finds for fifty cent a piece.
Closet Treasures on James Island has some hidden gems. 
My dad thinks K looks like the Brawny man.
I'm still thinking Stabler, but Hubba Hubba!
I have raved before about my Remington Pearl Hair wand, and as time has passed I've gotten even better at using it.  Here is photo to show you how it transforms my hair.  Once dry, I can curl it in 10 minutes.
This was taken while getting ready for Saturday date night.
We went to Basil, which is where we ate the night we got engaged.
We hadn't been back since, and every time we go I'm reminded how incredibly delicious every.single.thing on their menu is.  Perfection.

So how's that for a Manic Monday post??
I am all over the place!

Tomorrow is our first Pre-Marital Counseling Session,
which I'm truly looking forward to!
We are taking a few photos for our Save the Date this week as well.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Humpity Hump

Hey, ho, how's everybody doing out there?
I have been loving the Primetime Olympics this past week.  It's been so nice to snuggle up after dinner and watch before bed.
I am not usually one for conspiracy theories, or anything of the like, but...
I am CONVINCED that Matt Lauer is behind Bob Costa's eye infection.  Matt Lauer has always seemed liked a conniving meany (meanie?) to me. 
It's no coincidence that he has been given the understudy job here.
You're not fooling me, Lauer! 
Sidenote: I want to be a Figure Skater when I grow up.
Me and Abby had a fun night out on Saturday. 
We went by the Biergarten, and then Macintosh.
On our third attempt, we finally found someone who could take a decent pic of us:
Did I tell y'all I was Miss Piggy for Halloween one year during college?
I'm simultaneously devastated and relieved that there is no photographic evidence.
I am loving her bridal style.
And one more thing.
So ever since my 2 week break from the gym, I'll be honest, I'm just not in the zone.
I've been pretty hardcore with Golds Gym for 2 years now, and this past month I haven't been.
I like to attend classes and lately with my schedule, I'm either 15 minutes early, or 10 minutes late!
I have also been very busy and focused on wedding planning, and the weather hasn't helped.
But it's not about excuses, it's about me knowing it's time to mix it up.
A co-worker of mine mentioned it and after checking out the site, I was very intrigued to try it out.
There are 2 things that I absolutely loved about it:
1. There are no class times.  Class starts when you arrive.
2. 30 minutes, in and out.
Here's the deal:
The workout is a Full Body Kickboxing Circuit, with a trainer in the room.
There are 9 rounds (?!)
Each round lasts 3 minutes, at which point a buzzer sounds and you move on to the next one.
In between each round, there are 30 seconds where your trainer says "Jumping Jacks!" "Burpees!"...
so you have 30 seconds of cardio bursts between rounds.
Once you complete all 9 rounds, you're done!
It's intense, but 30 minutes, whenever I have the time.
You can try for free, and they have locations in West Ashley and Mount Pleasant.
Back to work for me, any of y'all luckies off today?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bronson the Brave!

When you are born, you cry, and the world rejoices.
When you die, you rejoice, and the world cries.
It's a sad day.
I am posting this "Fund Me" link on behalf of my friend Cassie, who passed away over the weekend, leaving her beautiful baby boy behind.  She created this site about a week before she died.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Something Old

How was your weekend?
I need another day!
Last night we had dinner at my parents house.
Mom and I had some fun and pulled her wedding dress out of it's preservation case.
With exception to some slight yellowing around the beading, it looks good as new.
Good as new, but not so good on me.
I couldn't get it zipped up!
Oh my, how the styles have changed. 

I also tried on her sendoff suit and the dress she wore to dinner on the first night of her honeymoon.  I really liked both of them and I'm hoping to wear them to a wedding occasion of my own!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Highfive!

Hello Hello!
How is everyone's February going so far?
I have been under the weather all week. (I knew I was feeling a little off on Monday!)
Fortunately this has been an easy week and I've been able to rest up for a fun weekend ahead.
A bunch of my best girls and I are meeting up for brunch at The Shelter tomorrow morning...maybe a little shopping after.
 And we have a houseguest Saturday night (yo Ab!) which is always fun.
Do you have anything planned for Vday?
My idea of a perfect night looks like this: 
What's cookin' K?
We "won" this wine at a Silent Auction a while back. 
It was smooth and not to oakey.
It was part of a gift basket from Charleston Cooks. 
We have been looking at Rehearsal Dinner options over the past couple weeks.
Can you guess my number one choice??
The space includes this gorgeous Charleston Piazza! 
Party planners take note: These are two favorite wedding banners I've come across.
Thank you, Pinterest.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Our Weekend

Happy Monday everyone!
I'm feeling a bit off my game this morning. 
Maybe too much cheese dip, or not enough sleep.
Whatever the case, I'm feelin' funky!
Speaking of games, we had a great time at the CofC Homecoming on Saturday!
My company sponsors the team,
and so we enjoyed VIP tickets and access to the Hospitality suite. 
Very fun.  K caught one of the tshirts they threw into the crowd...
After the game we walked around the corner to "Mynt" which was an interesting spot.
The walls were adorned with neon celebrity photographs.
What up, JT? 
 Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous out, so we took Alf to the park.
What's a better sign of a good weekend than a dirty dog?
And finally last night, I just ate too much.  That's all there is to it.
I did want to share my reccomendation of these sassy sweeties:
Ok, I am going to charge through this day so I can get home and lie down.
Have a good one.