Friday, May 29, 2020


I took "End of Year" school pics of EB this weekend.  
Front yard blooms:

Memorial Day
Look at this little booga.  You can't tell here but the poor girl is teething and VERY mad about it.   
This week has been pretty wet but the sun came out yesterday so we hit the beach.
I am preparing to list my James Island condo, so we've been over there quite a bit lately.  The girls love it because there is carpet in the bedrooms and no furniture.  Free reign.
I have always read a lot, but since quarantine began I have read A LOT.
Currently I'm loving this:
More recent picks:
That's a wrap.
Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Life Lately

I'm officially moving on from weekly Quarantine posts.  While we are still limiting outings/social interactions, life is beginning to feel normal again, so I'll start sharing updates as usual around here!
Last week CCSD offered a produce pick up at the school in our neighborhood.  I was shocked at how much we were given!
K and I had our first date night since early Feb on Saturday.  It was SO NICE!!
Crazy Hair Day! 

Beach babes.
Yesterday we went to Folly Beach.  There was no traffic getting out there and really no crowds. 

Almost 6 feet!
Have a great week!

Friday, May 15, 2020

Friday Highfive: Fave Frozen Foods

I think I mentioned this a few posts back, but one of the side effects of quarantine, for me, has been extreme cooking burnout.  Perhaps because things have been very monotonous, I've just felt bored in the kitchen...uninspired and tired by day's end. So once a week I have been reaching for a frozen option- that I did not prepare and freeze myself- to get a little break.  Here are my favorites!

Frontera Skillets. 
We've tried a few of these and they are all great for a quick meal.Frontera Barbacoa Taco Skillet, 20 oz Complete Meals | Meijer ...
Bertoli's Carbonara
Add a salad and garlic bread and this is a nice 'Date Night at Home' dinner!

Bertolli® Chicken Carbonara - Bertolli
Morningstar Farms
I much prefer the chorizo crumbles to the original beef flavor.  I scramble this with eggs and top with salsa!
Morningstar Farms Frozen Chorizo Crumbles - 10oz : Target
Tyson Blackened Chicken
I loooove buffalo chicken tenders,but the frozen kind can be nothing but breading.  These have a great kick and they are grilled!
Tyson Grilled & Ready® Blackened Flavor Unbreaded Chicken Strips ...
Ling Ling Potstickers
With a steamer bag of broccoli or edamame, K and I both enjoy this meal.Ling Ling All Natural Potstickers, Chicken & Vegetable, 4.2 lbs
What are your favorites?
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Quarantine Week 8

We've officially been quarantined for over 2 months!  Wow!
My New York trip feels like a lifetime ago.  Crazy to think how normal everything was and then two weeks later the city shuts down.  
So let's see...a few things to share:
EB plays around by herself in our playroom each morning before she comes into our room...  Last week she brought this with her to show off her balloons she drew.  It's one of the first unprompted, with no help,  drawings she's ever done.
Pool Day!
We had a cousin playdate at Charlestowne Landing last week:
Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, tree, child, outdoor and nature
Mother's Day was low key and ended with burgers on the grill.
A very special gift:
We've been watching this docuseries together and both love it!
The Last Dance: Why Michael Jordan bullied teammates - Sports ...
That's a wrap on Week 8...
We aready to start (cautiously) venturing out a bit over the next couple of weeks. 

Monday, May 4, 2020

Quarantine Week 7

This past week was a good one!  It's nice to see signs of society opening back up.  Even though we still aren't going "out", it's comforting to know that we will eventually.
We visited Ambrose Farms for strawberries.

 EB's new sheets came in.  She is LOVING her big girl bed!
Daddy's Girl!
I tried my hand at portrait style photos with EB.  I hope I'm able to get hers taken this Fall.
I generally enjoy cooking for my family but I have been struggling these past few weeks...I'm just so bored!  I always have a frozen option on hand for nights I just can't do it.
Have a great week!