Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"So, do you know Steven Jordan?"

This was the question I asked Steven Jordan himself down at the Market one night this past summer.  He was wearing a nametag and so you can bet I felt pretty foolish the moment the question left my mouth.
Anyway, Steven Jordan is a wonderfully talented local artist and I'm proud to own multiple pieces.
My FAVORITE (Grand Hall Gazebo):
And this, Sand 'n Suds, is my grandfather personified:
Here is K's untitled original piece:
Correction: This is an original Rhett Thurman.  Oops :)

If money would allow it, I would love to start building a collection of local artist Jason Baxley's awesome collages:
You can find them @http://mjbphotos.weebly.com
These inspire me to try and make my own!

Do you collect any one artist?
Or do you just buy what strikes you as you see it?

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