Monday, August 31, 2020

New 'Do

Whew, about dang time! I had 9 inches taken off this past Saturday.  We weren't able to donate the hair because of COVID but I'm just glad it's off of my head.  I feel 10 lbs lighter!
I also had it highlighted rose gold which is so fun.  
I'm a new woman!


Friday, August 28, 2020

Friday Highfive

 K bought our big girl her very own camera for our recent trip to Edisto Beach.

Here are FIVE of her photos:

Lots of footprints in the sand...
If K's head wasn't cut off this would be a winner!
Baby sis:
Here is a link to the camera she has.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Last Week on Edisto

 We had such a nice change of pace and scenery on our trip to Edisto last week.

Here are some snaps!

It was so nice having a house with a pool.  It made after-beach cleanup much easier with the kids.
We took a sunset beach walk and this shark was caught right where we had been playing in the water earlier that day.  Yikes.

We managed to have an uninterrupted 30 minutes to ourselves at the pool!!
We explored Botany Bay.
Amazing to see this albino deer in the backyard.  He and his family returned several times to feed.

I've never appreciated a getaway more!


Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Life Lately

Last week,  I had a solo day with MB while big sis spent the day with her Oma.  What a treat, for both of us!

We went and chose our granite this weekend.  This is a marble we really liked. I am so excited!
We are getting ready for our beach trip!  I am making puppy chow and ranch cheez its for some fun vacay snacks. 

I finished this book last night.  It was a very quick read.  Now I need to find something for our trip. 

Speaking of books...I took the girls to the James Island library so EB could choose a couple of movies.  They were SO happy to get to go inside. 

That's a wrap, I'll catch up next week!

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Amazing Bins

Yesterday was my second time visiting Amazing Bins and I thought I would share about it.  Amazing Bins is located in the neck area, just past Magnolia Cemetery on Meeting Sreet.  It consists of numerous huge bins filled with Amazon returns.  They are open Saturday/Sunday/Monday and the pricing is as follows.  Saturday: All Items $7, Sunday: Items $5, Monday: $3...
I have only gone on Mondays so I don't really know what you'd expect first thing on a Saturday, but I still found some great deals!  It's definitely meant for those who like the thrill of the hunt.  Otherwise I would say skip it.
Here are some of my finds:

  • 4 pack of Tate's chocolate chip cookies (retail $20)
  • 12 pack of Sprout organic baby food (retail $20)

Each of these items were $3 each, except the beauty products, which were $2.
Great deals to be had, if you don't mind digging!  

Friday, August 7, 2020

Friday Highfive

 Happy Friday!
Here's a highfive:

We've been busy with the condo this Summer but this week I was finally able to schedule EB's swim lessons.  We are just doing them weekly for the month of August but next year will start late Spring.
My little Costco sidekick.  This bag of charcoal behind her is as big as my cart!  
Isn't she just adorable???
I have been working on my braiding skills.  EB's hair is so fine that it slides right out, hence the bow trying to keep the top part in place.  
Speaking of hair, mine has officially gotten too long.  I scheduled an appointment, but the first available was end of August.  It's at the point that I can't wear it down because it's so hot out.  Chop Chop!
There used to be days where loading the girls up and heading to Chic fil A to kill a couple hours helped me survive the motherhood trenches.   Since COVID has begun and it's been drive-thru only, I have really missed this rainy day (or Charleston summer) activity.  So last week I decided to take them to Zaxby's for an early dinner and this little girl was BEYOND happy.  It wasn't nearly the same as beloved "Chickalay" but it entertained the kids just the same.  
One last thing...Dillard's was running their end of Summer clearance last week, I got some great deals.  These shoes were $14.00!  We have a beach vacay approaching so it was nice to get a few new things.
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Condo Closing

Last week I sold my James Island condo.  
I purchased it in 2009, less than a year after graduating at College of Charleston.  I still remember the first night I got the keys, feeling so excited and proud.  I remember painting the crown molding that my Dad would install....yardsales every Saturday to look for furniture steals.  I remember finding this lantern pendant at World Market and thinking it would add such a whimsical flair to my dining room.  I'm sure it will be the first thing the new owner replaces, but for me it was perfect.
The girls and I have spent a good bit of time over there these last 2 months, getting things ready for the sale.   They loved having free reign of the place with no furniture and I love thinking about those days "before you were born".

I decided it was the right time to sell for a few reasons.  We were lucky with having one reliable tenant for the last 4 years.  I didn't love being a landlord, and when their lease ended COVID began. This made me realize we were going to have a hard time finding someone to move in, and absorbing the mortgage wasn't something we wanted to do indefinitely.   Realizing the inventory in our price point was very low on James Island, we decided to sell.  We were under contract in less than 2 days!  If your family is from Old Charleston, I'm sure you have real estate regret stories, because the market here since Hugo has been insane (especially over the last 15 years).  So there an impulse to hold onto property, a sort of hesitancy to wait and see just how high the market will go.  But selling right now gives us a financial freedom we wouldn't otherwise have, and with two young kids I like to simplify as much as I can.    
I am so excited for the person who bought it and hope they love living there as much as I did.  It was the perfect starter home for me and I will cherish my years owning it.  Having something to focus on during these last few months has also been invaluable to my sanity.  It's just all worked out so well and I'll forever be grateful for the whole experience.