Thursday, July 29, 2021

Thursday Thoughts

I am still plugging away at our "Curb Appeal Project" and would say I'm about 75% there.  We have done the landscaping, changed out the wrought iron column, and lime-washed our stone.  But the biggest impact has been changing out the furniture.  These saucer chairs (Facebook Marketplace find) bring such a modern look and it's amazing what a difference they've made.  Still to come:  New porch light, 2 large planters for either side of the chairs, and a fun garden stool for in between. 
We had a family brunch gathering last weekend and I made monkey bread for the first time in years.  I forget just how delicious and easy it is!

The girls had a fun week at VBS, which was cut short due to a positive COVID test...but at least we got a few days of fun out of it.

Today I am getting ready for a much anticipated "getaway" to Folly with my 2 best friends!
Gotta run!

Friday, July 23, 2021

Catchin' Up

 Summer with kids....Phew!

We had our besties over for a tiedye party a couple of weeks ago.   Check out our new blow up water slide...Backyard fun!

Last week EB went to Ballet Camp and she had so much fun:
I took the kids to Chuck E Cheese for pizza and games last week.  They had a really good time.  It was MB's first trip and her mind was blown:
EB spent her life savings aka 350 tickets on this wind up toy.

At church, this picture captures the essence of MB. 

On any given day you can find us:
At the pool...

At the Library...
At the Playground...
Or the beach!

Not a bad way to spend our days.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Earth Cookies!

 EB had a friend over a couple weeks back and I remembered I had a frozen roll of sugar cookie dough.  We made "Earth Cookies" which were so easy and fun.  I think they would be great for a bake sale or  to bring to school for Earth Day or, like for us, just because!

Obviously I used store bought dough but you could easily use from scratch.  

I divided the dough in half and used food coloring to do one half green and one half blue. 

I let the kids combine and form their own cookies and then baked according to the package. 

So cute! 


Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Fourth of July Weekend

 I feel like I have had zero free time for updates over here lately.  I hope to share some more of our summer fun soon, but for now here are some snaps from our Fourth of July Weekend!


I got a tip about a peach farm out in Ridgeville (Shuler's) from the produce guy at our HT.  It was a fun experience and the peaches were delicious.  I froze several at peak ripeness to make a pie later this Summer. 

We hit the pool on the Fourth, it was shockingly quiet which was nice.  

Later on we had a cookout with neighbor friends  (smoked pork butt and brisket!) and shot off fireworks.


Wednesday, July 7, 2021

MB is TWO!

Our little MB turned 2 at the end of June, and her party made quite the splash!
I got to the park early to decorate and set up the food/drinks.  After I had everything looking so cute, it started pouring down rain, drenching everything beyond recovery.  We loaded the car back up and tried to make a game plan considering guests were starting to arrive.  We ultimately decided to wait it out, huddled under our trunk hood.  Summer storms can pass so quickly and luckily that's what happened.  
The sun came out and we hit the Splash Pad!

It was definitely a party I will always remember!
At 2 years old, MB loves to dance, has very strong opinions, always sticks her tongue out when saying "Cheese" for a picture, insists she sleep with her favorite books in her crib, is very passionate about pointing out planes, and follows big sister everywhere.  She is such a special, fun loving girl that makes me laugh so much.   She also just quit napping so now we can have even MORE fun together...Can't imagine life without this baby!