Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Highfive

Hey, Friday!
Here's a highfive for getting through the week!
I had hoped to get my three month update done this week, but I couldn't find the time to sit and focus and finish it up!    I don't know if I've mentioned it yet, but I am putting EB in my own baby clothes for all of the monthly "photo shoots".  It makes the memory extra special for me.  
Now that things have settled down in the baby department, I feel like I can revisit my House Project plans.  I am currently focused on finishing up our dining room.  I picked up a palm from Lowe's this week and I'm happy with what it brings to the room.  I am going to be chalk painting the table to match the bamboo chairs and then I'll be hunting for a centerpiece of some sort to pull it all together.  I am all about the eclectic, mix and match look, but it definitely needs something...
This week I had a day date with my besties and their babes.  We had lunch at Three Little Birds and then walked the greenway.  Fun!  If you see a stroller caravan around town anytime soon, it's probably us :)
K brought this book home for me this week.  I had mentioned that I enjoyed flipping through it at Barnes and Noble and he picked it up. I will be staying home with EB and want to be as proactive with her development as possible.  This book has some fun ideas of things to do at different stages to keep the little ones entertained.
 None of it is rocket science, but it can be hard to come up with new things to do all the time, no matter how simple.
Not sure if it's still happening, but I stopped into the Victorias Secret Semi Annual Sale last week and cleaned out their haircare supply.  They no longer carry the products in-store, but every year there seems to be some rogue inventory at the Sale, so I make sure to stop in.  They are always 75% off and I LOVE the hairspray scent.  I think I have enough to get me through the next year or so...
TGIF, friends!
I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Our Weekend

I'm going to try and slap up a quick post while the baby naps, here we go.
We had a nice weekend!  The weather was beautiful and we took advantage of it!
On Friday night I picked up a pizza from Harris Teeter and we had a lazy night at home.  We had a bonfire after EB went to sleep and it was a nice start to the weekend.
On Saturday we decided to head down to Folly.  
 I absolutely love Taco Boy's sangria swirl margaritas and was looking SO forward to having one, but they were closed for renovations, so we ended up at Ritas.  I got my margarita (not the same) and we shared some nachos. 
 Saturday night K grilled cedar plank salmon and I took care of the sides.  We are in a green bean phase right now.  All they need is a little butter and garlic and yum!  Fresh and tasty veg.
Sunday morning we went down to Rue de Jean for brunch celebrating my in-laws birthdays.  Afterwards, we took a little family stroll through Marion Square.  It was downright hot out and King Street was slammin'!
Home again, Home again.  We kicked off our shoes and spent Sunday afternoon relaxing on the porch.  Look at this angel!!!!!  Blue eyes like her daddy, for sure!
Ok, I'm off to get my girl up.
I am looking forward to the Bachelor tonight...I am actually doing a Fantasy League this season. Ha!
I had such high hopes for Nick bringing a bit of maturity this go around, considering he is in his late thirties.  All the recent seasons have felt SO YOUNG, like these kids are just auditioning for Instagram celebrity status.  We'll see how this one goes...
Alright, I hope you had a nice weekend!
I hope to be back later this week with a 3 month baby post and a Friday Highfive.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Our Weekend

We had a standard low key weekend.  It was a chilly one so we stayed warm inside for the most part.  

Thursday night we brought dinner and spent time with baby Bella boo.  Look at these sweethearts!
Friday night we were able to steal away for a few hours and grab dinner at one of our favorite spots, Mondo's Delite.  We enjoyed the heaters on the patio as we waited for a table, and tried their new meatball bruschetta app.  DELISH!
Saturday= PJs all day for the little girl:
I roasted a chicken for dinner and baked some chocolate chip cookies.  It's rare that I cook them perfectly, but these turned out chewy with a buttery crunch.  All gone now.
 Sunday we hit up Costco for some perusing and a hotdog lunch.
It was a nice and easy winter weekend.
How was yours?

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Holiday Happenings

Hello, 2017!  I think the general vibe around the internet is "Good Riddance!" to 2016, but it was a great year for us.  We purchased our first home and had our beautiful baby girl...a very good year.
I realized that I haven't shared snaps of the haps around here since around Thanksgiving, here are some photos from throughout December.  Sad that the holidays are over :(
Little lady was in a different Christmas outfit basically every day this December.  A couple favorites:
I made my White Chocolate dipped ritz (recipe shared here).  The consensus was that the sprinkles made them a little too sweet, would not use them next time.
Alfie's new favorite place to sleep:
We had mini date night at the new "Charles Town Fermentory" in Avondale.  We both really enjoyed the Sungazer IPA.
Christmas Eve Party at my in laws.
EB had fun at her grandpa's bar and grill:
My baby's first Christmas morning!!!!
Sausage Strata and cinnamon rolls, our Christmas breakfast tradition:
Santa brought EB a swing for the tree in the backyard, and a soft learning book.
She also received a bunch of costume jewelry for future dress up play.
These clip on earrings were her great great grandmother's and I know she will just love them one day.
(My aunt brought over a bin of my grandmothers jewelry and we had a fun time going through it on Christmas Day) 
 We hosted Christmas Dinner for 10.  
We had:
Honey glazed spiral ham
Seven layer salad
Green bean casserole
Baked brown rice
Macaroni and Cheese 
Christmas was a beautiful day, albeit slightly warm, and we enjoyed being outside all day.  EB was the center of attention, here with her Granddaddy Bill.
One of Kev's stocking stuffers were these Funky Flames that change the colors of fire.
We used them in lieu of fireworks on NYE.
 Annnd that's a wrap on 2016!
I am spending this week taking down decorations and detoxing a bit from all of the recent indulgence.
Here's to an even better year to come!