Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday Highfive

EBN is turning ONE!!!
Next Sunday we are celebrating with a backyard bbq party.  We have a lot to do between now and then, but I'm certain no matter how it all comes together, it will be perfect.
Sol is our favorite after-church spot downtown.  I had to snap a pic of my huevos rancheros last week because the presentation was great:
A few months ago, when everyone was hyped up on the Nordstrom sale, I saw this top and really liked it, but $50 on sale is not really a great deal to me, so I searched around and found a dupe.
Ok, this top one is the nordstrom original...
And this one, which I purchased and I'm very happy with, is $11 from Shein.  The colors are slightly different and, while I haven't felt the Nordstrom top, I think the material is different also.  I'm thinking this will be comfortable and festive for Thanksgiving this year.  
But first, Halloween!
We are ready, I finished up our family costume this week and can't wait to share.
No hints!

Besides the fact that it is 90 degrees outside, we are feeling the Fall vibes around here.

I am hoping tomorrow the temperature dips and I can actually comfortably wear jeans outside.
Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Philadelphia Recap

Hey guys!  Highfive for FRIDAY!!!
I am going to share photos from our long weekend in Philly today.  I would say we crammed a lot into the three and a half day trip.  So we've got LOTS of pics from our first time away from the babe.  I am so grateful to my parents for watching her and giving me the peace of mind and confidence to switch into total vacay mode.  
First off, upon landing we discovered that K's luggage was in Dallas and would "hopefully" arrive within 24 hours.  This put a little kink in our afternoon plans as we had to schedule in time to find something for him to wear to the Rehearsal that night.  After checking into the hotel, we immediately hit the streets looking for lunch and shopping in Old City.
 We had lunch at The Little Lion.
 My sandwich was HUGE.  Poor K got shafted again when they told us they forgot to put his order in...but it worked out as we ended up sharing this delicious short rib concoction.  
 Cute little Philly.
 Ok y'all this is my biggest regret of the trip, possibly one of my biggest regrets EVER IN LIFE.  After our lunch we stumbled upon a storefront called People Prints. It's a 3D Printing shop where you literally have yourself printed three dimensionally, sizes starting at 3 inches tall.  WHY WHY WHY didn't we make this a priority to return???  I will forever feel like our china cabinet is missing a tiny statue of us.
This is a terrible window shot but you can still see some of the glorious composites.
 There's Independence Hall.  This was taken on our walk to Century 21.
 Rehearsal Bound!
 Rooftop chillin'.  The breeze up there was great.
 The Bride!!  Her dress for the rehearsal dinner was her mom's wedding gown.  LOVED IT!
 Later,On our ride back to the hotel we saw a crowded restaurant that we wanted to revisit, but upon further inspection was a BYOB and we felt like that would be a hassle.  But, if you are in Philly, Radicchio Cafe looked awesome!  Oh, and K's bag had arrived once we returned from the dinner.  Phew!
 Wedding Day!!
I started the day bright and early with hair and makeup in the Penthouse Suite.
BTW, we stayed at the Hilton Penn's Landing,  5 stars!!
Our table was a lot of fun.  Too much fun! 
...which is why I'm not sharing after-party photos! ;)
The next day we had brunch at the Hotel and then hit the town.
I took K to Reading Terminal Market, which I fell in love with when I first visited.
Then we had THE MOST relaxing happy hour on the deck at our hotel.

After which we got cleaned up and walked to dinner at Panorama, upon the recommendation of our happy hour bartender.  I said "give me pasta and give me wine"...
 And they delivered.  Look at this wine list, every single one is served by the glass!
We each ended up doing a wine flight.  We were also delighted to learn it was Philly Restaurant Week and that we could choose three things from the existing menu for $35.  
We ended the trip eating their delicious chocolate cake in our King Size hotel bed.
It was a wonderful weekend away and we came home feeling refreshed and ready to see our baby.
Congrats to Patrick and Abby and thanks, y'all, for such a fun celebration.  We love you!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Out of Order

Things have been all out of order over here since we returned from our Labor Day getaway.  
On Monday we felt the effects of Hurricane Irma.  Here is our backyard, temporary waterfront!  We were very lucky that it wasn't worse for us.  
Early tomorrow we are heading up to Philadelphia for my girl's wedding.
I'm thinking sometime mid next week things will finally be settled down around here, and I'll touch base then.
Hope y'all are doing good.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Labor Day at Lake Lure

I wanted to share some photos from our long weekend at Lake Lure.  
This was EB's first vacation and it was so special...and SO NICE for this mom to have so many helping hands...I am missing them this week, for sure.
On Saturday we took a pontoon cruise around the lake, it was gorgeous! 

Later we watched the football games:

On Sunday we went into Asheville for the day to visit with some of my family who were also in town for the long weekend.  We met up with them at Wicked Weed Brewery.
The weather was perfect.
We stayed at the cabin "Dancing Falls", which I would 100% recommend.  
I hope to create and share a video montage of our trip soon!  Right now, all focus is on Hurricane Irma.
I have been scouring the web to try and find any info on how our beloved St. Barths faired, but it's not looking good.   
We may be headed back up to the mountains again this week, except this time I'm hoping we won't!
Stay safe, y'all.