Thursday, August 27, 2015

Un, Deux, Trois

GOOD things are happening in threes over here:
One in particular....
Three months from today we will be flying out to celebrate our One Year Anniversary, as well as my 30th Birthday, in St. Barths!
French cuisine, French culture...
Smack in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.
Ooh La La



Monday, August 24, 2015

Our Weekend

Monday, we meet again!
This weekend was a fun one.
We kicked it off by going big over at the Windjammer on IOP for the beloved 80's cover band of my husband's college years, Weird Science.  This was my first time seeing them and it was really great!
  We danced, we drank, we stayed out way too late.

AH! My roots!  But check out the length!  I am loving my long hair right now.
We tried: 
 Saturday was beyond lazy for me, it was wonderful.
It was dreary outside so it was the perfect excuse to stay indoors, literally all day.

I read the Glamour September issue cover to cover.
Sunday we spent at the pool:
 And then dinner at East Bay Deli.
I love their turkey burger!

How was your weekend?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Weekend Update

Over the weekend we tried out a new restaurant on JI, Ellis Creek Fish Camp.
We had the fried okra spears, the bbq flatbread, and the spinach salad.
They juuust opened and our waiter told us that they have future plans to build an outdoor bar overlooking the marsh.   It's definitely worth a visit, but beware the parking!
 Saturday night we went to a cookout downtown at a friend's house.  I made caramel turtle brownies for dessert.
On Sunday we walked around downtown and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
We stopped into Rack Room and I got some new casual kicks:
And that's a wrap, How was your weekend? 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Hooray, the weekend is almost here!
Here are some random things on my mind:
Whoever does the social media for Miss Piggy, I think you have my dream job.
Arizona Diet Green Tea reminds me of highschool.  My girl Carrie and I would always stop by Bert's on the way home from Folly for a large can of this and a corndog.  Perfection!  I have started buying it in 12 packs from the grocery.
I'm looking so forward to a little getaway with my 2 besties in a few weeks. 
We are zipping down the coast to Hilton Head to indulge in pool/beach/spa time and room service.  

Annnd here's what's cookin' this week:
Looking forward to chicken tacos tonight...
Wings on Sunday in anticipation of Football Season!
What's on your mind?

Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend Update

Happy Monday!
It may be wishful thinking, but I swear it's feeling a bit cooler out there...atleast in the
So let's see, I worked late on Friday and then had another long day at work on Saturday (8-6) so there isn't a whole lot to share with our weekend, but here goes.
I was exhausted Saturday night, with absolutely zero interest in going out or cooking.
I remembered that I had some unused Kick Chick loyalty points, we used them on delivery for dinner.  Love their buffalo wrap.

On Sunday, Alfie had brunch!
I thought K was joking when he said he bought Alfie brunch but nope:
We went to the pool allll day yesterday then around the corner for Happy Hour with our spoiled boo.

 We love this little park, and how close it is to home.
 I showed some snaps from another HH at Dock Street Park in this post.
Then for dinner I made a hybrid of shrimp & grits and jambalaya,
eaten while watching the True Detective finale.
And totally unrelated to our weekend, I am thinking about buying this dress from Nordstrom for our vacation this November.  Love the back!
There you have it, our weekend!
How was yours?

Friday, August 7, 2015

'Round Here

Hello out there...
This week brought with it some ups and downs,
and we're happy to be moving on to the weekend.
Here's a little gif from our time spent at the beach 2 weeks back.
The view just never gets old.
Last Saturday we celebrated our friend's 30th at a surprise party up at his parents' home in Summerville.
It was a fun time, complete with a bourbon and cigar bar.  K was very happy.
We caught the Counting Crows show courtesy of Lexus on Wednesday.
It was packed!  We went mostly to hear Citizen Cope open and left shortly after the Crows played "Mr. Jones".   
I made Carolina Charm's vegetarian enchiladas for dinner on Monday.
I subbed the black beans in her recipe with shredded chicken breasts and used colby jack on top.  They were delicious.  
I will never again make enchiladas sans yellow rice.  
Photo courtesy of Christina's site.
And one last picture of my angel snoozing on a car ride recently.
It doesn't get any sweeter.