About Laura

Hi! I'm Laura from Charleston, SC.
I grew up on James Island, not in James Island (pet peeve!), and I love it here.
This blog is an old school, not for profit, online journal kinda thang.  It's as much an outlet for me as it is meant to be fun for you to read! 
I am a 34 year old stay at home mom with a passion for creative expression and happiness in everyday life. 
Interests include: philanthropy (I locally support The Neighborhood House), browsing real estate, thrift shopping, shell hunting, reading, and wine (New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs are my fave).
I am a lucky girl.  I grew up in a beautiful place.  My first memories are of my grandparents screened-in porch on Sullivans Island, setting up my first lemonade stand on the beach in front.   I am blessed to come from a solid home, raised in parochial schooling which I firmly believe nurtured my free spirit! 
I went "away" to college (over the James Island connector) to the College of Charleston and studied English, concentrating in Creative Writing. 
Nowadays you will find me loving life in Charleston with my husband (K), daughters (EB and MC),  and our dog (Alfie).
I'm using this blog to share my zest for life with you, and for my own memories.
Thank you for checking it out!

E-mail me at ltleamond@gmail.com