Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Is it really time to make plans for going out for Halloween?  Yes! It's next weekend!
Last year we went to Taco Boy.  It was an awesome party, way way crowded!  My large group somehow secured a good spot right beside the bar, in a corner tucked away from people traffic.  Otherwise the night would have been a lot different (i.e. claustrophobic and unable to move).
I was Ariel from The Little Mermaid.  You can see me on the video here: 

Let's look back, shall we?
As in the (unflattering) footage above,
2010 =Ariel!

 2008=Holly Golightly!
 2007=Little Red! (shiver me timbers!)

Other previous costumes include Miss Piggy(2006) and Little Bo Peep (2005) , I'm still searching through old photos to post.
I make all of my costumes with thrift and fabric store finds, no costume-in-a-bag for this girl!
I want people to show me some of their costumes, or at least link to where I can find them!!

What are your Halloween plans?

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