Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Summer Sunday

We spent our last Summer Sunday as a family of three hanging in the backyard.  We enjoyed splashing around in the pool and grilling a simple supper....with peach ice cream for dessert!  I'm being induced on Saturday morning, unless she decides to make a grand entrance beforehand, so I'll be signing off here for a while.


Thursday, June 20, 2019

No.2 Nursery

In true second child fashion, this room has come together at the last minute.  I'm happy with the little touches and, though the furniture remains the same as EB's nursery, I think it still feels special and different.  Here's a peek: 


Monday, June 17, 2019

Fathers Day, etc.

Hello out there, I hope y'all had a nice Father's Day weekend!  
We kicked ours off with a family spaghetti dinner.  I wanted to share this tip with y'all, which comes from my bff Chels' family recipe.  Basically once the noodles are cooked you put them in a dish and cover with cheddar cheese.  From there you cover with foil so the cheese melts, and then use a spatula to serve and top with your favorite meat sauce.  It's not really a recipe, but I think it turns boring ole spaghetti into something a little special.
Saturday was yard/house work and then K grilled out.  
On Sunday we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast before hitting the pool.
I feel like it's beyond words for me how much we appreciate and love K, as both a husband and father, but I really believe he is the best of the best.
  K, Thank you for your kindness, your genuine attention and interest in the mundane and difficult aspects of parenthood. For your steady presence, your strength and your sweetness.  You are my partner and my most important person.  It's truly a gift to have you to lead our family.  We love you SO much! xL
After nap we headed to my sister in law's for another family cookout.  I wanted to share a pic of this gift that EB made for my father in law.  He is very into bow ties and she hand painted this one for a truly custom look ;) 
 In other news... 
 I took EB to her first movie in the theatre last week.  We saw The Secret Life of Pets 2 and she did pretty good!  She made it nearly to the end but started asking to go play over and over, so we left.  Sidenote:  There are assigned seats at the movies now.  Say what???
I finally found my inspiration for MC's nursery.  Enter local artist Raven Roxanne, specifically her children's book "A Raven's Nest".  I hope to share photos soon but it's (eek!) still not finished.
EB has enjoyed helping me nest around the house but I know she's happy to be out at Summer Camp this week. 
Baby Watch continues...

Monday, June 10, 2019

Life Lately

Story of my life:  Just trying to keep up with everything...including on the ole blog
These are some snaps from the past couple of weeks around here.
We had Supper Club last weekend and these three cuties were adorable saying blessing before dinner.  Lots of care was put into each of their dinner plates and I think a total of three bites was consumed between the group of the them.
We took EB to Splash Zone last Sunday.  She had a real appreciation for the lazy river, like her momma.
Here is a view of the new loveseat sleeper in K's office.  Ready or not, sleep is about to become a scarce commodity around here and I think having this option will help K since he basically goes straight back to work.
 Farmer's Market Wednesdays.  We are ALL about the peaches over here.
Splash Pad Mood.  Get outta my way:
Over the weekend we went downtown and I literally had to get out the car so K could find a parking spot around some of the cobblestone streets.  There is a reason they call it Labor Lane and I am not looking to rush it right now.
We let EB splash in the pineapple fountain for a minute but we MUCH preferred the larger fountain down at Waterfront Park.  There are so many dark spots and scary sharp edges on the pineapple, I am SHOCKED that any parents let their children run free there.  
That brings us up to speed.  Throw in a few Chic Fil A lunches and there you have it.

 Hope y'all have a great week!
We're on Baby Watch from here on out so I'll post when I can...

Friday, June 7, 2019

Friday Highfive

Happy Friday!!
Here is a highfive for making it through the week:
I picked these shoes up at Tomlinson's last weekend.  They were 5 bucks! I think they are actually orthopedic gardening shoes, but I've been loving them at the pool and running errands around town. 
April (Smidge of This) posted this and it is too true.  My plan is to try and entertain EB in the backyard with the pool and sprinkler for as many afternoons as possible this Summer.  Here's to hoping she gets more than 15 minutes out of it.
K and I booked a Cruise to Cuba earlier this year.  It wasn't until late next year, but we were still so excited.  We were very bummed to receive the update on the Cuban travel ban, and the email from the cruise line regarding an itinerary change.  Luckily, they are offering full refunds, but it still stinks.  Now we are trying to figure out what to do for our first vacation away from TWO KIDS late 2020.

We got caught in the sprinklers while visiting a local garden this week, and it was one of the best spontaneous happenings ever!  I am so grateful for these little moments.
I found out that I am 3cm dilated, 70% effaced at my doctor's appointment this week.  Here we go!  I have another check up this Thursday so we will see.  Sidenote: bringing a toddler to a doctor's office is quite the experience.  
Have a great weekend!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Second Baby Buys

Today I thought I would share a few of the things we've gotten for Baby Sis.
Double Stroller
We chose the City Select Double Stroller with the adapters for our Britax B Safe carseat.  With this baby being born in June, I imagine we won't be going on a lot of family walks in the heat, but I think once the weather breaks this Fall we'll begin to get a lot of use.  It also has a second rumble seat, for  when the new baby moves from the infant carrier.  I want to say that was around 5 months with EB.  
Going Home Outfit
I think EB ended up  going home in a t-shirt the hospital gave us, she was way too small for the outfits we had.  But I still wanted to make the special point of buying a specific outfit for MC.  This sweet little onesie kimono is muslin cotton and I can't wait to see her in it.
Rock N Play
We didn't actually buy this, it's on loan from my sister-in- law.  Last go around we used the detachable bouncer that came with the pack n play for lounging around the house those first couple of months, which we still have.  But it's battery operated and we went through them pretty quickly, so when I found out that the rock n play plugs in, I decided it was a no brainer to borrow.  
Husband Pillow!
I think I may be most excited about this.  My mom gave it to me for Mother's Day and I think it is going to be so helpful during newborn nights.  I remember getting SO frustrated with not having good back support during night time feedings in bed.  This bad boy will solve the problem, for sure.
Breast Pump and Formula/Diaper stash
I polled my friends and family and ultimately decided to upgrade to the Spectra breast pump through insurance, for a small additional fee.  With EB I used the Ameda Purely Yours and I'm so curious what impact the pump had on my supply (or lack of in my case.  I was able to provide the ounces she needed, but never had a stash).  So anyway, I've heard good things and fingers crossed I'm just overflowing this time around ;)
 I've also purchased (with coupons) a few packages of supplemental formula to have on hand.  And diapers!  It's nice to not have to buy those for a bit in the beginning. I know it's a bad pic, but I also picked up some gripe water, which we briefly used with EB.  I'm not sure if it was in our heads or not, but we felt like it could help give us a little peace during the witching hour.  
There you have it, our second baby purchases!
Would love to hear your must haves...
Have a great week!