Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Report

The gorgeous cooler weather arrived Saturday morning!  We're sleeping with the windows open and finding any excuse to be outside.
Saturday night we ate at Fulton Five. This restaurant is very small, cozy and warm.We started each with a martini, and the bruscetta. I ordered the pasta special (with a glass of white wine) and K the lamb(red).  We rounded out the meal with french press coffee and baileys.
The windows were all open in the restaurant and it felt perfect.

Sunday was another perfect day.
We took a drive with the windows down over to the Old Village and had a picnic at Pitt Street Bridge.
I bought a new picnic basket (I'm building quite a collection) from Goodwill last week (along with a vintage Gucci crossbody bag!!) and it's the perfect size for two.  We grabbed Publix subs and some sodas and set up a blanket.
Sometimes I feel possessive of Charleston (which is crazy, I know).   It seems the number of transplants and non-natives are growing by the dozen these days!  You wouldn't believe the growth I've seen just in my lifetime  My family has lived in Charleston for more than 5 generations and it's the only place we could ever call home.   That being said, it's weekends like this past one that make me realize why people flock here to relocate.  Charleston is perfect and I'm blessed to belong here.

Thanks for coming Fall, we've missed you!

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