Monday, September 30, 2013

A Sunday Stroll

When I was younger I dreamt of moving to a big city.  I used to visit New York frequently and I envisioned myself living there once I graduated college.  Once I did actually graduate, however, things changed.
My restless spirit, that had originally drawn me to NYC, began to temper. 
My goals changed and I focused more on settling down than exploring.
This change became even more concrete upon the purchase of my condo in 2009.
I felt exhilarated by my independence- the very feeling I wanted to chase to NYC!

While I am confident in the choice I made, one thing that remains is my desire for a walkable neighborhood.
James Island does not offer much in this way.
The weather this weekend was gorgeous and we enjoyed it by taking a stroll yesterday afternoon. 
We live very close to Bilo and so we cut through the parking lot and walked over to Heart Kitchen for a glass of wine on their patio.  When leaving, we walked a different direction and came across this:
I'm thrilled with the concept of a shopping center coming up so close!
Not only for our convenient enjoyment, but also for the impact in may have on my property rental value.
This was a wonderful discovery, and has made me all the more assured that I made the right decision!
So, How was your weekend?

Friday, September 27, 2013


I bought this shirt on my trip to Atlanta last month. 
It's a tank and I absolutely love the print and the side zippers. 
On occasion I will buy a Stouffer's lasagna to keep on hand for a mindless meal.  It is satisfying and surprisingly tasty for a freezer meal.  When I saw this Fiesta Bake at Walmart I decided to buy it instead of lasagna, it sounded great!  I probably won't buy it again, though.  It was a bit bland :(

Last night we headed downtown to Marion Square for the New Belgium Tasting Event. 
Despite the dreary weather all day, the evening ended up being very nice!
There were so many more beers than last year!  I was extremely overwhelmed in choosing which to try, so K and I basically opted for all of the options that you can't buy in stores. 
Not my best decision, I must confess.  Those beers were strange y'all!
It was only once we settled at our table and I was flipping through the descriptions that I saw this:
Hello bottom right option!
I am looking forward to a low key weekend, next week is going to be nuts!
October here we come!
Have a good one :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oh Snaps!

Here are some random snapshots from the past couple weeks!
My aunt bought me this fun dish towel:

This is her baby boy, Roscoe:
There was a Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon at Neighborhood House which was such a great time:
 Blessings from the Bishop:
 Date night!  Wearing some floral shoes and a New Years dress from a couple years back...

Working on my Selfie:
 Checking out some rare wines:
Chelsea's engagement party!
I wore a new dress, the brand is Giani Bini which I've had some luck with in the past.

 I think I could learn a few things from this book:
Annnnd a sweet treat during a day of shopping! 

What's been happening in your worlds?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Our Beach Vacation

For the second year in a row, K and I opted to rent a beach house on Folly for our vacation in lieu of taking a trip.  I don't get much time off from work and so it's more important to make the most of what I do have and completely relax.  Going after Labor Day has helped us save with the off season rates, and it's amazing how far away Folly feels when you don't leave the island for 8 days!
We plan great meals and plant ourselves on that front porch for cuddles with Alf: 

Pure relaxation: 

 This is one of my favorite white wines, I stocked up for the week :)
 We did venture "into town" on Wednesday for dinner...
 And we stopped by the Folly Farmer's Market:
 I soaked up the last bit of Summer:

I saw Para Gliders for the first time!
 And I'm sure you all spotted the Harvest Moon.  My camera isn't very high quality but I snapped this through the binoculars, believe it or not!
Oh, it was just perfect:

I hope you all had a wonderful week. 
Now, I will be catching up and getting back in the groove.
Here we go!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th

This week brought with it a wave of bad luck.  It's no surprise, then, that today is Friday the 13th!  I truly believe that all of it is God's way of telling me that I really really need and deserve a vacation. 
I'm popping in to say, See y'all in 10 days, we are OUT!
Last night we celebrated my girl Cyd's birthday at one my favorite JI spots, Mondo's Delite:

I picked up this hand stitched dish towel at the Harvest Festival at Wolf Laurel.

Um, someone broke into my brain and stole this cooking class idea! 
Who wants to go???
And last, I visited Westbrook Brewery last week scouting locations for an upcoming work event and they gave me a free 6 pack. (Thanks Morgan!)  This was tasty!
Cheers to the weekend y'all!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Dock Street Park

A couple weeks ago we had a happy yappy hour at the park around the corner from our house, here are a few snaps:

While we are so lucky to live in a beautiful place I want to share Christina's post today.  This is such an important message of strength and precaution that I think is so necessary, as a woman, to hear.
I am absolutely amazed by her bravery in sharing this, and allowing all of us Charleston girls to learn from it. 
That's a little Monday inspiration for ya...

Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekend at Wolf Laurel

We had such a nice Labor Day weekend at Wolf Laurel with K's family. 
We arrived late on Friday (hello traffic!) but started bright and early with coffee on the back porch Saturday morning.  Shortly after, K and I walked down to the Clubhouse (Wolf Laurel is a private golf course community) and discovered the cutest "Harvest Fest".  I love craft fairs!
Later K and I opted out of the group trip to Asheville and took to downtown Weaverville. 
This town was definitely like stepping back in time.
We found a really cute pub (Jack of Hearts) and had a beer and some lunch:
We both had the Pisgah Pale which was really good!
Back at home, the BEST view from that porch y'all. 
The weather was perfect, low 60s and lovely!
Sunday we went on a group hike to Big Bald Mountain, which rises to an elevation of 5,516 feet.
It was so foggy up there!
Really though, the best view was from this back deck.  I just can't get over it!

The boys embraced their inner "mountain man" and started a fire in the pit Sunday night:
This is a view of the 10th hole at the golf course, you can't tell at all but it literally drops off a major cliff.  I wish K would have brought his clubs!

And this little peanut is Penny.  She loved the mountains!
We finished up our last night with heated game of spoons, pretty much my new favorite group game.
The whole weekend was such a great time and I loved spending it with K's family!
We absolutely can't wait to go back.