Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Art of Handwritten Notes

Last night I received the sweetest note from K's mother, just saying thanks for a great party Saturday! Now, this is a woman after my own heart as I am the self-appointed stationery/correspondence queen. The top drawer of my wicker desk is filled to the brim with blank note cards, thank you cards, invitations, etc. I love finding new stationery, it's an inexpensive pleasure. Sending a card for no reason is a very easy way to make people feel special, which in turn makes you feel good. Karma, ya hear?
So I say to you now, Head out, pick up a $.99 'just thinking of you card', and send it to someone important to you. I promise you will feel good after doing this!
Here are two cards that caught my eye:

I would buy these notes with the lures for K. Do men send notes for no reason?
Something tells me they don't!
Anyway, I'm off to a four day weekend... I hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth of July!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday, Wsup!

I don't have any focus this morning, and this will be reflected in my post.
A few things:

I've painted my nails with Revlon Top Speed in "Cloud". I'm loving this color right now! I'm a big fan of quick dry polish, I'm a girl on the move! I've found Revlon's Top Speed to be the winner of drugstore brands, especially in comparison to Sally Hansen Insta-Dry. Sally's chips and peels much easier, creating the need for a daily manicure. No sir!


My friend George's band "Pinna" is playing at the Music Farm on Friday night! I went to primary school with George and not only is he a wonderful musician, he's one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. It's been a dream of his to play at the Music Farm and dreams do come true people! The show is only $7 and it really is a guaranteed good time. Maybe I'll see you there?

Another thing,

As of last night I've been officially invited to join the Palmetto Investors of Charleston! This is exciting news as I've been attending meetings for the last four months as a visitor. I initially became interested in the stock market as a way to relate to K but now it just feels neat that I have a piece of this pie!

And one last thought,

This ring is from Ross-Simons and I've been in love with it for quite some time. I'm a huge fan of mixing metals (I've always wanted a white gold engagement ring, yellow gold wedding band), and this is the absolute cutest way to do it! I've had this ring on my wishlist for a while, I've just been waiting for a good enough excuse to make the splurge. Perhaps a promotion at work...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rewind: LCE Summer picnic

A couple weeks ago I talked about my company picnic on IOP.

I didn't tell you about the contest I was organizing for the kids! I organized a Sand Castle Contest with some awesome prizes. I was hesitant to mention it before the party, as I was unsure if I would even have participants, but 7 groups competed! Success!

Here, the winners:
1st Place: $100 Regal Cinema Gift Card- I love how they actually brought army men to protect the castle!

2nd place: $75.00 Regal Cinema Gift Card- Ok, so this is a life-size computer, complete with the LCE logo! Wow! This was the second place winner, as it was created by adults, no kids.
Check out the mouse!

3rd place: $50 Regal Cinema Gift Card- Check out the alligator (crocodile?)!

Awesome turnout! I love summer, don't you?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Yankee Doodle Dandy

A few outdoor decoration photos from the cookout Saturday:

Yankee Doodle himself:

The only inside pic I snapped, but there were flags everywhere!
Couldn't have asked for a better turn out.

Thank you to all of my wonderful friends, coworkers, and family for making it a special day!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Great or Granny?

I feel like this is a constant question I pose to myself, especially when shopping in secondhand stores. I tend to be attracted to "old school" fashion finds. And by "old school" I've been told I sometimes mean "old lady".

Anyway, here is my first edition of "Great or Granny?"

Getting my groove on at the gym yesterday, I saw this chic older woman wearing an eyeglass chain. As an FYI, I'm extremely shortsighted and wear glasses when my eyes need a break from contacts, or when I have an important meeting at work, or when I want to look like I have an important meeting at work.

Well, I've been inspired and next on my shopping list: Eyewear chains.

This isn't me, but isn't she cute?!

So what's the consensus? Great or Granny?
Ok, I'm off to start cooking and decoration for Yankee Doodle Cookout 2011.
Have a great weekend!

Arts and Crafts

New Project:
+ +
artificial daisy flowers + glue gun+ earring posts=

What do y'all think?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Showing up is half the battle

This sign marks the door at Gold's Gym on James Island (my gym). I like the concept, but right now my whole battle is trying to mix it up. I'm in the fitness rut!
My schedule:
Monday: Les Mills Body Combat
Tuesday: Treadmill Interval Training
Wednesday: Les Mills Body Pump
Thursday: Eliptical Cardio
Friday/Saturday: Fun is my Fitness
Sunday: Free-wieghts and Treadmill OR Eliptical

I feel good about my weekly routine, It's just that I want some different strategies for my treadmill and eliptical work.
My Current Intervals:


I don't run on the treadmill, it really kills my knees.
Does anyone have any relatively low speed interval plans?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All About Alfie

Good Morning! I want to introduce you guys to my chunkamonk, my Alfie.

This sweet boy came to be with me early last year from the Charleston SPCA.

When we met it was a true love connection and it's only been uphill from there, with exception to what we now call "the hambone incident".

Anyway, Alfie deserves his own blog because he is a special creature, filled with more happiness and love than any other animal I've met. I did meet a white parakeet once that was oddly affectionate but still Alfie=it.

I love all animals, except snakes that aren't in cages. But I love my Alfie boy the most.

Tell me about your pet!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lakeview at Fontana

Today marks the first day of summer... but Fall is on my mind right now.

This October I've booked (and already paid for!) a mountain retreat for me and my man.

I saw this place in my Southern Living last Fall, and was so thrilled by the reasonable prices, the quaint appearance, and the pet friendly suites! So, while the temp rises here in Charleston, I'm thinking about crisp mountain air and driving the Blueridge Parkway in Autumn. I also can't wait to find one of those old timey, saloon style photo sets for me and K to goof off in.

While I can't give you a first hand reccomendation yet, I can say I am so excited to visit this little mountain resort!

Do y'all have any vacations planned for later in the year?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Friday at the Park

Friday K and I (and Alfie!) went and met up with my parents at James Island County Park around 6:00 pm. We set up a delicious picnic at one of the sites along the water. I brought a bottle of "Skinny Girl Margarita" for mom and I to try. I liked it but it's definitely a splurge at $16.00 a pop. (I heard that there will soon be more varieties, these should be fun to try!)

After dinner,K and Dad pulled out the fishing rods and cast a few before the old fishing line snapped on BOTH of thier poles! It was one after the other, the lures popped off and flew into the blue! Whomp Whomp...
I was so proud of my sweet Alfie as he, even off his leash, stayed near and was so well behaved!

We headed over to Gene's for a little shuffleboard game, we were so thrilled that the table was open at 9 pm on a Friday night! After we said goodnight to Mom and Dad, K and I crossed over to VooDoo for one last drink, the Melon Colada, served by beautiful Brittany. Ask for her next time you go!

There was a fun umbrella in the drink and it quickly became my hair decoration.
Finally headed home to catch the new Dual Survival (Hippo Island!). If you haven't seen this show then you need to tune in Fridays at 9pm. Discovery Channel. Boom.

See y'all tomorrow!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday is my Friday

Check out my new handbag!
Swiped this puppy from TJ's for $39.99... (retails online for $70.00)
Anyone have any TJ Maxx success stories for me?
I feel like my life is a TJ Maxx success story.
When I was in highschool I used to have this dream of opening up a small boutique that is basically a mini-TJ Maxx. I thought it would give buyers the intimate feel of a high-end store, but with the steals that warm bargain hunters hearts.

Also, heard on the radio this morning that Jerry Seinfeld is coming to town this August!

I love his Halloween monologue! Check it out!

I'm off tomorrow (flexible work schedule heyya!) so I won't see you guys until Monday. Take care and wear sunscreen :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hump Day + LCE Summer Picnic

LCE Summer Picnic
You know how some weeks the only thing keeping you going is sight of the weekend? While I can't say that's the ONLY think keeping me going, it is nice to think about fun plans! This weekend is my company picnic, which is always a good time. While I won't be able to bring my little Alfie boy this year, we are having a keg of Fat Tire so all is well in Laura Land. We'll be down at the Citadel beachhouse on IOP. I'm so lucky to work at a company that really appreciates fun!

What kind of parties does your company throw??

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Hour?

Before K, I was a Miller Lite girl. Now, I'm all about the microbrews. While my waistline is complaining, my tastebuds have congratulated my change of heart. So, here I am reccomending some brew for you:

New Belgium's Summer Seasonal "Somersault". This beer is awesome. Light, but not watery. It's bright and airy. K and I spent Saturday on Folly with a 6 pack of Somersault and a couple Publix subs. I would definitely suggest you follow my lead, but don't forget to bring pastic cups and a bottle opener!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Numero Uno

Where to begin? I think I'll jump right in!

I'm having this big "Yankee Doodle Cookout" next weekend and I'm in full on planning mode! My boyfriends parents as well as my parents will be attending. I should mention this will be their first time meeting (!!!). K will be the grillmaster for the day, and I'll be playing hostess to the many guests (work, friends, family) in attendance. Brainstorming ensues:

I'm going to make the backyard look like an American Flag exploded!
Come to think of it... Does anyone have a pony I can borrow?

I'm planning to keep the menu simple:

chips&dips, fruit salad, chex mix to start.
hamburgers, hotdogs, macncheese, baked beans, 7 layer salad, corn on the cob for din.
pinapple cake, brownies for dessert.

I'm salivating just thinking about it!

What a cute and creative way ( not to mention cheap!) to serve fruit salad.
Waffle cones are on my list.

Do y'all have any backyard barbeque party ideas?