Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Inspired by Twine & Twig

I have long lusted over the tribal necklaces over at Twine & Twig, but they are out of my price range...especially for costume jewelry.  
So, here is my inspiration, which retails for around $200:
After spending way too long googling descriptive terms to try and locate a reasonably priced lookalike, I decided to try my hand at making one myself.  
My goal was to spend less than $20.  This is what I made:
I'm happy with it!  I think that I am going to try and secure it better onto the suede strap because of the weight, but it's more or less finished.  It cost me just $15 dollars to make. The most difficult step was drilling the hole in the seashell.  Otherwise it was simply stringing beads!
All of the materials were purchased at Michael's.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Highfive

It's going to be a hot weekend in Charleston...
Here's a highfive for making it to Friday!
Last week I tried Walmart's free Grocery pickup option, and today I tried Harris Teeter's.  There were pros and cons to each.  Walmart's online system was more user friendly, and the pickup was faster.  Harris Teeter has better sales and more of the items that we frequently buy, but I had to go inside to order a sub and it took longer.  Overall, I was MUCH better able to stay on budget with both experiences...I'm talking almost $50 savings, what do I buy?!  I am leaning towards sticking with Harris Teeter, they included free roses today!
Fun manicure of the week.  I filed these into an almond shape, the stiletto trend does not work with a baby.
I ordered the bridesmaids dress that I mentioned here from Lord and Taylor last week.  Of course I had to pick up a little something for my girl, and this sweet Kate Spade dress was on super sale.  I purchased it in 24 month size and I'm hoping she'll be able to wear it next Easter.
 And this is a silly purchase, but I only needed to spend a few more dollars to qualify for free shipping so I snagged this sticker.  It says it will bond permanently to any surface so I am going to find a faux leather tote for EB's overnight things and stick it on.  
My in-laws handed us down new patio cushions and I'm loving them!
I adore the kelly green color.
Our girl is 9 months old (as of a couple of weeks ago) and she is the most precious thing I've ever known.  She is 19 lbs, wearing  9 month and 12 month clothes.  She is saying "Da-da"  "Ba-Ba" when addressing Alfie and the occasional "Ma-Ma".  She is so curious and crawling everywhere, into everything!!
I swear some days I feel like all I say is No-No-No.
She eats three meals a day...breakfast is oatmeal, yogurt, grits.  
Lunch is usually a pouch on the go and a graham cracker.
Dinner is a meat (ground turkey, canned salmon) and veg (either pureed or mashed) and then a fruit for "dessert"...right now she is really into mandarin oranges.  She also takes 4 bottles a day, each 6 ounces.  I am looking to cut this back to 5 oz next week.  We start bedtime at 6:00 pm with bath (constantly trying to stand up in the tub and pull out the stopper...No No) then a massage and pjs while I sing to her, and then her last bottle and then down.  She sleeps from 6:30 pm to 7:30 am.  
Her personality is adorable and fun and so so sweet. 
She is beautiful inside and out.
EBN, what did we do before you???
Have a great weekend!

Monday, July 17, 2017


What's been going on with y'all lately... 
Here are a few photos from around here!
I had a package of brats in the freezer and decided to make kabobs instead of serving them on a bun.  Yum!
This was dinner last Friday night.
 After church last Sunday we tried the knew Sol location downtown, it did not disappoint.
 I am trying to create my own version of the Twine and Twig necklaces, buying one is not in my "costume jewelry" budget.  I really want to find a thicker leather strap, and I think the wooden beads are too large so I've already exchanged them out, but if it turns out well I will share a full tutorial here.
 I scooped these up from Costco last week and they were a perfect weeknight meal.  I served along with steamed edamame.

Pool days! Love my sweetheart's face in this one:
And bringing you up to speed, this is from this past Saturday when my mom and aunt watched EB for bath/bedtime and we were able to sneak out for a cocktail or two.
Ok so what did y'all think of GOT last night?  I didn't like Ed Sheeran's cameo...I mean, he's great, but it sort of brought me out of the fantasy world...I much prefer unknown actors in roles like that.  Anyway!  Still good Sunday entertainment.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fourth of July Weekend

Hey hey, I hope everyone had a fantastic LOOOONG weekend.
Seriously, Friday feels like a month ago!
Let me think back...
Saturday we did yard work, cleaned house, and prepped food for a backyard bbq we were hosting on Sunday...all with my baby perched on my hip...oy.

 K grilled delicious buffayaki wings for dinner Saturday night.  
Sunday we had our cookout/pool party with friends.  Lots of fun.. It was definitely a lesson learned that for EB's First Birthday party (waaaaaah!) we will be keeping things super simple so we aren't busy in the kitchen/on the grill during her party.  This time around we had slow smoked ribs, grilled corn, potato salad, and watermelon.

Monday was EB's 9 month well check.
I noticed a land surveyor in the mural at our Pediatrician office.
"There's 'da da' at work!!"
After our appointment we hit the pool.
Notice anything different in the pic??
K's beard is gone!
Yesterday (the actual 4th) we went to the new Bagel Nation in West Ashley for breakfast in our patriotic rompers:
And then we had my parent's over for an early dinner.
I made mashed cauliflower au gratin as my side (to go with crock pot pulled pork and baked beans) and it was pretty good. Definitely have some tweaking to do to make it a "post worthy" recipe.
EB's First Fourth of July!!!
I truly can't believe it's July...school supplies were going out at Walmart this morning.  Wow.
Hope y'all have a great week!