Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weekend Update

Now that things are back to normal (read: cold) at home, I'll share snaps from our mini staycation this past weekend!
First of all, Saturday was GORGEOUS!
We headed down to the Folly in the AM after a trip to Gold's and the grocery store.  We picked up subs to enjoy on the beach, etc.
Immediately upon arriving, we popped open Miller Lites, threw on our bathing suits, and parked it on the porch: 
 After a few hours on the porch/beach, we had our supper club group over for dinner.  We initially cancelled this month due to our AC issues, but were able to have them join us at the beach last minute.  We had pork loin, parmesan orzo, caesar salad, and garlic bread.
Supper club studs:
We took a night walk on the beach, drank good wine, and enjoyed the sounds of the ocean.
Sunday I was up early and made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, which we enjoyed...
on the porch!

I sat out there and read (I finally finished The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy!) until it was time to head back to the real world.
So there you have it, our 24 hour getaway!
How was your weekend?

Friday, July 24, 2015


Oh, don't mind us, we're just sweating our behinds off as we deal with a DOA air conditioning unit over here.

Considering the fact that the unit, made in 1993, has gotten me through 6 summers in my current condo, I'm not surprised that it's day has finally come.

Thankfully, we have been surviving the brutal heatwave with a portable unit that we purchased a while back for additional cooling.  We have quarantined our bedroom and have been living out of 300 sq feet. 

Back and forth with several companies, we've been quoted many prices and have finally decided on who we'll move forward with.

Sooooo...Not much attention to the ole blog this week...Hoping for a smooth installation over the weekend.

Oh and I also want to say a HUGE THANK YOU my friend Cyd who has graciously offered a night at her family's beach house this weekend so we can experience a night of cool comfort.


Last weekend we hit up Crust for a pizza Friday night.  Yum!   I wore the necklace I found in a thrift store in Bryson City years ago.  I was inspired by our recent trip.
 Blah! I can't find the old picture I took of K just like this,
but it's somewhere on my blog.  
Sunday night we stopped into Charleston Tobacco and Wine so he could get a couple stoags.
(Found it!)
 Then we popped over to Amen Street for their calamari,
 aka best thing you'll ever eat.
Annnnd that's about it.
Because then all hell broke loose and the raging heat took over our house.
Hope y'all have a cool weekend!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Highfive

Happy Friday out there!
I was really wanting to do a life catch up post today, but there really hasn't been a lot going on around these parts.  
Between my Philly trip and last weekend's Asheville adventure, we've just been staying busy.
Here's a highfive for getting through the week!  
Who needs Google maps when you have a land surveyor husband?
We made excellent time not following the nav system.
Do yourself a favor and search "Russian Selfie Laws".
This is not a joke.
Ever since trying a corn and bacon pizza in Philly, I'm obsessed.
This is a photo of a similar version at Crust Woodfire Pizza, which is hopefully our dinner destination tonight.
I am working on a Bachelorette Party for my girlfriend and we are trying to find a space, preferably downtown, available for one night only this September.  There are 10 of us.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
via pinterest
And last, my favorite part of True Detective Season 2, so far, is the musician/song in the final scenes.
What are y'all thinking about it?

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Asheville Weekend Recap

Hey hey,  I'm sharing pics from our weekend trip to Asheville today!
We got in town, with Alfie on board, a little before 5 pm on Friday.
We had plans on the 6 pm Pubcycle so we had to hustle back out the door to head downtown.
Note: We stayed with my Aunt Kelly and Uncle Ralph's in Clyde (about 20 miles outside of Asheville) for the weekend.
Once downtown, we hopped on the Amazing Pubcycle for the 45 minute tour option that doesn't drop you off anywhere, it's just a scenic ride around town.  Comparing this with the time I went on my Bachelorette party, I would recommend the longer tour because it's just more of an experience.
Regardless, it was a good time.  Here's our fun group after the fact:

We walked around Asheville, taking in the many street performers and whatnot.
My mom and dad had been excited to return to the infamous Friday Night Drum Circle in Pritchard Park.  I was expecting a somewhat Rastafarian experience but it was nothing like that...
People watching GOLD, I tell you.
The coolest thing we saw, this guy.  He did not move from this position.
How is this even physically possible??  Our best guess was that he had some sort of leg braces on that allowed him to stay upright.  
For dinner we ended up at Ghan Shan Station.
My favorite thing we tried were the dumplings. AMAZING.
Least favorite thing we tried, blood sausage (charcuterie). No No No.
We called it a night early, because Saturday was THE day...
 the day we took the Nantahala River by storm!
It's been years since K or I had rafted and I had forgotten how much fun it is.
I felt like my cheeks were hurting from smiling and/or laughing the whole time.
Afterwards we got cleaned up and headed into Bryson City for a much needed beer.
We ended up at Nantahala Brewing, the same place K and I visited nearly 4 years ago on our first trip together.   Let me tell you, nothing in Bryson City has changed a bit and it was really fun to think about our trip and how much we've changed since then. 
After a couple beers, we headed back home and took a walk around the neighborhood.
Alfie and I spotted this photo-op...
 We made sure to stop on our way out of town Sunday to capture this moment:
We were home by mid Sunday afternoon and were able to relax and later watch the new Naked and Afraid XL.  After our mountain adventure, K and I are thinking of applying...
How was your weekend?

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Asheville Bound!

We are getting excited for a little weekend away in Asheville!

We'll be whitewater rafting the Nantahala, visiting a brewery or two, and enjoying family fun...even Alfie is along for the ride.
Previous Asheville trips found here (best.trip.ever), here, and (throwback!) here.

Asheville 2015

I'll be back next week to share our trip and other things going on around here lately.