Monday, October 17, 2011

We're Baaaaaack

Did you miss me?  Because I missed you!
Well, I really missed:

We decided not to bring chunk because 1. The drive would be stressful for him. 2.It would cost more money and 3. He would have to stay in a crate during the day and Alf knows no crate. 
We arrived in the mountains just in time for peak leaves-changing season!

The trip was...
Some of this
And then this:
funky pic of a pic

More mtn pics to come (once I upload)... 
My to-do list is long this week, but full of fun things.
Thursday my Abigail is coming! ! ! ! ! 

Now I'm off to return some books at the library.
But first, I'm grabbing this.
How was everyone's weekend?  Or week last week?  I feel like I've been gone foooorevvvverrrrrr.

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