Thursday, July 31, 2014

Technology Talk

There are many aspects of K and I's relationship that I consider unique.
But there is one thing that I'm certain you would consider unique as well...
And that is that neither of us have smart phones.  (Status Update: Soulmates)
I'm sure that many of you saw this video floating around Facebook.
I can't help but smirk at the irony of so many 'friends' sharing a video online that is all about not sharing online. I believe this video was created to go viral, so to me it loses all merit.
K and I are the only people I know (except for my parents) that don't use Smart phones.
We are the only couple I know that kisses goodbye in the morning and, with exception to the occasional 'be home a little late' message, doesn't communicate until we get home from work.
We don't g-chat, DM, tweet, Snapchat, or Instagram.
We e-mail eachother occasionally, but never conversationally.
And I really like it this way.
I picture so many couples texting all day long, only to be at home together and sit playing on their phones.
In general though, I can't figure out if this makes people more connected, or detached.
There are two schools of thought that I can understand,
One is reflected in this quote from Einstein:

The other is displayed in the advertisement by Apple for their iPhone, which obviously skews the message because of course Apple thinks Apple is amazing:

I am in awe of the capabilities displayed in this commercial.
Of course I love using technology, I'm a blogger after all!
And it's not that I don't see that it can be fun, I absolutely love playing with Tinder on my girl Abby's iphone.

But you will never catch me head down, face in a phone.

What are your thoughts on the subject?
I assume most everyone uses a smartphone nowadays.  If you do, do you struggle to put it away, or do you successfully limit your usage?
Let's talk technology!
p.s. This post was inspired by Christina's.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bachelorette Weekend Survival Guide

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Call me crazy, but early this morning there was the smell of Fall in the air!
I hate to jump too far ahead, but it has me thinking about my upcoming trip to Asheville for Labor Day weekend.
Last year we had such a fantastic time at Wolf Laurel, but this year is going to be totally different.
It's my Bachelorette Party!
Today I want to share a different perspective on the Bachelorette Party.
Nowadays they involve more than just a night out on the town, it's a full on weekend affair!
I love the excuse to get away with the girls, but I'll admit that it can be a lot.
There is a lot of chit chat, a lot of money involved, and I'm generally left feeling totally spent.
I always have a great time, and so here are my 5 'survival skills':

1. Drive yourself!  I know that this is not always possible, but if it is I would recommend it.  There is something so mentally settling about knowing that you are in control of when and where you go.

2. Exercise.  I enjoy 'me time' and exercise gives me that. It's a chance to be alone with my thoughts, and it puts me in a better mood the whole weekend.

3. Bring good snacks.  Maybe I look forward to food too much, but any day is just a handful of dark chocolate covered pretzels away from amazing, a hunk of cheddar away from fantastic, a dumpling to delightful. I LOVE yea.

4. Don't Forget: Coffee, Comfortable Shoes, Reading Material

5. This may go without saying, but look at it as a mini-vacation and not an obligation as a member of the wedding party.  You will instantly be more relaxed and ready to enjoy the weekend!

Monday, July 28, 2014


Holy moly, this weekend was HOT HOT HOT.
It's around this time each summer where I get sort of "over" the pool and the beach and enjoy being inside more than anything.
Friday night we had LeaMond Ladies Night, which my brother totally crashed ;)
With all of the rain Friday afternoon, it actually cooled off enough to sit out on the patio for a while.
 Me and my Nana
 Saturday night we had a special date night at The Obstinate Daughter over on Sullivan's.
It was awesome.
We started with the Old Danger pizza, which was the perfect size to share as an appetizer.  I ordered the House made Pappardelle and K had the Gnocchi.
Yum yum yum.  
The place was poppin'!  
My camera has been on the outs for a couple months, it takes pictures on it's own and it's hard to get a focus, so here is a snap of our night:
Yesterday, I kid you not, I watched 3 movies.
Fugitive with Harrison Ford, loved it.
The Internship, funnier than expected.
Stolen From the Womb, oh Lifetime...
We had a late dinner, it was too hot to grill until the sun went down.

What did you do this weekend?

Friday, July 25, 2014

Wedding Details: The Guestbook

I know I just shared the checklist, but I wanted to update y'all on one thing I've already crossed off since Tuesday!
When we visited Beaufort a couple months ago, there was one thing I immediately regretted not purchasing, and that was this book:
The more I thought about it, the more I realized that I had yet to see a book that would so perfectly fit the bill for our guestbook. 
From Amazon:
"In the sticky heat of a South Carolina Lowcountry summer, horizons are swallowed by humidity. The curves of creeks and heavy skies blend and fade in ethereal ascension. Distances distort and textures soften in air too thick to breathe.
Photography can conjure up the essense of a place, the shifting layers of light, the fleeting presence of its past, and transfer its grace.
Wade into the work of Gary Geboy and the words of Teresa Bruce through the pages of Transfer of Grace.
Save a place for the Lowcountry in your soul."

I looked online and was dismayed to find copies available on Amazon for over $100. 
I called the publisher (Joggling Board Press) only to find out that the book is on back order until 2016.
Not wanting to make the drive to Beaufort for this purpose alone, I asked if they knew of any Charleston retailers that may have it in stock.  She said my only hope was Royal Ace Hardware in Mount Pleasant.
They had one copy left, and to sum it all up, we got it (along with a signed print) for $30!  
Here are a couple of my favorite shots...

Each of the photos leave plenty of white room on the page for guests to sign!
And I can't think of a prettier coffee table book to cherish forever.
Done and Done!

TGIF, have a great weekend.
I am hoping to cross a couple things of my Summer Bucket List this weekend, 
stay tuned.
I am taking care of business y'all, toot toot!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Guilty Pleasure

Last night I poured the biggest glass of wine that I could possibly get away with calling "1 glass":
And I browned up some smoked chicken sausage (i like it charred) and tossed it in some good ole Kraft sharp cheddar mac:
And I took some funny pics of Alfie before retiring for the night to watch Dateline in bed:

It was wonderful,
And that is all.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

4 Month Countdown!

Hey, guess what?
4 Months from today I'm getting married to K!
Here is a checklist that I found over on Megan's blog.
I'm feeling like I'm in a good place and will have no trouble being ready with time to spare.
See also: My Bridal Beauty Countdown

  • Set a date
  • Book venue
  • Book photographer
  • Book DJ
  • Book Caricature Artist
  • Ask bridal party to be in wedding
  • Book caterer & bar
  • Create wedding website
  • Register
  • Book florist?
  • Shop for wedding dress
  • Book ceremony musician
  • Book rentals
  • Take engagement pictures
  • Select bridesmaid dresses
  • Select groom & groomsmen attire
  • Book Cake Baker
  • Find veil
  • Hire coordinator
  • Buy cake knife & server
  • Order save the dates
  • Send save the dates
  • Book officiant
  • Pre-marital counseling
  • Order guest book
  • Finalize guest list
  • Hotel room blocks
  • MOB dress shopping
  • Find wedding shoes
  • Find wedding jewelry
  • Find garter
  • Book makeup artist & hair stylist
  • Menu tasting
  • Take bridal portraits / hair & make up trial (Oct 23)
  • 1st dress fitting
  • Final dress fitting
  • Ceremony Readings, etc
  • Ceremony Programs
  • Figure out where I'm getting ready & where Kevin is getting ready
  • Order invitations
  • Address invitations
  • Mail invitations
  • Book rehearsal dinner venue
  • Book RD caterer
  • Book RD rentals
  • Finalize RD menu
  • RD music? 
  • Buy RD dress
  • Order sparklers for send off?
  • Order favors (ornaments)
  • Buy bridal party gifts
  • Bachelorette party- Labor Day Weekend!
  • Buy gifts for parents
  • Couples Shower
  • Bridal shower
  • Purchase wedding bands
  • Create Reception lay out
  • Create wedding day timeline
  • Put together picture list for photographer
  • Get marriage license
  • Arrange transportation for sendoff- ISC driven by Mills House valet?
  • Book honeymoon
  • RD invitations
  • RD dessert?
  • Final vendor payments
  • Music selections to band and ceremony organist
  • Book wedding night hotel room- Mills House?
  • Pack for Honeymoon
  • DIY projects: favors, napkins, flowers
  • Wedding announcement in Post & Courier
  • Walk down the aisle & say I do!
  • Order thank you notes
I will be posting this Checklist on the 22nd for the next 3 months :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Our Weekend

We had a blast celebrating the new Mr. and Mrs. Moore this weekend!
From the rehearsal dinner at the round Holiday Inn, to the wedding at Magnolia Plantation's Carriage House, it was beautiful!
Here are some moments I captured along the way...
Kristina and I tried our best to get a picture with the gorgeous views, but that glare just wouldn't stop:
 Me and ze bride:
 My man:
 Ashlyn, the bride's sister and maid of honor.  I love this girl!
 Wedding day!  Choo's dress and veil were stunning!  
 My escort, Ashlyn's husband-to-be Justin:
 Photobombs by Jeremy ©
 Bridesmaids gone wild!
 Needless to say, Sunday was rough.
But we pulled it together because there was a special birthday to celebrate,
K's poppa!
Here they are together at Carolina's Spring game this past April.
Happy Birthday Poppa!
How was your weekend??

Friday, July 18, 2014

My Best Friends Wedding

Signing off til Monday, my Choo is getting married!!!
Here's a glimpse back at our last 10+ years.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Simple Salisbury Steak

How have I gone this far in life thinking that it's "saulsbury steak" and not "salisbury"?

My mind is blown.

Anyway, last night I whipped up these simple steaks for dinner and they hit the spot.
I think we have been on chicken overload lately so this was a good change of pace.

What you need:
veg oil
1 lb ground beef
onion soup mix
1 egg
worcestershire sauce
garlic, misc seasonings
1 can cream of mushroom soup

What you do:
Combine ground beef with 1/2 packet onion soup mix, egg, and a dash or two or worcestershire.
Form four patties, oval shaped.
Coat your frying pan with vegetable oil.
Brown the patties on both sides, remove from pan and set aside on a napkin-lined plate to drain excess grease.

Drain oil from pan and add cream of mushroom soup, some milk, and whatever seasonings you'd like.
(I added garlic and herbs de provence to mine.)
Bring your 'gravy' to a boil, return the steaks to the pan, reduce heat and cover.
Simmer for 15 minutes or until steaks are fully cooked.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wayback Wednesday: Newlyweds

I think it was the summer between my Junior and Senior year of highschool that Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica premiered on MTV.  I loved watching the show and instantly took a liking to Jessica's style.  I loved her mix of laid back and glam pieces.  
While perusing Pinterest for updo options for a wedding this weekend, 
I stumbled upon some old photos of Jessica Simpson circa 2003 and fell into a Newlyweds black hole.  
While it may not be appropriate for my life these days, these photos made me recall how much I loved her look back then and how much it really impacted my personal style.  
Humor me as I take a walk down memory lane...
You might still catch me at the grocery store in something like this:
 Statement earrings, Juicy cover up, Guess heels.  
I loved this shawl.  I found a smaller version at Target years ago but lost it one night when I was painting the Folly boat for a friend's birthday.  I still love love love this.
She wore a lot of slinky striped dresses and Louis Vuitton.  Loved the pattern play.
A glam look, pearl choker with red dress!
I bought this issue of Elle magazine simply for the fashion spread. I remember buying a Ralph Lauren polo and turquoise bead necklace to emulate this look.
I had a similar bikini with red and pink hearts all over and it was my favorite:
 I became obsessed with cotton candy pink lip gloss, searching endlessly for one with enough pigment but also enough shine.  We didn't have a Sephora but I always wanted to try the Lorac lip polish she wore:
I absolutely loved looking back at these photos and thinking of days when my life revolved around hitting the beach and getting dolled up to run errands.  
Now that I am a soon-to-be Newlywed myself, I enjoy reminiscing and also looking forward to days to come!
Was there anyone or anything that you remember inspiring your personal style at a young age?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Recap

Monday, you stink!

Our weekend was good, and gone too soon...

Friday night we stopped in to this new BBQ spot on James Island called Big Belly.  You could tell that they were still figuring things out, having been open less than 2 weeks, but they have a good menu and reasonable prices!  They are literally right around the corner from Smoky Oak so it will be interesting to see how things go.
Saturday, Erin and Ethan got married!
The ceremony was at Saint Luke's downtown,
 with reception over at Cottage on the Creek.
 I thought my dress was particularly appropriate:
We sat in the balcony area for dinner, so I took some creepy stalker photos of the bride and groom:
The view:

 Me and my dad:
I was so grateful for a rainy Sunday.
I was able to do some cleaning and enjoyed the excuse to stay home all day.
Around 6:00 we had a little happy hour at home.
Have any of y'all had the Sargento tastings?
I love that they are the perfect size for two people, and they cost less than $3.00.
Yesterday we had the Medium Asiago along with Kim Crawford Pinot Noir. 

I would recommend chilling this wine for an hour or so before drinking.
So refreshing!

And that's a wrap for our weekend, how was yours?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

4th of July Weekend

This past weekend was not for the faint of
A huge group of us traveled down to Tybee Island last Thursday to celebrate the future Mrs. Moore.
For those who haven't been, Tybee Island reminded me of a cross between IOP and Myrtle.
It was literally a non stop party, from Thursday afternoon cocktails to Sunday morning mimosas...
And it kicked my butt.
So let me start my recap:
I found one of those American flags for my car on the ride up.
Thursday we arrived around 4 pm and after unpacking we cracked open and beer a played Cards for Humanity with the group.  I had really high hopes for this game, I love Apples to Apples so much, but it wasn't nearly as funny as I expected.

After getting freshened up, we hit the strip on Tybee to have dinner and watch the fireworks.

We went to a place called Fannie's right on the front beach, where we met the Tybee Island Pirate.
I'm sad this photo is so blurry!  The pirate informed me that he is available for parties and turtle crawls?
Kudos to Ashlyn, little one below, for organizing the weekend!
Love you ashkakaboomboom. 
Friday, Happy 4th of July!
We got decked out and ready to hit the beach.
 After a long day at the beach, I volunteered to "woman" the grill.  I've always been intimidated by charcoal grills, that's all K will use, but I surprised myself. Sitting out by the grill was probably my favorite part of the trip, it reminded me of a typical night at home with my babes.
 Of course we had to sparkler it up before taking the town.
 I'd like to introduce you to my alter ego for the night, she is just too cool:
 Is it just me, or is the crazy bleach side mullet working for me?
I realized that I was actually wearing the wig backwards and sideways, which kind of sums up my whole weekend now that I think about it.
We were the "crazy people"!
Saturday was another beach day.
I came back to the house early so I could get in a run before our 3rd night out.
We all wore black while Chels was in white.
Here we are at dinner.  
We went to Jazz'd in Savannah (can't recommend enough).
 After dinner we went all over downtown Savannah. 14 girls in the elevator of the Bohemian!

Late night bad decision:
Sunday morning we had a lingerie shower brunch and then I booked it back to Charleston and to my bed.
It was so much fun celebrating Chelsea, and I can't believe the wedding is just a week away!
Tell me, what's your favorite part of Bachelorette Parties?