Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oh, Hello Daniel Island

Last night I was invited by my friend Kristina to attend a networking event for "The Wedding Isle" .

As you can probably imagine, it's basically a group of Charleston bridal vendors (flowers, photogs, bloggers, hairstylists, event planners, day-of-coordinators, etc.)
It was a nice event, held at the new Sermets which I'd yet to visit.  I absolutely love the funky vibe of Sermets and all of the artwork that he's created and filled his restaurants with.  Unfortunately the menu has never really hit a home run with me, but it's still a fun place to keep on my list. 
At the event we took a tour of Daniel Island, to visit some of the wedding venues around town.  This tour made me realize all the more how much Daniel Island has changed.  I'm talking drastic people!
K used to hunt on Daniel Island.  This boy points out trees to me when we go over there.  "Oh, the memories by that tree!"
When I was at Nativity, it was natural that once I graduated 8th grade I would go to Bishop England.  And then Bishop England decided to up and move from Calhoun Street(where the new CofC library is) to D.I.
At this point in time Daniel Island was like Awendaw in my frame of mind and I was happily able to go to public school for highschool, to avoid a 45 minute bus ride twice daily.  Go Trojans!!

The homes on the water on Daniel Island are magical... Otherwise I feel it seems clustered.  

The "downtown area" is cute, but it's always so empty feeling...
Anybody alive out there??

Regardless it's such a beautiful place...

Ok Charleston people:
Where in Charleston would you live in your dream world?
My answer: 

At the end of Sol Legare Road, down by the landing, with lots of marsh land all around me.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out girl! Networking parties are always so much fun...oh the people you meet! It's a fabulous melting pot.


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