Monday, August 28, 2017

Weekend Update

Here are a  few highlights from the past week or so...
K took the afternoon off last Monday to be home for the Eclipse.  Our sweet EB napped and we enjoyed a Fat Tire on the porch wearing our black out glasses.
K was able to capture this photo, we did not get one of the full corona.
 Totality!  Our flood light came on, which was cool.
Nothing like a spontaneous (!!!!) wine date with my girl.  
Delicious Saturday night steak dinner:

A Sunday afternoon trip to the park in Riverland Terrace.
That catches us up!  We are heading to Lake Lure for the Labor Day holiday so I hope to be back next week with some fun photos. 

Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday Highfive

Hey y'all!  HOT HOT HOT week over here.  
Here is a highfive for making it to Friday!!
I made cookie/brownie bars for the first time in a long while...I followed the "recipe" I posted over 5 years ago!!
We went to the aquarium yesterday and snapped these photos of EB out front.  Y'all, It's a good thing this baby girl is mine or I think I would have to steal her!!!
Striking her best model pose:
 I have been recording "The Sinner" and liking it so far.  It comes on USA at 10:00 pm on Wednesdays, but I watch it while the baby naps on Thursdays.  
I LOVE Bill Pullman. 

K took the afternoon off and we had a family beach afternoon on Wednesday.  It was great!

Are y'all Eclipse ready???  We are staying put at the house on Monday, I have a feeling it's going to be a crazy day here in Charleston!
I hope y'all have a great weekend!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Weekend Recaps

Hi! I hope all is well in your worlds.  I am trying to keep up with my 10 month old and sitting down at the computer is simply not happening much these days.  I feel like I haven't been keeping record of our summer so well this year and I want to catch up on the tail end of July and now into August.
We had a fun happy hour at the Crab House when my aunt and uncle were in town last month.
I had a fantastic weekend on Folly #LivinLaVidaLavecchia.
My girl even got to come down for a visit before the festivities kicked off.
Check this out...About a year's time between.  The first snap is from our babymoon.
August, so far:
We went downtown and strolled through CofC campus with EB.
Class of 2038?
Ladies Night last week!
Happy Hour on da creek:

I'd say those are the highlights!
I hope y'all are having a good Summer.  I suppose it's about over considering today is the first day of school here in Charleston.  Okay with me, I am READY for Fall.