Monday, October 18, 2021

JCPenney Style

 I went into JCPenney the other day to look for new shoes for the girls.  I haven't been there in 10+ years and was very surprised by how contemporary and on-trend so many things were.  Who knew?

Anyway, I picked out several of my favorite pieces and decided to share.  Let's shop!


Tuesday, October 12, 2021


 October is SUCH a fun month. Here's what's been happening lately...

Picture Day!  Can't wait to see what the school captured.  
Oktoberfest down at our church. 

Ballet portraits.  I took this one but I am so excited to see what the photographer shot of her sweet class.
Dinner out with my college ladies...  
Started my Christmas shopping week.
Looking forward to a few festive weeks to come!

Tuesday, October 5, 2021


 We had the best time celebrating EB's 5th Birthday this past weekend.   We hired Elsa from Glass Slippers Entertainment to come and it was the best thing ever!  I know that she will never forget this birthday.  It was so special! 

My mom's Elsa masterpiece:

Sunday, on her actual birthday, we went up to the West Farm Corn Maze.

Such a great weekend to kick off October!

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Thrifted Recently

Not much going on around here lately.  We have been intentionally taking it slow before our "busy season" kick's off with EB's 5th Birthday this weekend.  So not much to share, though I have had a couple of fun solo thrifting mornings while the girls have been in school.  

Nothing over 5 bucks, here are my recent finds!  

I found these adorable ruffle top/bloomer sets in matchings sizes for the girls and I'm going to embroider some flowers on each one:


This Spoleto Festival print is so much fun with all of the detail. 


This vintage nightgown is so feminine and breezy, and near perfect condition.


I love this pastel plaid handbag, perfect for Springtime.


Tuesday, September 14, 2021

IOP Weekend

 We had a nice weekend visit over on IOP with my aunt and uncle!
They rented the most awesome beach house with a pool, and within walking distance to everything (link here)
We spent both Saturday and Sunday on the beach.  We packed lunches and did all the fun beach things: drip castles, mermaid tails, shell collecting.

It was SO nice to walk back, rinse off in the outdoor shower, and then jump in the pool.
Saturday afternoon we walked to Ben and Jerry's and the kids were in heaven.  
Later on K and I got the kids settled and walked down to the Windjammer for a couple beers.

It was SO NICE: the weather, being out without the kids.  I felt more care free than I have in a while.  We MUST do this more often.
Thanks to my Aunt Kelly and Uncle Ralph for inviting us on this nice little "getaway"!

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

So Long, Summer.

 The last few weeks of Summer Break as a stay at home mom are...brutal.  The days are long and hot and HARD.  Trying to keep us all positive and find moments of fun, but really we are just hanging in there.  Add in so much news of COVID school shut downs, and woof!  It's been rough.

A couple of weeks ago I took the girls down the street to a little "Back to School Bash" at their preschool.  It was hot as the blazing gates of hell in that parking lot. 

And then EB came up, grabbed my hand and whispered that she wanted to have her face painted.  I asked a friend to watch little sis and we walked over and picked out her design.  It was a quiet moment in the shade, away from the chaos, and this little girl was so happy.  It was one of my most heart warming experiences, watching my SWEET girl feel so special.  The look on her face the entire time was just...precious.  

I share this to say that, just when I found myself at wit's end, losing patience and letting the monotony of the endless days get me down, I was given the gift of watching my daughter experience a simple joy.  And it kept me going just a little longer...

And now I can officially yell SO LONG, SUMMER! Because the girls are both off to school as of yesterday.  4k and 2k, Let's do this!
A few other happenings:
Matching sisters at church <3
Our First Annual Nielson Family Fish Fry!  This was the perfect way to celebrate Labor Day Weekend.
Ballet is going so great!  This girly girl is in heaven and was thrilled to wear her new accessories to class.
We got to meet Rapunzel at our bff's Bday!  I think it's safe to say my kids have not inherited my independent spirit.  At least for now.  I try to think of how fleeting these moments are when the clinging becomes frustrating.

 Now off to enjoy my last hour to myself, an uninterrupted lunch.