Friday, February 27, 2015

Hey Hey Friday!

Hello out there!
Cheers to the freakin' weekend!
Actually, I have to work tomorrow, but regardless...
What's on my mind today?


Well, my man is jetting up to Atlantic City for a Bachelor Party so I've got the house to myself this weekend.  This morning, as he was organizing his flight and hotel confirmations,  it got me thinking about doing a vacation post.
Months ago I mentioned the possibility of a spring vacation to the Amalfi Coast.  This is my dream vacation and I'm determined to eventually make it there, however our priorities right now do not fall in line with such an expensive trip. 

We are, however, planning on going somewhere for a one year anniversary trip.

We've mused Caribbean (from my research Aruba or the DR seem reasonable cost-wise), but I'm really looking for a cultural experience beyond tiki drinks and white sand.
Another trip we've dreamed about at length, Napa Valley.
I could see this trip appearing budget friendly at first, and then becoming astronomical with incidentals.  
I have a binder of random magazine clippings of destinations I've found interesting over the years.
Last night I was looking through and noticed an article from a 2009 Everyday with Rachel Ray on Budget Travel.  It gave alternate destinations to expensive trips.
The particular page I had saved was regarding Italy,
and suggested an alternate of a city in Central Mexico,
San Miguel de Allende.
And now I'm kind of obsessed with planning our (imaginary?) trip there.
This is certain to be much more reasonable than my Italian dream, however we will be house hunting this fall and nothing can really be planned until we are closer to reaching that goal.
But, I mean...Humor me for a minute.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Life Lately (Humpity Hump!)

Lots happenin' around these parts lately...
I'm taking it back a couple weeks to Valentine's 
because I haven't done a catch-up since!
That Friday night my coworker and I grabbed a drink right around the corner from work at Craft Conundrum.  There was a launch party happening that night for Good and Evil Brewing.
We tried a sample of their jalapeno beer which was really good!
Disclaimer: I love spicy.
My sweetheart surprised me with the massage at Charleston Place that I mentioned in my V-day roundup.
I actually had to work on Valentine's (Saturday) so we had a true day of rest and relaxation on Sunday.  After our massages we took full advantage of access to the spa and enjoyed the hot-tub and steam room.
King Street view from the window:
My work trip was cancelled last week due to weather conditions so I was able to enjoy being a homebody.  This particular night we kept warm with smooth red wine and a roasted chicken:

And this brings us up to this past weekend!  
We celebrated my sister-in-law and her upcoming wedding with a Bachelorette weekend on Folly!!
View from the porch:
It was frrrrreeeezing Friday night but we turned up the heat, literally and figuratively,
 and parTAYed the night away ;)
Saturday we dragged our butts to Folly Gras where we fit in with the rest of the maniacs.
Note the bride-to-be's beautiful white mask!
Also to note, these photos were taken with a selfie stick.

Annnd just to kill a few more brain cells, we decided to hit the town Saturday night...
Thank you to Scotty with Green Taxi for getting us to and from safely,
and for making us laugh!
That about does it!
What have y'all been up to lately??

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mars and Venus: Life Lessons from The Bachelor

On Sunday night we watched the SNL 40 Reunion, and so I was sure to record the first segment of the epic "2 night Bachelor Event".  This meant that on Monday I was able to indulge in 4 hours of guilty pleasure television!!  As you can imagine, my husband was thrilled.
He reluctantly watched around 15 minutes with me and it was an educational experience.
Before the elimination ceremony, one of the ladies divulges privately to the camera that she is planning to leave on her own.  
She asks to speak to the Bachelor so she can tell him she's decided to go home.
 Five minutes later, after he walks her out, she appears devastated to be leaving.  
She is filmed sad and crying with fits of  "I just don't understand"...
At this point K says, as genuine and matter of fact as it comes, "Why is she crying when she just said she wanted to leave?"...
And in that sentence: Mars and Venus revealed.

Subconsciously or not, I believe all women expect men to understand that we don't always say what we mean.

And I think (for the most part) men don't understand why we want to read into everything they say.

Without even watching the show, I could explain in detail the reasoning a woman would say she was leaving and the contradict herself immediately by being sad to go.
She didn't really want to leave.
She wanted him to beg her to stay.
Etc Etc Etc.

Without question I can understand K's bewilderment with the same scenario, because: face value.

This isn't rocket science (or is it...mars? venus? ;) ) but I thought it was a straight forward example of the contrast in the ways we see things.