Tuesday, June 30, 2015

48 Hours in Philly

Well, hello hello!
I'm back from my quick zip around Philly and I'd like to share some pics with you.
I was up before the sun on Friday to make it to Myrtle for my flight, which ended up being super delayed. :(
Finally made it into Philly mid day and my girl Abby picked me up from the airport to take us straight to her apartment in Center City.
Abby is a Doctor who is doing her residency in the heart of the city!
You may remember her hooding ceremony in this post.
Anywho, I love a good cityscape snap!
After dropping off my bag we hit the streets, opting to kick off the weekend with pretty drinks at an equally pretty second floor terrace at Revolution House:

 From there we walked around the corner to Spruce Street Harbor.  This place was super cool!  It reminded me of Water Front Park, if Water Front Park had a Food Truck Rodeo every night.
 Some amazing people watching...
After cabbing back and freshening up, Friday night we hit the town.  I really have no idea the names of places we visited, but it was great!
Saturday morning we visited Terminal Market for breakfast.  This was my favorite part of the trip.
Terminal Market is AMAZING! It's essentially a gourmet grocery store/food court.  Everything is fresh, authentic, and delicious.  I could have wandered and sampled for hours.
This photo doesn't really capture anything but picture a historic, Costco size warehouse (with much lower ceilings) filled with open air restaurants and markets.
 I could not stop thinking about how much K would love this place.  This particular deli literally shaved the roast beef for your sandwhich and sliced you fresh bread.
I opted for a bacon, egg, and cheese croissant. 
I was one happy customer:
 After breakfast we went to Macy's because it was in the low 70's and I wanted to pick up a light sweater, as I only brought summer clothes.  The Macy's is in a beautiful building and there is an organist that plays throughout the day...nice touch.
After relaxing back at the apartment for a bit, we walked down to South Street for a Philly cheese steak.  The lines were outrageous!  No matter which way I looked at it, standing in line on a chilly day for sandwhich just made no sense.  So, we walked around the corner to a cute little french bistro for a late lunch.
Later on, we rounded out the trip at Abby's neighborhood wine bar, Zavino.
My flight home on Sunday was also delayed so I figured I must capture this aspect of my trip with an airport restroom selfie. 
Overall it was a great quick trip.  Philadelphia is full of history.  I saw the first library, the first hospital in the U.S.  A huge thanks to my dear Abigail for hosting me!
Have any of y'all ever visited Philly?  Anything major I missed?

Note: We did visit Indepedence Garden (Liberty Bell, Constitution, but more just for a glance because of the lines).

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thoughts on Thursday

This week has been a busy one in the Nielson house.
This post is going to be all over the place.
Starting with this picture...We hung our rehearsal dinner guestbook in our kitchen.  Cool!
Last night I joined my best girls for dinner and drinks at California Dreaming.
We didn't last too long outside,
but the breeze off the water made it bearable for a bit.

 I am heading to Philly early early tomorrow and I'm so pumped!
I'm a little bit worried about the traffic and road closures due to Obama and the Emanuel AME funerals.  But I am flying out of Myrtle Beach, so hopefully I'll be out of dodge before the madness ensues.

 Our menu this week.
Some notes:
The wraps on Monday were these from Costco.  Quick and easy!
My mom bought 7 lbs of local shrimp over at Shem Creek so we used some for the pasta Tuesday. 
Tonight's pizza is Walmart Marketside.  I really despise shopping at Walmart but the prices are just unbeatable.  These pizzas are in the deli section and they are less than $10 for a huge extra large.
My favorite is the pepperoni with fresh mozzarella:

See y'all next week!

p.s. would love any Philly recs.  


Monday, June 22, 2015

Hot Hot Hot

Hey now, it's hot!  How many times have you said/heard that lately, Charleston?
This weekend the heat index was 112.  That's insane.

I usually enjoy reading on the back porch after work, but it has been unbearable.
To cool off, I have been enjoying Vintage lemon sparkling water with sliced strawberries lately.
Sidenote, this book is steamy.
Also pictured, the blazing sun.  
My dad said he wanted to play shuffleboard at Gene's for Father's Day, so that's what we did Friday night.  We love Gene's!

We stopped into Gala Desserts on our way out.  It's somewhat new to the Avondale area and my mom and I each ordered a slice of their Chocolate mousse cake to go (bottom left in this pic).
Saturday we went to Costco to pick up a beef tenderloin for a family cookout, and for the best lunch deal in all America:
Later on we decided to stop by James Island's newest, The Screen Door, for a cocktail. 
We also ordered an appetizer of their wings, which were great but an $8 order consisted of only 4 wings.  We opted to head home for dinner because the menu just wasn't that impressive and seemed overpriced. 
Yesterday I got sucked into marathon watching UnReal on Lifetime.  
I really enjoyed it!
I've loved Shiri Appleby since Roswell days.
It comes on right after the Bachelorette tonight so I'm looking forward to a new episode.
Rounded out the weekend with a family cookout to celebrate Father's Day with my in-laws.
The End!

I hope y'all had a great weekend!