Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday: Pretty Little Laura

This is a scheduled post as I am currently in total vacay mode.
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Happy Shopping!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Our Weekend

First of all, Hallelujah it is finally chilly in Charleston!!!
Okay, on to our weekend...

On Friday afternoon my mom and I got manicures.
We went to the same salon where I had my wedding nails done, Reflections on James Island next to The Terrace Theatre.  I think they do a great job.
I was debating on trying the stiletto nail trend but ended up with oval.
On Saturday I ran errands, rushing around town in order to make it to North Charleston by 2 pm to pick up our catered basket.
I wasn't able to get everything done because of the time constraint only to arrive at a deserted building, call my caterer, and discover that they had actually moved to Camp Road. 2 minutes from my house.
I guess you had to be there but seriously I was running all over, not getting anything actually accomplished because I felt rushed, only to realize that it was all for nothing.

Saturday afternoon we did the Wild Blue Ropes course.
It was a much more fun than than I expected.
Here we are at the top, I'm getting ready to bungee down.  
I wish that they would have captured a little perspective of how high up we were in this pic.
Later at home, I set our table picnic style.
Check out this cheese tray:
For dinner we had caesar salad, beef tenderloin, sauteed veggies, and penne pasta primavera.

I'm showing this picture below for 2 reasons.
1)  I was seriously insistent upon a variety of bread options at our wedding reception.  I am alllll about the bread basket so I loved that they remembered to include this a year later.

2) Alfie ate the stick of softened butter that I set out with the bread which was a disaster.  It resulted in 3 calls to 3 different emergency vets as well as endless worry all night.  Everything is fine, but I felt awful for my boo, not to mention the guilt!

Our butterball, literally.
We did not really exchange gifts this year, other than write each other notes.
Fun story:  K's note was the one that was intended to be given to me on the wedding day.  This never happened because it was misplaced in our honeymoon luggage.  So, for our anniversary I was finally able to read it.
And the cake!  A slight freezer taste to the outer frosting, but otherwise delish.
On Sunday we had brunch at Fish and walked around downtown.
I forgot my camera so no snaps but it was a brisk, beautiful day in Charleston!

I hope that y'all had a fabulous weekend, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I'll be back in a couple weeks!
Until then,
Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

One Year

It's been a blink.
A flick of a switch and we're here and everything is bright!
Thank you for being my best friend...
who I want to spend forever (and with.
For every day you give me confidence and faith, not only in our future-which shines ahead, but in myself.
I more than love you, those four letters plus a million, K.