Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday Highfive

Here is a huge highfive, the first of 2019, for making it through the week!
I've mentioned Workshop before, but it's worth another shout out for being such a family friendly spot.  We had lunch there Sunday and it was great!  
I went to a wine tasting for my Choo's Bday over the weekend.  When you're pregnant and can't drink, you bring your own snacks:
Part of K's Christmas present was several framed photos for a new gallery wall in our hallway.  He has mentioned numerous times that he likes them, so I figured it was time I created one.  Finished product:
New bar stools.  I got these on Facebook Marketplace for a STEAL...$40 for 4!!  If you recall my dining room, you'll know I love the rattan look.  I'm debating whether or not to chalk paint and recover the seats with different fabric.  I may just do two, seeing as how our island only seats two, and keep the remaining 2 natural.  The picture doesn't do them justice, they are beautiful and such good quality!
This week the sun came out to stay a while.  Thank you Jesus!
Here's EB down at Hazel Parker playground, it's a good one.
My favorite Charleston playground is Ashley River Baptist, but this is a runner up.  FYI, #momlife.
Have a great weekend!

Monday, January 7, 2019

New Year, New Nielson

 Today I'm kicking off my Pregnancy Journal for Baby Number 2!
I am referencing the format from my pregnancy posts with EB...if you're interested, here is my first post from then.
TTC (Trying to Conceive):
I actually used an app to track my cycles this go around.  We feel lucky and blessed that this was another "easy" conception. 

Finding Out: 
I could literally copy and paste the same exact paragraph from my first pregnancy here.   Yet again, I tested early and got mixed results.  A faint line that made me cross-eyed and crazy.   See for yourself.
Do the arrows help?? ;)  Yet again, I waited a week and got a true positive.

This go around, the symptoms kicked in right around 6 weeks, aka the beginning of November.  Having the first trimester overlap with the holiday season is not something I would recommend...

Severe nausea 
Sleep Trouble  It's hard for me to get comfortable and I'm up to pee often
Food Aversions  
Headaches I have had 2 TERRIBLE headaches this pregnancy so far, I do not remember anything this intense the first time.
Smell Sensitivity  I can smell a febreeze scented trashbag from a mile away, and it makes me want to gag. 

Sharing the News:
We told family right away, and waited until the first ultrasound at 8 weeks to tell friends!
Here's a snap from the 12 week scan.
We can't wait to find out the sex (soon! we just have to go and pick up the envelope from my OB) and to get rolling on the nursery and EB's big girl room.
I am 16 weeks and ready for that second trimester energy boost...any day now right?!
That's all for now, gotta go chase my 2 year old.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Christmas 2018

HELLO, 2019!!
Before we talk new year, let me catch y'all up with our Christmas celebrations over here.  
Christmas Service at St. Matthew's:
 Christmas Eve at Oma and Opa's:
Christmas Eve PJs:
SANTA CAME!!! EB loves her new "house":  
 Christmas Day, the weather was beautiful and we were in and out all day.  Here are the guys enjoying cigars after dinner: 
How was your holiday?