Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Our Weekend

Wow, what a great weekend in Charleston!
It was a brisk, busy one for us.  Here are some snaps.
On Friday morning I was up and out the door to head down to the St. Patrick's Day Parade on King Street.  It was such a fun and festive morning with family.
Wearing my great grandfather's (Goat LeaMond's) green velvet fedora. 

We had a big group lunch at the Baystreet Biergarten...I love this spot.
My mom took EB for the afternoon and I stayed around and enjoyed a few rounds out on the patio.  Perfect afternoon.  
I wanted to share where I found EB's darling dress!  I think this could be super cute at Christmastime with a red bow.  It's from this Etsy shop.  Good quality and great price.  She is local to Charleston so I saved on shipping.
Saturday was grocery shopping and then dinner out!  When my in laws suggested they could watch the babe while K and I grabbed dinner, we wholeheartedly agreed.  We went to the Basil in Mt. P.  They have Happy Hour 7 days a week. 
On Sunday we had a fashion show to attend!  Kidding... My sister in law had a pop-up shop party at her house so EB and I got dressed up for the day.  This sweater has been a postpartum favorite:

Wearing another one of my outfits.  
And that's a wrap.  It was a jam packed weekend, definitely taking it easy this week and getting back into our routine.  I hope y'all had a great one!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Our Weekend

Some snaps from the weekend.
Friday night we ended up at Mellow Mushroom.  It is one of our favorite baby friendly spots, along with Hometeam BBQ, in West Ashley. The calzones are my favorite and are enough for 2 meals.  I get sundried tomato, fresh basil, and pep.  They also have a good deal with their Craft beer of the month at $3 a pint.
Saturday I did the grocery shopping...Majorly underestimated my list and ended up with a cart FULL and a cranky babe.  Terrible combo.  It was the first time I have actually said "yes" to someone helping me out to my car.  
Later, we had my parents over for dinner to celebrate my dad's birthday and we did a little evening fire while the porkloin was grilling. 
Dinner was so good!  I wanted to take a sec to revisit my Parmesan Plum tomatoes recipe with an update.
First, roasting the tomatoes in a muffin tin is genius.  This tip came from my brother.  The tomatoes cook better, they come out juicer.  Second, I have switched to topping with smoked gouda (instead of parm) which is another suggestion from bro, and it.is.so.good.  These are full-proof delicious and end up as a side/app whenever we have company.
I was doing cartwheels once I felt the chill Sunday morning.  FINALLY, a winter day!
I wore a hat!  It was glorious.
EB got all cozied up as well... in the jacket that I wore my first winter.
We ended up at the SC Aquarium.  I had initially thought that, considering it would be too cold to spend any real time outside, the aquarium would be the perfect indoor activity.  Now, it had been a while since I visited and I completely forgot how a solid majority of the exhibits are open air.  So, we didn't really get to see everything but EB's mind was BLOWN by the Ocean tank.   
There was a fun Lego exhibit going on, look at my tiny scuba girl.
Okay, so speaking of exhibits, we decided to purchase an annual membership!  It makes so much financial sense...we opted for the Individual plus option: I am the cardholder and can bring a guest at no charge each visit, and of course EB gets in free until she turns two.  The membership will pay for itself with just one more visit of me and a guest, and I can't wait to check out the different exhibits and events listed on the calendar- all free for members!   One that I think sounds so fun:  Aquarium After Dark.
Sunday night was leftovers and adjusting to the time change.  EB did pretty good, but there were definitely some hiccups.
I hope y'all had a good one!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Highfive

Do y'all have any fun plans for the weekend?
We are heading out to Hometeam tonight and then celebrating my dad's birthday with a massive porkloin on the grill tomorrow night.  Sunday will be some yardwork and hopefully a visit to EB's great grandfather. Looking forward to it all.
Here is a highfive for getting through the week!
St. Patrick's Day 
St. Paddys was HUGE for my grandparents and in light of my grandmother's recent passing, the family has decided to pay tribute by going all out this year.  So far the plans are to watch the parade downtown and have a nice lunch afterwards.  EB's grammy will be taking her for the afternoon and this momma may just stay for a couple green beers OR go home and do laundry/dishes/vacuuming/SLEEP.  We will see.  I ordered a dress for EB that I am so excited to arrive!   
Sidenote: That is pollen covering our clover patch in the front yard.  POLLEN EVERYWHERE.
Baby Brezza
I am loving my Brezza and would recommend it for all expectant mothers.
It could not be easier, and I feel so great knowing my girl is eating all natural, organic, made-by-moi snacks.
Chop the produce.  Set the timer.  Done.
So far we have done pears and sweet potato.  This weekend I will be trying carrots and avocado.

At Home Manicures
I found these blush almond shaped nails at Walmart the other day.  Looking forward to wearing them!  I think press-on nails are so fun, and consider them to be an accessory like jewelry.  Now that I'm not working in a professional environment, I am having more fun with different colors and designs.  
Costco wild caught salmon
We eat seafood at least once a week and I can't think of a fish I don't love...but salmon is definitely my all time fave.  K's cedar plank salmon is a top 5 meal for me, but these were pretty dang good for pulling straight from the freezer.  The box is $15 and you get 6 fillets, which is 3 dinners for us.

 Home video
I have to share this quick 10 second video of my sweetheart laughing.  We have gotten lots of short chuckles but she was having a real giggle fit and I was able to catch the tail end of it on film.  So far the things she finds funniest are Alfie and Eskimo kisses.

See y'all next week.