Monday, October 10, 2016

The Perfect Storm

We are shouting from the rooftops: She's here, She's here!!!!
We joyfully welcomed our daughter into the world one week ago today.  She arrived at 11:55 a.m. on Monday, October 3rd, 2016, weighing 6.1 pounds and measuring 19 inches long.
Our perfect, precious peach.
 We were released early Wednesday morning and were immediately tossed into Hurricane Matthew madness.  Quite the welcome wagon... 
Luckily we are safe and sound, and surrounded by sweetness.
 I am still fully in the newborn bubble, but I will share more soon.  
This has been the most beautifully chaotic week of my life...the perfect storm, if you will.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Highfive

This week has been simply fantastic for me.
My initial plan was that today would be my last day of work but, fearing that I would be rushing from the office to the hospital, I decided to play it safe and move the date up a week.
I have been itching to stay home and settle in since my doctor told me I was 3 cm 2 weeks ago.  The nesting surge is real and every single morning I would get started straightening or organizing only to realize that I was already 10 minutes late to work.  Of course it's something that you can't really plan, but having this time at home before the birth of our daughter has been wonderful.
Here's what I've been doing that's left me feeling nested and rested.
1. Mani/Pedi
Lots of people suggested I take the time to do this before baby, and it really was so nice.  Thanks to a gift from my friend Carrie, I was able to spring for both a mani and pedi and what a treat.  These nails are what is called an "almond" shape and they make me feel hip.  I'm already such a cool mom ;)
Love ya Carrie!
2. Library Trip
I have no idea if I will be reading during the postpartum blur, or if this is just wishful thinking, but regardless I am happy to have a few new books on stand by.  I realized about a third of the way in that I have already read "The Husband's Secret", but I've decided to finish it again anyway.
3. Lounging
Have you seen the ecard that says something like "But what if my favorite thing to do is nothing?"
4. Visits
Emma came over for a visit on Wednesday and we had a great afternoon.
Alfie was obsessed with her and was giving her kisses nonstop.
Two things:  Aren't her little chubby hands the sweetest?  
And second, let's talk about these magnetic carseat hands!  They are called Lulaclips and I just think they are so clever.  They keep the carseat straps untangled and hold the buckles open as you place baby in her seat.  Kristina said these are a must have.
5. Freezer meals
I made 2 pans of chicken enchiladas over yellow rice.
I have tried every kind of store bought enchilada sauce and even tried from scratch and I swear by the Mccormicks packets.
 I also made two pans of stuffed shells.  I stuffed them with mild italian sausage, ricotta, and spinach. 
Finally, I made a batch of cupcakes last night and frosted half/froze half for later.
It means the world to me that I will be going into labor feeling prepared all around.
It truly is amazing what a week at home has done for my mindset.
And, hey hey October!!
K and I both have been secretly hoping for an October baby and we have just about made it!
I hope y'all have a great weekend!
We will be out and about unless someone has other plans...

Thursday, September 29, 2016

House Tour: Nursery

Attention: There is a still a baby in my belly.  I had my weekly appointment on Tuesday and still holding at 3 cm, 70% effaced.  
Today I want to share my girl's sweet sweet nursery that we have spent much time preparing and anticipating for her.  I loosely deem the theme "beach babe", but really it's a modge podge of special pieces that I love.  The beach vibe comes in solely from the artwork, which was chosen because I love it and will repurpose elsewhere in our home once she decides she loves giraffes or ladybugs or whatever may be(just please no owls, little love).
So without further ado, the photos!  I wish I had a professional photographer on hand to capture this room in it's true, well lit glory, but phone snaps will have to do for y'all.  Sources below.  Enjoy!
^ Alfie is ready for his little sister!
^This mobile is very very special.  K surprised me with this finishing touch on the nursery and I think it will become a treasured family hand me down.  I love it so much!
^These 2 pieces from Teil Duncan's collection were the first things I bought for the nursery early this year.

EBN, We are ready for you!
Crib- Bassett, Family hand me down
Crib Sheet- Cotton Tale Designs
Crib Skirt- Ikea
Mobile- BlaBla  
Rocker/Glider- Family hand me down
Rug- Costco
Dresser/Changing Table- Estate Sale
Bookshelves-Clear Displays
White Fringe basket- Homegoods
Lamp- Estate Sale
Artwork above crib- World Market
Artwork above dresser/changing table- Teil Duncan
Zebra rocker- Silent Auction