Monday, January 26, 2015

Our Weekend

This weekend was relatively low key.  I worked until 7 pm on Friday and all I wanted was a burger and a beer on the couch.  We grabbed Smoky Oak and I fell asleep halfway through a recorded episode of Portlandia.
On Saturday I went to the gym and then decided to pop into Jimmy's Island Treasures, a thrift/antique shop off of Camp Road.   Is this not the strangest set up of the vintage Barbie kitchen?  
I browsed around for an hour or so but ultimately came out empty handed.

From there, me and Alfie went over to my parents to visit Cali, my mom's Christmas kitten.
They did okay together but aren't best friends like I'd hope.
Look at this precious angel:
Once home, I made the easiest hot dip for a dinner with friends.  

Sunday K and I volunteered at OLM's Annual Silent Auction.
This is the first year that we left empty handed.  My auction skills are rusty. 
 How was your weekend?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Our Charleston Wedding: Pre-Ceremony

We have had the best time going through the photos from our wedding,
 and reminiscing about the best day of our lives!
It was everything I'd ever hoped for and planned, it was the Day of my Dreams!
I hope you enjoy looking through these images and sharing our treasured memories.
First of all, we could not have asked for more beautiful weather!  It was sunny and in the mid-60's.  
As I mentioned before, I spent the morning at the beach house on Folly and then we grabbed Bagel Nation for breakfast before heading to the hair salon.
I had my hair done by Noel Richardson at Lava Salon.  I have been going to Noel since I turned 16.
There is no one else that can touch my hair!
Next I had my makeup done by Megan Johnson at Cosbar on King Street.
She is the best.
This is where the photographers met us...Away we go!

From Cosbar we went to St. Stephen's Church Hall, which is an old Charleston single on Society Street connected via courtyard to the Church.
  This is where we got dressed and took Bridal Party photos.
I bought a new scent for the Wedding Day and the honeymoon for olfactory memory.
This was a very special gift given by my Nana.
It's her mother of pearl Marriage Bible that she walked down the aisle with,
it is precious to me!

My Dad, resting while we took lots of girly pics.

My garter was a gift from my sister in law.

Shoes by Alex Marie
I loved the courtyard behind the church, complete with joggling board.  This is where we took the majority of our photos.


One last quiet moment to myself..
While K and his groomsmen didn't have a team of photographers following them around the Mills House, here are some shots of my groom and our dads right before the ceremony:

I love this one, I think my dad's nerves were starting to show:

Many more to come!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Our Charleston Wedding: Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

Here it is, the last of the Pre-wedding posts.  
Our Rehearsal began at 4:30 pm on Friday, November 21st, 2014 at St. Stephen's.
Father Williams had us fill out the paperwork for our marriage licence first thing.

His spaniel, Abigail, kept us all entertained throughout the entire rehearsal.

Jimmy (K's step-uncle?) was our organist.  
We can't thank him enough for giving us this gift!  

And now, on to the fun part, the Rehearsal Dinner at Fish!
We kept the decor simple, hanging lanterns I scored at a thrift shop and lots and lots of candles.

Here comes the bride!  Don't I look thrilled?  I was trying to find someone in charge who could help me store the gifts we would be giving out later in the night.
My dress is by Alva from The Bridal House.  It is actually a wedding gown, shortened.  You can see the long version here.  Because my actual wedding gown was more whimsical, I was excited to wear something a little sexy for the rehearsal.
On to the menu...
We had so much delicious food, y'all.
We had 3 passed HDs, all seafood.
And then our stations:


My father-in-law gave the nicest toast!
He discussed our family connections, how we met... it was so sentimental!

The happy couple...
I had painted this at Wine and Design in October and we used it as a "guestbook" at the Rehearsal.
I am so sad that we didn't get on large group photo, 
but we have lots of pictures of everyone mingling...
K's Mamie and Poppa.

A HUGE Thank you to Harold and Cathy
for hosting such a wonderful dinner for us.
We love y'all so much!!
One last thing, I wanted to share what I gave K as his grooms gift.
I had a cigar case monogrammed (at the Christian bookstore for $5.00!) with 3 authenic cuban Cohibas!  He was thrilled.
Next week...Wedding posts!
Have a great weekend!
(We are going to see American Sniper tonight, trying out Indaco for Restaurant Week tomorrow, and cooking out with my parents on Sunday.  What are you up to?)