Friday, May 24, 2019

Friday Highfive

Happy Friday!  It's Memorial Day Weekend and it's about to be 100 degrees up in here...yikes.  
Here is a highfive for making it through the week!
 My mom got this Butterfly Garden for EB and it was so fun to watch them grow.   Look at how excited this sweet girl is to feed them some watermelon.  The whole process was about 2 weeks and it was a great activity for a toddler age child.
In an attempt to use ground beef in something different, I tried ramen noodles and frozen vegetables to make an Asian inspired dinner last week.  I seasoned with garlic, ginger, and soy sauce and then ended up adding half a packet of oriental seasoning to the dish because it was just...blah.  Anyone have any suggestions?

I made my first purchase from The Beaufort Bonnet Company last week during their Pink sale.  We are doing a family photo shoot in July so I bought the girls and I some coordinating looks.  I am way too frugal to spend full price on children's clothes (not to mention the gifts/hand me downs we receive) but it was fun to get a sweet package in the mail.  Their attention to detail certainly helps rationalize the expense.
I bought EB's two teachers beach towels with sun lotion as a little End-of-Year gift.  If I'd had more time/energy, I would have had the towels personalized and looked at TJ Maxx for some more "luxury" sun product...but I still think it's a nice summer time gift.
 It was recently Teacher Appreciation Week and I gave them eye masks and chocolate, which was an inexpensive little something.  But Serious question:  How much do you spend on teacher gifts?  I think there is a huge range here but I see some ridiculous gift suggestions in the ballpark of $50 and up.  For Christmas and End of Year I stick to a $10-$20 budget.  Next year I may volunteer to coordinate gifts for EB's classroom to be able to get something nice, but I still think a $20 max pp is about right.
Pigtails!  EB's teachers did her hair in the cutest little ponytails this week.   I just can't believe today is her last day :(

See ya next week!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Life Lately

We've been busy having fun over here!  Let's catch up:
Looking pretty in pink for the pool last week:
 Our weekly trip to the West Ashley Farmer's Market.  Aren't these wildflower bouquets gorgeous??
We went to the beach on Friday.  I brought EB's kite from the Easter Bunny and it was a hit.  She did great with flying it!
Sunday morning we hit the pool.  EB LOVES swimming with her dad:
 And then after nap we went to the Riverdogs Game.   This was EB's first time.  Let's see, she had a hot dog, shared my cheese fries, and topped it all off with italian ice.  I'd say she had an okay night!  
 I just got home from volunteering at the preschool Field Day.  Lots of fun!
A much needed Popsicle break...the weather has gone straight to HOT here over the last week.  Woof!
That's a wrap.  I'm hoping to get finished up with the nursery this week.  I've got to utilize these last few school days!  Have a great week.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Mothers Day Weekend

We kicked off Mother's Day Weekend with a date night.  We went to the Avondale Kaminsky's and I'll be honest, it wasn't that great.  The icing layers on my carrot cake were SO thin and didn't even taste like cream cheese.  Even writing that I'm thinking "Boo hoo, what a rough life".  But I figured I'd share my experience.  We still had a great time being out sans child!

On Saturday we cleaned house and prepped for our family cookout to celebrate our moms!  I got each of them a lavender plant and hand soap.  It was a fun night, EB played with her cousin and the weather was perfect for grilling.  
On Sunday, K surprised me with this shower bench which, at my current stage of life, may just be the most romantic thing he's ever done for me.
 EB gave me this key chain that she made at school.  I think the center of the "flower" is her thumb print and the petals are her other fingers... I love it!
 My wish for Mother's Day was a morning spent at the beach and a family dinner out for pizza, and that's what I got!
I would like to recognize Mellow Mushroom Avondale for playing 'Finding Nemo' on their big screen last night.  EB was totally into it and it made a difference in the quality of our meal out together
Thank you for thinking of the moms! 
 See, she's not looking at the camera, she's looking at Nemo! 
It was a great weekend!  I hope yours was, as well.