Monday, March 3, 2014

The Weekend

Hey hey!  How was everyone's weekend?
No complaints over here.
We took it easy Friday night with Chinese takeout.
Remember that book I mentioned a while back?
Well, I found the sequel at the Library and finished it up Saturday morning.
It wasn't quite as good as Firefly Lane,
but it was nice to have some follow up with the characters.
On Saturday we went to the last CofC Men's Basketball Game of the season. 
Did you go to any basketball games this year?
Saturday night we had dinner with friends to celebrate my girl Kristina's Birthday (which is actually today so Happy Bday Kroo!)  Lots of fun, enough fun for a slight Sunday headache, but not enough to hold us down!
We took our baby to the beach!
He is SUCH a happy boy y'all.  I mean:

We did our grocery shopping for the week and had a laid back night on the couch.
I can watch this sweetpea sleep on his daddy's lap for hours y'all.
He stayed like this until I pulled out the ice cream and he just perked right back up.
I hope you are enjoying this beautiful day!
Charleston is in for a cold snap tonight and tomorrow,
but there's no doubt Spring is here!

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