Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Highfive

Hey y'all, Happy Friday.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Here's a highfive!

So last night we were supposed to go grocery shopping,
but I suggested Mexican instead!
We went to Maria's on John's Island,
which I think is fresher than our nearby La Caretta.
I know that I've mentioned my strong love of Sangria Swirl margaritas before.
I often ask a bartender to make one for me, even if it isn't on the menu,
and I've never had a problem.
I did this last night and let's just say it was confusing for everyone involved.
What I got was a frozen margarita with sangria used instead of tequila...
I'll be honest, it wasn't bad.  I didn't even realize until taking a sip of K's regular marg that mine was totally wrong.
So, here is my Sangria Slush!

I love Consigning Women, enough said.

Am I the only one who is anxiously awaiting the announcement that there is going to be an American sequel made to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo?
I read that the Director is pursuing other projects, so I am reading the book instead. 

Here we have Surround Sound, Television, Roku, Cable, Blue Ray.

I'm working with my graphic designer on Save the Date fonts.
Which is your favorite?

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