Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thoughts on Thursday

How is everyone's week going? 
So far so good over here, just chugging along.
Here are some Thursday thoughts.
I love wearing headbands, but I do not love the headaches that usually come along with them.
The pressure behind the ears is uncomfortable, and it's so relieving to remove a headband that sometimes I wonder why I even put one on.
Well hold it right there, I found some headache-free headbands y'all!
I scooped this Scunci Comfort Fit Headbands at Bi-Lo for $1.00!
The pack came with 2 headbands with curved ends that don't hurt, even after all day wear!
I prefer the tortoise shell to the black, but both are classic.

I think a headband adds a sweet touch to an otherwise dull up-do.
And by "up-do" I mean ponytail or bun.
Nothin' fancy up in here.
Also pictured, a sweet suprise from K, little Tiffany heart earrings.
On Monday, an unusual thing happened, I got home from the gym...and I had the house all to myself for a full hour!
Typically I arrive home and have time to straighten up and prepare for the next day and by the time that's finished, K is home from work, and it's on to catching up, fixing dinner...
But oh, an hour of an empty house, tell me that's not a beautiful thing!
I had some time to myself to read...SELF!
Last night I had drinks with my MOH to talk Bachelorette Party planning.
We have been discussing the itinerary,
 and I can't wait to share the whole thing with y'all!
Here is a sneak peak of what we've been working on:
Okiedoke, that's all I've got!
Have a good one.

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