Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wedding Details: Rehearsal Dinner

I am very excited to share where we have chosen to have our Rehearsal Dinner!
Because our rehearsal will be taking place at the church where we are getting married, convenience was definitely on our minds.
Additionally, because our wedding is going to be formal, I wanted something up-scale, but certainly not stuffy. 
I've found that most restaurants do not offer bar packages.  They essentially require you to pick up the bar tab from your party.  I am not really comfortable with this being an unknown cost, so the challenge was set: Find a nice restaurant (known for good food) that offers private dining space, and catering packages to include alcohol!
And ambiance, y'all know I need that certain 'je nais se quoi'!
So without further ado, our rehearsal dinner is being held Upstairs at Fish!
Remember this photo? 
I love the sophisticated yet quirky feel of the space.
And while these photos are great in broad daylight, I visited several weeks ago and loved the look and feel of the room by candlelight even more!

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