Monday, December 22, 2014

Weekend Festivities

This weekend was a blur of fun, and I have the blurry photos to prove it...
Check me out!
 For our wedding gift, my brother gave K and I a three course dinner at The Macintosh, where he's a chef.  We decided to use this as a celebration dinner for K's birthday, as well as general holiday fun!
Here I am in my festive Christmas dress from TJMaxx Runway section.  It's Missoni and even on TJ clearance, it was a wedding splurge.
I wore it for our dinner at Daniel.
This swordfish was divine!
We opted to let the kitchen make whatever they wanted for us, I love surprises.
 The best we could get:
Saturday night was my cousin's Deb Ball at the Carolina Yacht Club.
Two fancy nights out in a row?!  'Tis the season!
I showed y'all the dress I bought for the occasion, I loved the look!
And I LOVE my (bearded) man in a tux.
Hubba Hubba.
 The band was incredible, even K was dancing.
It was definitely a shagging crowd and my skills were not up to par.

Not pictured: Holiday shopping and eating nonstop.

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