Tuesday, December 16, 2014

NYC Baby! Part 2

So lets pick up right where we left off, snoozing away with full bellies from dinner at The Smith.
(NYC Part 1 can be found here.)

Day 3: Tuesday 11.25.14
I'll start it up with a weather report. Tuesday was overcast and pleasant, temperature in the upper 50's.
We hit the streets around 11:00 am, after Bread and Butter breakfast.
No trip to New York is complete without a visit to Chinatown, first for my beloved bubble tea, and second for the general splendor of this nutty neighborhood.
Can you tell I'm excited?
I thought these were cute:
From there we zipped downtown to visit Ground Zero.
The memorial was breathtaking in the most somber way.

Where to next, K?
At this point we decided to make our way uptown checkout a rooftop Beer Garden.  And then....
We got separated on the subway.
It was one of the most memorable/hysterical moments of the trip.
We essentially missed our stop and K realized it before I did.  I was still collecting myself as he hopped off to the platform and what?!
"Stand clear of the closing doors please"
If there is any one moment I wish I could have captured on camera, it would have been the look on our faces as we stood on either side of the doors. Panic and then laughter.
Thank goodness we were on the same page and reunited a mere 5 minutes later.
(I got off the next stop, and K caught the next train and did the same).
So yay! We made it to Birreria!
Birreria is on the roof of Eataly, next to the Flatiron building.
We didn't spend a whole lot of time here because we didn't want to waste the day away in a bar, but it was cool to see NY from a rooftop.  I imagine that the view would be better at night.
That night we had very, very special plans.  
My husband made reservations for the two of us to celebrate our marriage in one of THE WORLD'S best restaurants, Daniel.  
I don't even know how to  begin to describe the restaurant, truthfully.  It was sort of like a scene out of The Thomas Crown Affair.  It was simply amazing! 
Going to a Michelin starred restaurant is a once in a lifetime experience and one thing my husband was set on doing on our trip.   

To start we had cocktails in the lounge.  
Every time we would eat a couple of these 'sticks', they would replace them with more.  I asked them what they were and the waiter rattled off a list of ingredients in French.  So they will remain etched in my memory simply as 'sticks'.
I ordered one of their martini's, the white cosmopolitan.  It came with a large frozen orchid in the glass.  The picture doesn't really show how big the orchid ice was, it was the size of a pool ball.
Too big for the glass, if you ask me.
Because yea, I dropped the ice cube and it rolled from the glass table to the marble floor, where it was scooped up by one of our 3 waiters.  The other two immediately rushed to my side, "Miss, Are you okay??". 
Ha! I was just dandy.
So yea, I really had a Pretty Woman moment, didn't I?
We opted for the Chef's Tasting menu with wine pairings.
All in all it was a 10 course dinner.
The highlight for me was the quail course where they actually shaved a white truffle over my plate.  Say what!

This was our third desert course.  
Don't ask me what it was, I can only say delicious.
Y'all know I ate that gold leaf!
We both left there feeling satisfied as all hell.
Oh, what a night!
Day 4: Wednesday 11.26.14
Wednesday was chilly and wet outside,
After a late breakfast, we had plans to go to the Matinee showing of Jersey Boys on Broadway that afternoon, which was perfect given the weather.
 We scored premium orchestra seats for a steal by purchasing them at the box office that same morning. (I like to think I charmed the attendant with my southern drawl).

The show was outstanding!  
Standing ovation.  Here is the stage:
 We caught a cab back to the hotel just in time for their complimentary wine hour.
Take me back to this moment please! 
We got cleaned up for dinner.  I took a picture of this outfit because I love the tights so much but they started to run! 
This was their final debut, our final night out in the big city.
  (I wore this same outfit to my Bridal Luncheon.)
We had reservations at Dos Caminos, think upscale Taco Boy.
The food was excellent (the tuna ceviche was on point) and the ambiance was lively.
We wanted to grab a nightcap but we were just too dang stuffed.
Luckily, Dos Caminos was a quick walk back to The Roger!
And that's a wrap on Wednesday...

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