Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bridal Shower + Birthday

I made my return to work this past Monday, December 1st,
which just happened to be my 29th Birthday.
Let me tell you, nothing says Happy Birthday like returning to work from your honeymoon on a Monday. Bleh.
But I did win Holiday Festival of Lights tickets on the radio on my way in...

And my sweetheart sent me a box of sweeties.
Chocolate dipped apples, bananas, and strawberries:
So the day was as good as it could have been!
In other news...
My mom's best friend, Ms. Mary, gave me a Bridal Shower several weeks back.
It was a great day with my aunts, cousins, and family friends!
This photo is a joke because Ms. Mary said she "decorated".  
Ding Dong!
It was a gorgeous day out on Mary's dock!
  Lots of lovely gifts.  Thank y'all so much!
While opening my gifts, Mary was writing down my reactions which, when read out of context, were hysterical!  All of the ladies said that this was done at their showers in 'their day'.
Thank you Ms. Mary for such a fun afternoon!

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