Friday, December 19, 2014

Flashback Friday: Christmas Cards

Here's a look at our Holiday cards from the past few years...

This was our first Christmas living together.  I remember we ordered pizza from Paisano's and there were a few bourbon ginger bribes to get K to wear this scarf.  Doesn't Alfie look so stoic? 
I really liked this picture from 2012.  I can still remember how warm it was by that fire taking snap after snap.
This was taken last Thanksgiving at my parent's house.
Alfie would not give us a smile!
This was soon after our engagement,
 so I wanted to make sure my ring was in the pic.
 2014 Front & Back

This year it was much harder to choose a wedding photo that we both wanted to use on our card.
So, we decided on a front and back version!
K likes the front photo best:

Whereas I really love the back:

Merry Christmas!!!!

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