Thursday, December 11, 2014

NYC Baby! Part 1

Hello Hello!  Happy Thursday, aka Friday Eve!
Things are about to get real festive up in here, because I'm going to share our NYC Holiday with you all...
Away we go!
DAY 1: Sunday 11.23.14
Our flight was at 11:00 a.m. on the morning after our wedding.  We stayed at The Mills House on our wedding night and we were able to leave my dress and K's tux at the hotel where my parents picked them up later that day.  

Our flight was on time and so were we!
We arrived in New York sometime around 1:00 pm and took a cab directly to our hotel.
 We stayed at The Roger Hotel, at the corner 31st and Madison.  
We loved our hotel, I'll share more  in a bit.
The weather was gorgeous!  Low 60's and crisp.  After checking in we decided to buy our Metrocards and grab a small bite before exploring our neighborhood.  We found this cute cafe "Piccolo" which looked crowded so we stopped in.  It was just okay and thus I'm not recommending it, simply documenting for memories sake.

 After lunch we strolled around Madison Square park, and Look! 
Lowcountry Cuisine!
We didn't go in to this restaurant but I thought it was neat. 
 We had done a lot of preliminary planning for this trip which, in my opinion, is the best way to visit NYC without feeling overwhelmed.
So with that said, I knew I wanted to visit this wine store, Bottlerocket, to browse and buy a couple bottles for our room.
This store was a lot of fun.  I loved the way the wine was organized by food groups, versus the usual region or varietal sections.  We picked up three bottles which we did not end up drinking, rather we brought them home with us....
...reason being that the hotel provided us with champagne in our room! 
So yea, Let's talk about our hotel!
 It was so beautiful, and everyone was so nice.
It was an oasis for us after exhausting days of fun.

 So festive!
 Hot cider offered all day, wine offered in the evenings.

So back at the hotel, we enjoyed our champagne and got cleaned up for dinner.
We had dinner reservations in the Village at an Italian place called Perla.
We took the 6 to Bleeker Street.
(Our 'home' station was 33rd Street)
We didn't know this at the time, but the head chef of Perla, Michael Toscano, is actually leaving NYC for Charleston to open a restaurant.  And let me tell ya, that's good news!
I had a dish with brocolli rabe pesto. Delish.
After dinner we had reservations at The Comedy Cellar.
The Comedy Cellar doesn't allow photos because sometimes famous comedians visit to practice new material.  We had seen and enjoyed Mark Normand's Comedy Central Special and he was there!
After the show we returned to The Roger and slept like newlywed babies.
DAY 2: Monday 11.24.14
One of my favorite things about New York are the delis.
The deli closest to us was so great.
It's called Bread and Butter and it offered everything but the kitchen sink.
We started each day around 10:00 am with large coffees and bacon, egg, and cheese croissants.
 Monday weather was incredible, near 70 degrees!  We decided to head to the Empire State Building after a drugstore run (hand sanitizer and chapstick).  Up, up, up to the 86th floor, K snapped this photo of me, feeling quite scared by how windy it was up there!  
 I actually ran back inside after this but we realized that the other side was much less windy.  So I was able to enjoy the view!
 Ring shot!
Our hotel was less than a block from the Empire State Building so we walked back and lazed around until our Couples massage at 3 pm.
This was one of our honeymoon splurges!
I scheduled us a couples massage at The Surrey Hotel on the Upper East Side,
surrounded by beautiful brownstones!  
The spa was the most gorgeous, a true splurge for us.
Before our massages, they offered us a teaspoon of honey to draw out toxins and aide digestion:We loved the style of the restroom:After the massage, they prepared prosecco, lemon sorbet, and shortbread cookies for us.It was so luxurious.On our way back to the hotel we stopped into Nat Sherman so K could have a cigar on the walk home.
Our view on the walk:
We continued to relax at the hotel before heading out for dinner.
I have heard of The Smith from several blogs I read
 and so we decided to give it a try.
It reminded us a lot of Rue de Jean in the decor and style.
The highlight of the meal for me was the amazing mac and cheese and the concord grape margarita.
I'm drooling looking at this photo!!!
Back at the hotel, 
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles on the tube rounded out our second day.
Stay tuned for Part 2! :)


  1. I absolutely LOVE NYC, everytime I see pictures I can't wait to go back! It looks like yall definitely had some fun :)

  2. Yay! Love seeing every highlight captured!


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