Thursday, November 3, 2011

Goodwill Hunting

In honor of Johns Island's new Goodwill, which opens today (free hotdogs y'all :), I want to share my most recent Goodwill treasures.
As you may recall, I've mentioned thrift shopping here, oh and maybe here too.  I love it!
My recent finds include everything a snazzy granny would love!
phone photo

A fun sequined sweater.. already wore this out over a dress!
A vintage Gucci crossbody...this was really exciting for several reasons! 1. You can tell in the craftsmanship and details that it's not a knockoff and 2. I love crossbody bags!  They leave my hands free to eat, clap, do the wave, whatevaaaaa.

Anyone else heading out to the new Goodwill today? 
I'm looking for plates people! PLATES!

Do you have a favorite in the Charleston area.  I really like James Island's honestly!

Happy Thrifting Thursday!

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