Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Holiday Season is Here!

We took a three day weekend and I'm finally feeling rested, but still in a rush to make it down to the Neighborhood House.  Saturday's Hallowine was a complete success--there was a lot of wine left over, and well, I drank it.  I'm dragging a bit to tell you the truth so you'll have to wait for a better weekend update.
We are already getting the questions "What do you want for your birthday?" (Me: Dec 1, K: Dec 18) and "What do you want for Christmas?"  I never have any ideas ready but I'm always planning what I will give far in advance.  Hopefully none of you lovely ladies in my life who I plan on exchanging gifts with are reading because here is my plan:
I can not wait to make these! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! !! !!!  Feel free to highjack this idea, it's just way too good to keep to myself.
Happy Tuesday (Monday?!)


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