Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Humpity Hump

 I'm a busy girl this week, buzzing around like a bee volunteering and now painting our bedroom. We've chosen a dusty green, not sure if that really creates the right mental image for you but it's very pretty and I'm so excited to check this off of my home improvement to-do list. 
In other news, I'll share my yardsale find of the week:
 Holy moly!  It's a little Scrooge in the Box.  It plays music too.  What a find!
I bought K's birthday present and I'm SO excited.  I can't even give you a clue because he reads this sometimes, but I can not wait to tell you in a few weeks!  Last year I gave him a Williams Sonoma steak brander (& cutting board) with his initials.  He is officially a grillmaster.

We're still in football mode over here (heading to Columbia Saturday) but I can't wait to go see my Cougars uncaged on the court!
We are planning to go to the Wofford game in January!

So that's all for today!
Happy Wednesday.

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