Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Lightning Bug

1 part:

2 parts:

Oh, and you can't forget these:


This drink is so crisp and fresh.
You can use Sugarfree Firefly and Sprite Zero also, tastes just the same!

Have you been out to the Firefly Distillery yet?!
It's located on Wadmalaw at Irvin House Vineyard.  While I'm not a fan of muscadine wine, I did enjoy tasting what they had to offer, and then heading over to the barn to get my vodka on.
Did I mention this was all before noon?
There is a small little "zoo" on location as well. 
What's better than tasting wine and vodka before noon?
Tasting wine and vodka before noon and then hanging out with some turkeys, peacocks, and goats for a while.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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