Monday, November 14, 2011

This Weekend

Yay, we found Snow Day!
I love Charleston with all of my heart, I only wish there was the possibility of a White Christmas. Maybe? No? Okay, I'll wear a tank top on Christmas instead.
As for the beer, I loved it. Initial Review: sort of like an IPA.

We wined and designed:
Mine is the one with the pearl :)
This was a fun time!  My only complaint was the time length of it, 3 hours!?  We left early and went to PF Changs, which was very tasty!  We ordered several things and shared.  The highlight was K's Chinese 88 martini:  Plymouth Dry Gin shaken with fresh lemon juice and topped with sparkling wine. 

We bought part of Alfie's Christmas present:

He found the candy cane where I hid it and it was sad to take it away.  But what kind of mother would I be if I gave him his present beforehand?  I'm just glad he doesn't believe in Santa anymore ;)

How was your weekend?

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