Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wayback Wednesday: Newlyweds

I think it was the summer between my Junior and Senior year of highschool that Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica premiered on MTV.  I loved watching the show and instantly took a liking to Jessica's style.  I loved her mix of laid back and glam pieces.  
While perusing Pinterest for updo options for a wedding this weekend, 
I stumbled upon some old photos of Jessica Simpson circa 2003 and fell into a Newlyweds black hole.  
While it may not be appropriate for my life these days, these photos made me recall how much I loved her look back then and how much it really impacted my personal style.  
Humor me as I take a walk down memory lane...
You might still catch me at the grocery store in something like this:
 Statement earrings, Juicy cover up, Guess heels.  
I loved this shawl.  I found a smaller version at Target years ago but lost it one night when I was painting the Folly boat for a friend's birthday.  I still love love love this.
She wore a lot of slinky striped dresses and Louis Vuitton.  Loved the pattern play.
A glam look, pearl choker with red dress!
I bought this issue of Elle magazine simply for the fashion spread. I remember buying a Ralph Lauren polo and turquoise bead necklace to emulate this look.
I had a similar bikini with red and pink hearts all over and it was my favorite:
 I became obsessed with cotton candy pink lip gloss, searching endlessly for one with enough pigment but also enough shine.  We didn't have a Sephora but I always wanted to try the Lorac lip polish she wore:
I absolutely loved looking back at these photos and thinking of days when my life revolved around hitting the beach and getting dolled up to run errands.  
Now that I am a soon-to-be Newlywed myself, I enjoy reminiscing and also looking forward to days to come!
Was there anyone or anything that you remember inspiring your personal style at a young age?


  1. Oh the memories this post just created, I used to LOVE their show even bought it on DVD!

    1. I loved it too! I think it was around the same time as Laguna Beach, which I bought on DVD :)


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