Monday, February 17, 2014

Manic Monday

Happy Monday!
How was everyone's weekend??
Mine was pretty lazy, which was nice.
As I'm typing this my eyes are still puffy from yesterday.
I read this book start to finish,
 and I swear to you I was sobbing the entire last 3 chapters.
I picked this up for a quarter at a thrift shop on Saturday.
Worth every penny, as in I literally paid in pennies.

Family picture time!
Oops, Alfie sees a squirrel.
I made this pasta on one of our non-drinking nights last week.
It didn't look like beer mugs once cooked.
A random trip to Big Lots leads to silly purchases.
Additional thrift store finds for fifty cent a piece.
Closet Treasures on James Island has some hidden gems. 
My dad thinks K looks like the Brawny man.
I'm still thinking Stabler, but Hubba Hubba!
I have raved before about my Remington Pearl Hair wand, and as time has passed I've gotten even better at using it.  Here is photo to show you how it transforms my hair.  Once dry, I can curl it in 10 minutes.
This was taken while getting ready for Saturday date night.
We went to Basil, which is where we ate the night we got engaged.
We hadn't been back since, and every time we go I'm reminded how incredibly delicious every.single.thing on their menu is.  Perfection.

So how's that for a Manic Monday post??
I am all over the place!

Tomorrow is our first Pre-Marital Counseling Session,
which I'm truly looking forward to!
We are taking a few photos for our Save the Date this week as well.

Have a great day!

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