Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Humpity Hump

Hey, ho, how's everybody doing out there?
I have been loving the Primetime Olympics this past week.  It's been so nice to snuggle up after dinner and watch before bed.
I am not usually one for conspiracy theories, or anything of the like, but...
I am CONVINCED that Matt Lauer is behind Bob Costa's eye infection.  Matt Lauer has always seemed liked a conniving meany (meanie?) to me. 
It's no coincidence that he has been given the understudy job here.
You're not fooling me, Lauer! 
Sidenote: I want to be a Figure Skater when I grow up.
Me and Abby had a fun night out on Saturday. 
We went by the Biergarten, and then Macintosh.
On our third attempt, we finally found someone who could take a decent pic of us:
Did I tell y'all I was Miss Piggy for Halloween one year during college?
I'm simultaneously devastated and relieved that there is no photographic evidence.
I am loving her bridal style.
And one more thing.
So ever since my 2 week break from the gym, I'll be honest, I'm just not in the zone.
I've been pretty hardcore with Golds Gym for 2 years now, and this past month I haven't been.
I like to attend classes and lately with my schedule, I'm either 15 minutes early, or 10 minutes late!
I have also been very busy and focused on wedding planning, and the weather hasn't helped.
But it's not about excuses, it's about me knowing it's time to mix it up.
A co-worker of mine mentioned it and after checking out the site, I was very intrigued to try it out.
There are 2 things that I absolutely loved about it:
1. There are no class times.  Class starts when you arrive.
2. 30 minutes, in and out.
Here's the deal:
The workout is a Full Body Kickboxing Circuit, with a trainer in the room.
There are 9 rounds (?!)
Each round lasts 3 minutes, at which point a buzzer sounds and you move on to the next one.
In between each round, there are 30 seconds where your trainer says "Jumping Jacks!" "Burpees!"...
so you have 30 seconds of cardio bursts between rounds.
Once you complete all 9 rounds, you're done!
It's intense, but 30 minutes, whenever I have the time.
You can try for free, and they have locations in West Ashley and Mount Pleasant.
Back to work for me, any of y'all luckies off today?

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