Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday Two O'Clock Slump

My boy is out enjoying the day at the PGA on Kiawah, and I'm here at my desk feeling restless. 
So I'm thinking about our next date night. 
It has become a new tradition of sorts, of course not this past weekend as we had a guest, but typically Fridays have become our date night.  Saturday is full with family or friend get togethers, and Sunday is more of the same or just relaxing.  So we have Friday. 
K and I have our reasonable favorites (1), our indulgent splurges (2), and our last minute "need food now" sorts (3). 
Here's the shortlist:
1. Basil, Mondo's, Zia, Five Loaves, Red Orchid, Al di La, Fleet Landing, Pearlz
2. Cypress, Fulton Five, FIG, Hanks
3. Smokey Oak, Kickin' Chicken, Paisanos, Taco Boy
But lately I'm wanting to try something different on Fridays.  New bars!  New eats!  Our last "new night" was Proof and Monza, both of which I loved.
This Friday I'm thinking... Elliotborough Mini Bar and Leaf.  Does anyone have any feedback?
Also, I apologize to any non-Charleston readers, as this post has simply been a jumble of things you've most likely never heard of or care to.
But hey, if you ever want any Charleston restaraunt ideas, I'm here for you!
Also I might mention that while this post appears to indicate an "out to eat" obsession, it's actually a once, perhaps twice a week occasion.  We enjoy cooking and grilling out equally!
Oh, and here's a quick preview of last weekend.  More to come!

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