Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Highfive!

Hello Hello!
How is everyone's February going so far?
I have been under the weather all week. (I knew I was feeling a little off on Monday!)
Fortunately this has been an easy week and I've been able to rest up for a fun weekend ahead.
A bunch of my best girls and I are meeting up for brunch at The Shelter tomorrow morning...maybe a little shopping after.
 And we have a houseguest Saturday night (yo Ab!) which is always fun.
Do you have anything planned for Vday?
My idea of a perfect night looks like this: 
What's cookin' K?
We "won" this wine at a Silent Auction a while back. 
It was smooth and not to oakey.
It was part of a gift basket from Charleston Cooks. 
We have been looking at Rehearsal Dinner options over the past couple weeks.
Can you guess my number one choice??
The space includes this gorgeous Charleston Piazza! 
Party planners take note: These are two favorite wedding banners I've come across.
Thank you, Pinterest.

Have a great weekend!

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